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Jew-Hatred – The Disease That Never Left Europe

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This evening is the start of Holocaust and Ghetto Revolt Remembrance Day, the 27th day of the month of Nissan, one of the days during which the Warsaw Ghetto Revolt took place. For Jews outside of Israel, the Warsaw Ghetto Revolt and the Jewish resistance against the Nazis during WWII is often forgotten. Here that armed resistance to persecution is what is generally remembered and commemorated. Tomorrow, a siren will sound at 10:00 in the morning and all activity throughout the country will come to a halt, in remembrance of those who fought the vicious monstrosity of Nazi murder and who died in the effort.

Too many died.

One would think that by now anti-Semitism in Germany was a dead issue. Guess what? It isn’t. William Grim, whose writings may be found at Iconoclast.ca wrote this essay, called, THE RETURN OF ANTI-SEMITISM TO GERMANY: IT NEVER REALLY LEFT. I found this essay among William Grim’s Golden Oldies, but it just hit my e-mail box today, courtesy of Isralert, and its publisher Harv Weiner. Nevertheless, I had seen this before. I believe it was written in 2002.

It is the recounting of a non-Jew of the Jew-hatred that he discovered to be still extant in modern Germany, a country that is virtually “Judenfrei” – Jew free. Among other things, it talks about how a group of young executives, urbane and sophisticated young men, seemed to flare up in hostility at the mention of a Jewish name, uttering many of the nasty anti-Semitic epithets and accusations one would find in a Stürmer propaganda piece.

I myself do not trust Europeans: I do not feel safe in Europe, for the most part, and do not plan to visit there. This article details all the reasons why.

I recommend that you read the article he writes for yourself. William Grim is a self-styled conservative from Columbus Ohio, a place that may be familiar to some of you reading this. He writes with the eyes of an American living in Germany; and, as I pointed out, the eyes of a non-Jew.

I leave you with one of his recommendations from the article.

“…it should be a goal of American foreign policy to oppose and to accelerate the dismemberment of the European Union. We must not allow German domination of the EU to accomplish through parliamentary maneuvering and brokered deals what Hitler and the Germans were unable to accomplish during the Third Reich. Given Germany’s resurgent anti-Semitism (and that of France as well), a strong, German-dominated EU that tolerates and even benignly encourages anti-Semitism and is diplomatically allied with the Arab world, is potentially the greatest threat to Judaism since Nazi Germany and a major threat to the United States as well.”

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About Ruvy

Hi!! Thanks for coming to my article! I was raised in Brooklyn, was graduated from the City University of New York in 1978 with a BA in political science and public administration there. I lived in Minnesota for a number of years. There I managed restaurants and wrote stories. We moved with our children family to Israel where we now reside. My work can be found at Ruvy's Roost, Jewish Indy,, and on Facebook under my full name, Reuven Kossover
  • A survivor from Auschwitz came to my son’s school today to talk about the place. Apparently there were various separate camps where different functions were performed upon the “residents.”

    The survivor speaking at my son’s school had a twin brother in the camp who had also survived, but who died seven years ago. They were about 11 yrs old upon arriving at Auschwitz. The boys’ mother was immediately sent to be killed after disembarking the train. The father was sent to the “living” side. The survivor did not say if his father survived the ordeal.

    All the twins who arrived in Auschwitz were sent to a special section, separate from the others, where they got numbers and haircuts. The Nazis did experiments with the kids – operations like taking out a human diaphragm and replacing it with the diaphragm of a pig, for example. As you can imagine, those kids did not survive the operations.

    The survivor did not describe his particular trials.

    The survivor explained how the Nazis thoroughly exploited the Jewish corpses for each recoverable reichsmark, something that might be familiar to those who have seen the movie, The Odsessa File. For example, the Germans took hair from the corpses and filled pillows and mattresses with them.

    This man who spoke was 73 years old, he had his bar mitzvah here in Eretz Yisrael 60 years ago, and had probably arrived here in 1945.

    He said that the German law governing slaves required Germans to give the slaves an article of clothing. His “garment” was about 20cms by 25cms approximately. That was all he had to wear. That was all anyone had to wear.

  • Ahrimahn

    It is not a “disease”, it is called natural selection. Nature has made humans a tribal species which is why Europeans have traditionally persecuted non-Europeans (such as Jews and Gypsies) who live in Europe. The inability of Jews to accept this fact of life is what has caused them so much suffering over the centuries.

  • Interesting observation, Ahriman.

    Considering that Jews were driven from their homeland – they didn’t choose to leave Israel on their own – your claim drives home even more sharply the point that the Exile was punishment.

    It reinforces my distrust of Europeans as well, and makes me even more grateful that we left the States. One never knows when the “tribe” there will rise up to attack the foreign elemnts, like Jews, eh?

  • TA Dodger


    Please do not judge us by that [insult deleted ahead of time to save editors the trouble] in comment 2.


  • Ahrimahn

    Considering that Jews were driven from their homeland – they didn’t choose to leave Israel on their own – your claim drives home even more sharply the point that the Exile was punishment

    And who drove them out of their homeland? Stop blaming Europeans for your own peoples actions.

