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Jewelry Design: Spragwerks Creates Industrial Couture

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I am so obsessed with corsets that I want to adorn my entire body with them. Corsets really aren't meant to be worn anywhere but the torso. Luckily Spragwerks is changing that. Owned by Rich Sandomeno, a former mechanic-turned-jewelry designer, Spragwerks offers custom made pieces that can best be described as "industrial couture."

Rich worked as a diesel mechanic for ten years before he decided he needed more than just a job he liked – he needed to follow a passion. Taking a leap of faith, he quit his union job and set up his first studio in his parents' basement. After a year of living off his savings, Rich took part-time gigs to stay afloat, but always maintained his artistic vision. "I did whatever it took to get by," says Rich. "Art direction on indie films, window display work… even turning a wrench now and again. Many ramen noodle dinners, too." After three years of work and dedication, Rich was able to fully support himself on his craft.

The corset ring didn't actually start as a corset. It started as a suture. "The technique of lacing the ring reminded me of getting stitches. But at various craft shows and designer markets, people went crazy for it and started calling it a corset ring. That sounds much better than a suture ring," Rich admits.

Each ring is hand made by Rich in his studio – the steel forged with items "never intended to be used as jewelry tools," thus giving each piece its own personality.

And I, of course, just love that I can adorn yet another part of my body with something corseted. Despite being made of stainless steel, the ring is lightweight. I hardly even realize I am wearing it. Sure, it doesn't give the gentle curve of a waist cincher, but really, do you even want an hourglass finger?

Spragwerks will soon be branching out into t-shirts, wallets, and a line of home wares called Spragware. Can we hope for a corseted flatware set? "I'm a sucker for a woman in a corset," Rich tells me, so I certainly wouldn't discount it. Who doesn't love corsets?

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