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Jewelry Review: Alex Story Creates Wearable Sculptures

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If you have read even one of my articles, you know that I am always on the lookout for new, unique, and innovative products and designs. Hence the attraction to Alex Story Jewelry.

Alex’s background is in sculpture, metal smithing, and welding. She trained in these crafts in Paris and London, but found her creations difficult to transport. Upon returning to her native New York, Alex turned towards jewelry, creating wearable sculptures that were far easier to pack in a suitcase.

This ring is Alex’s Deco Ring – no wonder I am drawn to it. I adore art deco architecture, and this ring certainly echoes that style, still visible in many Los Angeles buildings. I love that the ring doesn’t connect all the way. While planning my wedding, I heard over and over that the significance of the wedding ring was to represent the unbreakable flow of love, the circle of life, yadda yadda yadda.

I am not sentimental, so I love that this is quietly breaking the rules of what a ring should be. This chunky ring is made of solid sterling silver, so you may want to lift some finger weights – just a few minutes of typing with it on wore me out!

Alex Story Jewelry is available at her website or at Stars and Infinite Darkness.

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