  • Ahrimahn

    One never knows when the “tribe” there will rise up to attack the foreign elemnts, like Jews, eh?

    Be grateful that you are smart enough to realize that you shouldn’t live in Europe. Many of your people lack your wisdom.

  • RedTard

    Interesting article, it’s hard for me to understand this anti-semetism. I grew up in the states, in the southern heart of bigotry and got none of this. I suppose we were too busy hating blacks to care.

    I don’t know what a Jew looks like, or what last names you use, or any real stereotype other than being rich. I recognize the yammnukuhiuh thing you wear on your heads. I was probably out of highschool before I even knew the meaning of the word anti-semetism.

    My main question is if the only thing anyone has on Jews is that you are supposedly all rich then why shouldn’t you be emulated rather then exterminated?

  • Nancy

    What baloney is this? Ahrimahn, you sorely need to get yourself some antipsychotic meds, man, and then review your history: the Italians (aka the Romans as they were then) threw the Jews out of their own lands starting @ 70 AD for political reasons. The Jews certainly did not throw themselves out. And it was the good old Christian church that used them as a golden opportunity to make them the butt of suspicion & resentment, in order to divert attention from the church’s own rampant misdeeds, a classic ploy still in use around the globe by various regimes. The Jews never did anything worse than to make whereever they went prosperous. Unfortunately they were then used by a lot of rulers as a sort of class of overseers, so that when the peasantry rose up in outrage, they wouldn’t attack the rich aristocrats actually responsible for the bad conditions of the people. In any event, for reasons beyond my comprehension, some halfwits still seem to need to assign guilt for bad situations to Jewish scapegoats, instead of taking a long hard look at the real culprits, usually their own grasping, corrupt, & avaricious leaders.

  • Good read Ruvy.

    I was in Germany last year for a couple of months. I didn’t see this anti-semitism that you speak of, but then again, I’m a gentile, so I wasn’t really looking for it or exposed to it.

    Then again, I did meet a couple of Germans that told me 9/11 was my country’s fault. It takes all kinds….

    I also visited a concentration camp while I was there. Dachau. What an evil place it still feels like to me. I don’t think one can imagine how evil these places really are unless you actually visit one.

    I was told by a German friend I made while there that it is required for every school child in Germany to visit one of these camps while in school and there are plenty of them to visit. They’re littered all over Europe.

    It amazes me that anyone could ever deny the holocaust happened with these monuments throughout Europe that remind them of the evil they were involved in only 40 years ago.

  • RedTard

    “It amazes me that anyone could ever deny the holocaust happened with these monuments throughout Europe that remind them of the evil they were involved in only 40 years ago.”

    The reply to that is if there were nothing to hide then why the mandatory school trips and jailtime for questioning the official version. There is absolutely no evidence I’ve seen to deny the holocaust but anytime a government tries to force people to act or think a certain way it raises a red flag to me.

  • The way it was explained to me in Germany was that every kid is required to go to one of these places so they never forget what a maniacal group of people can do to another group of people.

    I don’t think making someone look at something is telling them how to think.

    As far as jail time for dissenting opinions. I have a problem with that one, no matter what the opinion is, but I think that’s an American thing…or maybe just an Andy thing…fucknose!

  • Ahriman,

    In answer to comment #5. Learn how to read. I didn’t blame anyone for my ancestors being driven out of their homeland. I said that if your theory has any validity, it is proof that Exile was punishment – Divine punishment, in this case.

    As for who drove us out of Israel? The Romans and their immediate successors whose capital was in Constantinople. In other words, Europeans. And the Europeans will be judged for their actions.

    My own people’s actions then were to attempt to survive. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t want or need your sympathy. That is not why I posted this. We’ve outlasted the Romans, the Assyrians, the Babylonians, and rest assured Ahriman, we’ll outlast you.

  • Redtard, in answer to your question in comment #7, Nancy has given an excellent answer in comment #8. There is more to it with respect to the Nazis – they had religious ideas that dealt with racial origins and who deserved to inherit the planet and such – but they operated in the fertile soil of hatred planted by Christian anti-Semitism.

  • Thanks for the kind words, Andy. I suspect you would have to live in Germany among Germans to see this kind of thing. I’m waiting for Diana Hartman to comment. She does live in Germany. I do not know if she lives among Germans, though.

  • Dawn

    When I was in Germany for a school trip one of our visits was to Dachau. Being the only person of Jewish descent on the trip made the entire visit very alienating. Most of those who took German in school at that time were of German descent, so naturally they didn’t feel the same way about the experience I did.

    I tried to talk to the bus driver about the visit, but he clammed up as soon as I mentioned my heritage. His basic response was embarrassment and it was suggested by my teacher that I end the conversation as it was impolite.

    I wasn’t judging the man, I was just curious about the normal German response to a place like Dachau in that day in age. In general I think most older Germans are profoundly ashamed by this blight on their history, but it seems the further removed from that time period that Germans become, the less they feel responsible as a group.

    Anti-Semitism isn’t ever going to go away. Jews will always be persecuted. In some ways I wish Israel/Israeli’s would abandon the Middle East, so those who hate them so would realize that they are completely incapable of evolving peacefully without having the convenient excuse of the “Jews” to blame their idiocy on.

  • I do not believe that natural selection is responsible for prejudice so much as fear and the weakness within the human heart and mind that makes people fear the unknown and wish to see others as inferior.

    Having said that, I would like to add that the hatred of Jews isn’t the only kind of hatred you see in Europe. You see the hatred of the Turks or Turkish-looking, the hatred of the East Asians, the hatred of Anglicans for Catholics, English of Irish, English of the French and almost every combination inbetween.

    I lived in Europe (England) as an exchange student. Yet truthfully, the prejudice I experienced there is not really that different from the prejudice that I have experienced in the US, where I was born and where both my parents were born and raised.

    Both my parents lost their homes and were imprisoned in America during WWII because of their race and lost most of their heirlooms and other belongings.

    When I lived in England, I had a German flat mate. I believe her family was Catholic and I think the Roman Catholics suffered under the Nazis as well as the Jews, communists, gays and other undesirables. My Persian friend who had asylum in England was treated poorly because Germans thought she was either Arab, Muslim or Spanish and yet I have Persian friend in the US who have experienced similiar prejudice.

    Traveling in Europe is not to be feared any more than traveling in America.

  • Ruvy, please stop making racist and hate allegations against my race based on the actions of some people from somewhere nobody’s ever been to let alone fucking heard of.

    The Romans were not all Italian for a start, not being a racist society and Constantinople, that well known major European city! FFS, You’re starting to sound completely mad, like some bitter old man in a wheelchair not somebody in the prime of life.

  • Redtard, et alia,

    I don’t know if mandatory school trips meant that much to the kids in Germany. Afer all, to them it was ancient history. If they were interested in anything, they probably would have been more interested in learning about the fire-bombing of the cities they had grown up in. That would have affected grampa and grandma, and mom and dad.

    If anything, the trips to the camps told them that the camps were wrong – and then on came the news about Arab refugees – living in camps! Not a long step from there to sypathising with them.

    Finally, one should be careful here. One cannot say “every German” or “all Germans.” One can say “many Germans” and be not far from the truth, though. That is the prime weakness with Grim’s article. It implies that all Germans are anti-Semites

  • Ouch! I think people in wheelchairs might find that offensive. Not being a man or a person in a wheelchair, I found that offensive.

  • Chris, where did I say anything about Italians? And who is going after your race? Chill out, man.

    Read Grim’s article. He talks about Germans. I talk about Romans and their successors ruling from Constantople – which for many hundreds of years was a major European city. And just so we’re clear, a number of Roman emperors were born in Spain.

  • Ormazd

    I see you Ahrimahn. Back into the darkness with you. Do not foul this place with your evil presence!


  • Nancy

    Ruvy, what always amazes me is that the Jewish leadership allowed their people to get maneuvered into this sort of situation, like in Poland, which was a classic: Jews got invited in by some prince or other, to settle. They came & did well. So they got invited to ‘supervise’ – and of course, all the prince’s noxious orders against the peasantry got conveniently blamed on the Jewish middlemen, and not on him where it belonged. Next thing you know – POW! – down with the Jews.

    The only reason I can think of for this odd widespread resentment of Jews is that possibly it’s because they tended to stick together (not mind you that they were ever given the oppotunity to assimilate anywhere). People who don’t open up & become part of the larger community, who don’t assimilate, are resented and feared, and Jews are/were outstanding for their tenacity in keeping to their own religion & traditions, keeping to themselves, even when they had the opportunity not to, like in Egyptian Alexandria. Look at the problem here in the US with any group of immigrants: until they started to blend in and Americanize, they were all pretty much resented and ostracized, like the Italians in the 1900s, or the Mexicans today – altho ironically it was because the Irish DID move in & assimilate so readily that they were socially ostracized! Damned if you do & damned if you don’t, I guess.

    About half of the kids I went to school with were Jewish, so I spent a lot of time searching out breadcrumbs & not eating cheeseburgers when I was with my buddies, and I never noticed anything different about any of them except they never had bacon, but that was about it. Larger issues never came up. In any event, nothing to make me feel they were any different from anybody else: some of them were smart, and some were flat-out stupid; some were energetic & some were lazy – altho I have to admit that in general their parents did have a more powerful homework ethic than the non-Jewish kids’ parents did. Maybe that’s why I never noticed, since my parents were pretty tight about homework & extra homework as well.

  • Nancy

    I was the one that cited Italians, not Ruvy; I was talking about the Romans.

  • PT,

    I don’t fear travelling in Europe. I never have. Travelling in Europe is probably not significantly different from travelling in Canada. WEere I not aware of what Europe means for my people, it would be a lot of fun. I dislike the idea of travelling in Europe – and I don’t trust Europeans. I don’t hate them – I don’t trust them. Two different things entirely.

    It is not unfair to assert that Jew-hatred is ingrained deeply in European culture. The word “judío” is never used to describe a Jew in Spanish, even thought that is what it means. Similarly, one does not use the word Zyd in polite company among Poles or Zhid amongst Russians.

    Other words are used to substitute for the “offending” word.

    This is less true among Americans, but every now and again you run into the person who avoids using the word “Jew” so as not to insult the person he speaks to.

  • Ruvy in #12: “The Romans and their immediate successors whose capital was in Constantinople. In other words, Europeans. And the Europeans will be judged for their actions.”

    If Constantinople was ever in what Western Europeans consider Europe I would be somewhat surprised but don’t let reality get in the way of your paranoia, no sir.

  • Ruvy – Is Jew a derogatory term? I’m asking an honest question here because I really don’t know…

  • Ahrimahn

    As for who drove us out of Israel? The Romans and their immediate successors whose capital was in Constantinople. In other words, Europeans. And the Europeans will be judged for their actions.

    So now the Germans, Poles and Russians are all descended from the Roman Empire? Also, the Roman Empire ended around 1,500 years ago so why didn’t you people return to the Middle East then?

  • Ahrimahn

    the Italians (aka the Romans as they were then) threw the Jews out of their own lands starting @ 70 AD for political reasons

    Fine. Then blame the Italians. Not the Germans, Poles and Russians who had nothing to do with the activities of the Roman Empire in the Middle East.

  • Ahrimahn

    My own people’s actions then were to attempt to survive

    They would have had a better chance of surviving if they had returned to the Middle East where they belonged instead of staying in Europe where they didn’t.

  • When I was a kid, for many Christians, “Jew” was a derogatory term. It isn’t, of course. It means one descended from the tribe of Judah. But in European culture, Jew was associated with Judas who pointed out Jesus to the Romans. I’ll let you figure the rest out.

  • Chris,

    Did you read anything I wrote in comment #20?

  • Sorry, Andy, maybe I should have connected more dots. Whenever Europeans Christians got good and angry about Jesus dying on the cross, they took it out on the relatives of Judah Iscariot. This generally happened at Easter. Which, by the way, was this last weekend here according to the Eastern Orthodox calendar.

  • MCH


    You might not know the answer to this, but I never undestood (we’re a little removed from this behavior here in Montana) why the KKK and other southern racists always hated Jews almost as much as blacks…(?)

  • somewhere in this world someone hates the Jew, somewhere in this world someone hates the French, somewhere in this world someone hates the Americans, somewhere in this world someone hates the Canadians. somewhere in this world someone hates the Germans. somewhere in this world someone hates the Arabs. somewhere in this world someone hates the English. somewhere in this world someone hates the Blacks. somewhere in this world someone hates the Asians.

    Nowhere in the world is someone trying to work at bettering the world because somewhere in this world everyone is drawing up lines in the sand.

  • MCH,

    I grew up in Brooklyn. I wouldn’t have a clue about the Ku Klux Klan or why they hate Jews. Once I might have cared. When i lived in Minnesota, I used to hear whispers about an outfit in Wisconsin called Posse Comitatus, that was supposed to operate out of Sparta.

    But now? I have better things to worry about. Mark Schannon might have a better idea, or perhaps Dave Nalle. There is also a fellow who goes by the moniker of sr. He might know.

  • So Jeliel³, the world has learned nothing from the murder of all of those Jews, Catholics, homosexuals, Socialists, Communists, Gypsies. They are still drawing lines in the sand?

    Can’t argue with that. History confirms your words.

  • Nancy

    Jeliel #34 – there’s a pretty amusing song about that, “The Merry Minuet”. I rather like the punch line about “…and I don’t like ANYBODY very much.”

  • Nancy, the hardest person to answer is you. The reason is that you’re not hostile and you are knowledgeable about Judaism to a degree and you are sympathetic.

    If you dismiss organized religion, or dismiss the teachings of a faith out of hand, you are liable to miss a whole lot of points. The real answer as to why we Jews have been treated the way we were is found in Torah.

    The Torah talks about the Children of Israel being driven from the land they live in for not obeying the commandments they were given.

    It talks about this in two places – in the Book of Exodus and in the Book of Deuteronomy. In essence, a great deal of Jewish history over the last 2,000 years or so has been prophesied in the two places I talked about, known to us Jews as Admonitions.

    In essence, G-d had an agenda. He was royally PO’d at us for not following His commandments. And the Exile has been punishment. That is why it has been such a bitch.

    It doesn’t matter a hill of beans why we Jews are hated. Bottom line is that we have to figure out to follow the Law we were given. When we do in unity, that will be the time that ‘Jacob’s Troubles’ will be over. Until then, we will remain a tail and not a head.

    Go to my URL, look up my e-mail address and give me a holler, and I can give you a more complete answer.

  • #37
    I found it on the web, I had never heard of it before but yeah, to the point.

  • So Jeliel³, the world has learned nothing from the murder of all of those Jews, Catholics, homosexuals, Socialists, Communists, Gypsies. They are still drawing lines in the sand?

    Can’t argue with that. History confirms your words.

    I have my moments…

  • Fo those of you who are interested, I’m forwarding this message. At midnight EST (that’s how the e-mail reads) The Tamar Yonah Show will deal with “The Holocaust – Why & How Did It Happen?”

    The Tamar Yonah Show is broadcast on the only independent news network in the Middle East, Israel National Radio.

  • The following sounds like a very childish thing to believe — at any level. More so by linking it to an article that reinforces a (presumably) present and irrational fear. Could this debate be any more pointless? Take one incredibly emotional anniversary, link in something obliquely to prove your point. People can make arguments like this till we’re blue in the face, or burning embassies. And weirdly enough whatever you’re accusing an entire continent of could just as well be levelled at you.

    “I myself do not trust Europeans: I do not feel safe in Europe, for the most part, and do not plan to visit there.”

    What’s more, if you don’t plan to visit there … why ruin it for other people who might not have already made their mind up?

    On the other hand this is always a good joke:

    Q: Did you hear about the new German microwave oven?
    A: It seats 500!

  • nugget

    as much as I found James’s joke to be in bad taste, I have to agree with his assessment of your bagging on the West, Ruvy. You can’t distrust everyone from the West. I’m sorry for you if you do.

    Many gentiles in the West are true sympathizers with the Jewish people. Ever heard of Dietrich Bonhoeffer? He is the real face of Christianity during German National Socialism. Hitler in no way represented any interests of the God who you and I view to be sovereign. I am a Christian American, one who is very aware of the sneaky peril that immorality is instigating in America. (and the west)

    Guess what? It’s not democracy’s fault. It’s not capitalism’s fault. It’s not any systems fault. It’s MAN’s fault. I’m sorry to get all philosophical on you, but I believe you are just upset by the very nature of man. You constantly bag Israel’s govt’ and soon after you criticize the American govt. I have no problem with that. does the fact that men in power could be corrupt consistently surprise you? Politicians are corrupt! They always will be! I get the feeling that you actually place your faith in some great state! That’s ridiculous! Men cannot control other men. As is the case with democracy, men can’t even control themselves without hurting themselves.

    Anyways, sometimes it seems you are lumping in potential comrades, allies, and friends when you crosshair “nations”, “states”, and anything big or all-encompassing you perceive to be anti-you. Perhaps you are paranoid. Perhaps you should be. But you can’t have this Us Vs. Them philo and get by in the world without making yourself miserable.

  • It is not a “disease”, it is called natural selection. Nature has made humans a tribal species […].

    Ahrimahn, you clearly do not understand the concept of natural selection or human evolution. While humans may be a “tribal species” (a crude way of putting the fact we are social animals), these “tribes” do not have any reason to be competing for European resources, and thus your logic makes little sense. Within European social organization, the closest thing one might find to a “tribe” is a family or, at best, a small community. Certainly an entire continent is not a “tribe.” Certainly an entire “race” is not a “tribe” either; note the fact that there is more genetic diversity within the various peoples of Africa than there is between Africans and the rest of the world.

    Also, perhaps you never learned this, but natural selection operates on the individual, not on a societal level. There is no reason on an individual level to justify mass persecution of the Jewish peoples. There are many flaws contained in your brief argument and I think you ought to reconsider your point of view. At least if I can’t get you to change your mind, I can get you to argue your point of view more logically. Your current arguments do not hold up to scrutiny, so perhaps you’d be better off finding another mode of attack.

  • Joey

    Where are the lost tribes of the house of Israel?

    Do they, or will they know who they are?

    Who are the Kharzar’s and why did they adopt the Hebrew faith?

    What is the difference between Hebrew’s and Jew’s?

    Who walked out of Assyrian captivity into Europe? and, where is that recorded (In stone)?

    What exactly (according to scriptures) is a Semite?

    What were the chosen people, chosen to do?

    Can anyone answer these questions?

    These are the cards that are being played by the “other side” why the wild asses (sons of Ishmael) haven’t played them points to their utter stupidity in all things. These are valid questions which are steeped in history.



  • Baronius

    As for Redtard’s comment #10, I can understand both sides of Germany’s anti-Nazi zeal. What must it have felt like to be a German in the late 1940’s? The shame, as everything your country did, things you hadn’t admitted to yourself, was now displayed to the world. You knew that Nazism was just the world’s biggest inferiority complex, suffered on a national level after the last world war. It could happen again. You had to silence anything that sounded remotely like Nazism.

    But that would have forced the true believer underground. And denouncing your own country 24/7 gets a little tiresome. And every German teenager knows exactly what to say to tick off authority figures. So the efforts to eliminate Nazism couldn’t possibly be fully successful.

    Now, to Ruvy’s main argument. I’ve stated before that I think he oversells his point. Germany was one of the friendliest places in the world for Jewish settlements. You can’t draw a straight line from the persecution of the Middle Ages to the horrors of modern anti-Semitism. The bad news is that you can’t predict where the next outbreak will occur.

    The problem isn’t that 90%+ of humans are gentiles, it’s that 100% of gentiles are humans. Humans are greedy, lazy, and nothing is ever their fault. Somewhere at this moment, a woman is breaking up with a guy because he’s got no direction in life. Tonight, he’s going to get drunk and decide who’s really to blame.

  • Joey

    Start writing that novel NOW!

  • BTW I didn’t tell the joke simply to be in poor taste[1] but to introduce some much needed levity into an underservingly po-faced debate. It also serves as a good defense against any real or imagined anti-semitism you fear you might encounter in Germany (and a good way of winding up Germans who I meet who seem to insist on telling Polish car-thief jokes, grrrr!).

    [1] Though I hardly need an excuse.

    PS The only way to sure-fire way to reduce anti-semitism in Europe is too export Israeli babes! Yummy! Mmmmm, moteks.

    PPS I wouldn’t suppose you’re making any money out of that Amazon link are you?

  • What always amazes me is, out of so many prejudices that are buried deep in people, all the racisms and bigotries that are so complicated and submerged and entrenched within people that even they are not aware that they’re exhibiting it…what always amazes me is that when it comes to anti-Semitism, people wear it right out on the surface.

  • For Comments #42,43, 47 and 49. First of all, I bring you all back to the author of the article that im/depressed me so.

    “William Grim is a self-styled conservative from Columbus Ohio, a place that may be familiar to some of you reading this. He writes with the eyes of an American living in Germany; and, as I pointed out, the eyes of a non-Jew.”

    Read what he has to say.

    I’m not imagining Jew-hatred in Germany. If anything, I should be blaming Grim for taking all the fun out of visiting Europe. Until I read his article, and linked it with Moslem Jew-hatred in Eurabia, had I the money, I would have been glad to visit Europe. I know people in Nothern Ireland, Portugal, Holland, and now, it turns out, in Scotland, Germany and Spain.

    Truth is, I have no “main argument” in this article. William Grim does. I have said very little, except to point out what this day is, and to register distrust of Europeans.

    When the Chief Rabbi of France says that observant Jews should cover their heads with baseball caps to protect themselves from anti-Jewish attacks from people recognizing them as Jews, a big part of Europe suddenly becomes off-limits to me, in my eyes.

    I’ve read articles by British Jews describing the anti-Semitism in Britain, articles by French Jews descriing the anti-Semitism in France and Belgium, etc.

    There is a discount factor that weakens all of these articles; the author is a Jew. No matter how true the accusations in the articles may be, of course a fellow Jew will be sensitive to Jew-hatred.

    When a non-Jew recounts Jew-hatred in Germany, a place that was supposedly de-nazified, it has a very different and far more deadly and authentic ring to it.

    This is not an article whining about the past. What happened in WWII is over. Such criminals as were caught were caught and most of the rest are dead or so old as to not be worth wheeling into the courtroom for trial. They may be too senile to remember thir own deeds.

    This is an article about Europe today. And the Jew-hatred extant in Europe 70 years ago has never left it. That is the point.

  • For Joey, at #45.

    Boy, you got a lot of questions. The proper answers to them would be two or three semesters of Jewish history, but being the ever helpful guy I am, I’ll see what I can do.

    But first, let’s note your last comment.

    “These are the cards that are being played by the “other side” why the wild asses (sons of Ishmael) haven’t played them points to their utter stupidity in all things. These are valid questions which are steeped in history.”

    You evidently have your own ideas.

    The Chosen People were chosen to teach the Seven Commandments of Noah to mankind. In order to do that properly, and to be qualified to do it properly, they had to follow certain laws themselves that went beyind the laws applicable to everybody else. Those are the laws of the Torah.

    Off the top of my head, I can account for four of the Twelve tribes of Israel.

    1. Yehuda
    2. Levi
    3. Shim’on
    4. Benyamin

    These four tribes are known as Jews. The Pushtun (Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan) claim descent from the tribes of Israel. The B’nei Menashe (in Assam) claim descent from the tribe of Menashe. I credit both claims.

    There is a group of Jews known as Brit-Am that claim that the Americans and the Brits are descndents of Efrayim. In my eyes, the jury is still out on these claims.

    That leaves a whole bunch of other tribes to be accounted for, but these tribes are the Children of Israel. All of them were and ultimately will be again, subject to the laws of the Torah.

    All of them have an inheritance here.

  • The two minute air read siren commemorating the heros and martyrs of the fight against the Nazis just sounded in Israel.

    So I stopped what i was doing and stood at attention. As I looked opuside of the window, I could see two vehicles speeding by. Either their drivers were Israelis who didn’t give a damn, or they were Arabs.

  • Purple Tigress,

    I was reading over your comment #16. As much as I can understand the fear of other Americans of Japanese immigrants immediately after the attack on Pearl Harbor, what was done to the Japanese-Americans was flat out wrong, done only because you were a different race. For all the pressures German-Americans felt during WWI in your nation (German language schools and newspapers shutting down, Germans changing their names or the spelling of their names), they were never sequestered with their land seized.

    America had no excuse whatever for its shameful behavior towards its Japanese American citizens.

  • MAOZ

    Isn’t it ironic that the David Duke-types hate the Jews because we aren’t white, while at the same time the Louis Farrakhan-types hate the Jews because we are white?

    I remember that Tom Lehrer song about “National Brotherhood Week”:
    “The Protestants hate the Catholics,
    and the Catholics hate the Protestants,
    And the Hindus hate the Muslims,
    and everybody hates the Jews”

  • troll

    I’ve been conflicted about the ghetto uprising since my heart broke while reading Hersey’s The Wall as a youth…does it not represent the rejection of a reliance on G-d’s will basic to Jewish beliefs…the acceptance of the vengeful secular attitude – ?

    while the image of parent-less young fighters defending their kibbutz calls up a certain irrational racial pride I cannot get beyond the feeling that a certain connection with the divine has been sacrificed through the holocaust’s forced loss of ‘innocence’


  • MAOZ,

    When I lived in the States, such ironies interested me to a degree. But now? Who cares? In my eyes, it is less important to whine and worry over what others think of us than it is to figure out how to get our collective butts out of a nasty sling that is largely of our own making.

    One of the basic issues that we face is making peace amongst ourselves without surrendering basic Jerwish values and trying to please the culture of neo-pagan Europe and America that secular Israelis worship so. That is a hard nut to crack. This is far more important than “peace” or “peace processes” or all the other garbage that the Schockens, Nimrodis and their ilk try to shove down the country’s throat.

    There are formulae for peace and reconciliation with our Arab cousins, to be sure – but they will involve bloodshed before yielding the benefits of shalóm báyit (peace at home). And in order for them to succeed, Arabs will have to learn to view us as friends, and we Jews will have to lezrn to virw the Arabs as friends, both standing together against a hostile world.

    And it will not come of the efforts of the idiots in the Kirya, of that you can rest assured.

  • Troll, one of the most difficult things for me to understand was that there was a reason for the murder of our people in Europe. But that involves understanding, and to a degree accepting, concepts in Judaism.

    I won’t push that point here, particularly given the topic of the article. As to the revolt against the Nazi domination of Europe and the desperate attempt to stop the murder of our people that is symbolized by the Warsaw Ghetto Revolt, it too was necessary, in part for the rehabilitation of the broken spirits of the Jewish people. I realize that this may not sit well in the ears of a pacifist.

    I would suggest that the opposite occurred instead of a breaking of a Divine connection – that a reconnection with the Divine occurred by fighting against impossible odds. In spite of the fact that the fighters were mostly agnostics and atheists, (at least the socialists who survived were) what these men and women did was to fight and die to sanctify the name of G-d. This is the classic definition of a martyr. The fact that they held off the Nazis longer in Warszawa than the forces of Reszpospolita Polska – that, in my eyes is a matter to be mighty proud of.

  • troll

    Ruvy – you express the other side of my conflicted feelings well in #58


  • nugget


    I imagine you’ve seen the pianist? (adrian brody) It gives a small account through the eyes of a jewish classical pianist how the Warsaw revolt came to be. I was very touched by this movie.

    Among others, (Schindler’s List, Band of Brothers, Saving Private Ryan…all spielberg of course)….Americans, through the help of Spielberg and our education system, have developed a great deal of remorse and respect for jewish people (without all the condescension) Maybe that was not your experience wherever you lived. I am a gentile and most of my friends are jewish. Forget the govt. They are the pigs. The American people, mind you, support Israel.

    I grew up in the South. Churches everywhere preach to look favorably upon the Jews. Christians (gentiles) believe that the Jews are God’s chosen people. You have your extremist dissenters of course. But they do not represent the Bible, nor do they represent any more broad philosophy of Christianity or America.

    I am not drawing from anything specifically that you have said. I am drawing from what I sense that you feel by your many posts. You believe that the West has poisoned itself with wealth, lust, and loss of consciousness. I say that the West is in a transition period. That is, the West is on the brink of a spiritual and intellectual reawakening much the dark ages brought forth the rennaissance. What goes around comes around. The West will pay for its indulgence. and then what? Not ALL westerners have indulged. The spoiled youth cannot stand on the one leg and pretend to be strong. There are a few Americans that sit back and watch the spoils unfold. I am not dependant on SouthPark for ultimate social commentary. Though they try to be grossly fair, I believe they miss the mark many times.

    I don’t know anything about anti-semitism in Germany. Honestly, it doesn’t surprise me if it’s widespread. But the church is strong in America. Perhaps that is why antsy anti-christian groups have been getting more media attention. they feel the heat and power of the church in america and are screaming at the top of their lungs! If you do not believe in a LIVING God, then you are a conspiracy theorist…. I say that in response to those who denounce christianity in America. There are diamonds in the ruff and there are assclowns. If you choose to only see the assclowns, then you are burdened by your perspective.

  • Nugget,

    Try to remember that I’m not writing about the United States in this piece, but Europe. The United States is a whole different kettle of fish, one that has changed considerably since I was a 12 year old pisher who couldn’t understand why all the Israelis didn’t just move to New York.

    You see accurately what my perspective is, and you realize that your society will change and be chastened. And once it is, things will be different there. I see that too. My friends in America are mostly non-Jews, and are people of very strong faith.

    I do not see only the assclowns, but they are the ones who make the most noise, and they, unfortunately, are the ones whom secular Israeli kids imitate. Thus, they are the ones who are causing the most trouble here by being the models of evil who are worshipped overseas.

  • Ruvy, being a born and bred New York Jew, I seldom see anti-Semitism out in the open, but when I do, I am surprised and shocked. I know it exists, but my ears are comparatively “virgin” when it comes to this ugly mindspeak. But I agree with you that it has existed and will doubtless continue to exist, unfortunately. In my opinion the best antidote to bigotry is diversity–people of all races interacting and living in close promimity to each other. It’s harder to see someone as “foreign” or “alien” when they’re your next door neighbor (I realize as I write this that that’s not always effective either.) Anyway, great piece.

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    Elvira, thank you for the kind words.

    I’m also a born and bred Brooklyn Jew. I saw plenty of anti-Semitism and Jew hatred – the innumerable swastikas on the telephone poles and walls; if I didn’t have my father’s Yiddish accent to remind of who I was, I had the grafitti in every public bathroom I had to use, not to mention the Catholic kids from St. Brendan’s Church on Avenue “O”.

    Only once did the grafitti cut the other way.

    Years and years ago, at the Atlantic Avenue subway station platform of the IND, there was a Shtei Gadót – a picture of the dream of the Beitar youth organization of the Revisionist Zionists, a Jewish state on BOTH BANKS OF THE JORDAN, as had been promised by the British in 1919 (more British perfidy, but I digress).

    There was more than mere grafitti of course, but it was the insulting grafitti on Jewish gravestones that gave birth to the Jewish Defense League, creating an arc of events which turned Rabbi Meir Kahane, z”l, into a media hound, propelled him here for breaking firearms laws in the States, and which finally turned him into a scholar. It was his work, an essay called “Confronting the Holocaust Jewishly” that finally gave me true understanding of what happened in Europe and why it happened. It is not a comforting essay to read.

    The only solution to Jew-hatred is to build a secure Jewish state, follow Jewish law in that state, and thereby pave the path for reconciliation with the “Children of Kedar”, the Arabs.

    We have tried everything else and it has failed.

  • Adolph Mueller

    There is no anti-semitism. The Holocaust never happened, and is a fraud. Jewish organization run think tanks that set world policy. They also control the banking markets world wide. They are trying to dominate the world because they feel they are God’s chosen people, when it is obvious that God loves the Ayreon race more.

  • gonzo marx

    to the unmitigated moronic opinions expressed in comment #64…

    first…it’s Aryan…if you are going to be a racist, at least spell it correctly…

    next, and more importantly..this statement..
    *The Holocaust never happened,*

    is completely factually innaccurate…i personally know a few Survivors, there is film, and also the Nazi’s own records of the meeting where the “Final Soloution” was crafted

    so, believe your lies if you desire…but you fool no one with a brain and the ability to actually look up the footage of troops first entering the camps

    nuff said?


  • What’s completely hilarious is that #64 starts with the phrase “There is no anti-semitism” and then pours forth every single piece of classic anti-semitism.

    I can’t even say “it would be funny if it weren’t so tragic/sad/serious” because the comment is such a cliche as to just be amusing. It would be tragic/sad/serious if it were something I could take the slightest bit seriously.

  • troll

    Adolf – paraphrasing #65 and 66 –

    bite me


  • I put a piece on my blog yesterday in honor of Holocaust Remembrance Day with pics from my visit to Dachau last year. At the time of my visit I couldn’t really talk about it because it was so disturbing to me.

    Pretty amazing how they set that all up for my visit to Germany. Considering it never happened I have to give props to the special affects guys that put all that together.

  • tommyd

    Don’t you Gentiles (especially you evil white Europeans) get it already!!

    An anti-Semite is anyone who disagrees with the Jews running their country’s banking, media and foreign policy!! An anti-Semitie is anyone who voices disagreement with the state of Israel’s policies vis a vis the Palestinians and the West Bank occupation.

    I know many Jews here in NYC. Some of them are my best friends. Many of them already understand that by the media’s prevalent and ubiquitous use of “anti-semitism” is only provoking REAL anti-semitism. It’s sad because most of my Jewish friends are not extremist in any fashion and are genuinely great people. It’s sad that the EXTREMIST elements of the Jewish people control the media discourse and completely ruin it for rational Jews. Sad. Very sad.

    It’s like all whites being judged by other races just by the example of the extremist MORON George W Bush. See what I’m sayin’?

  • I was watching an old rerun of Seinfeld last night. Comment #69 sounds like Uncle Leo. Jerry and his uncle were sitting in that corner cafe that they alwasy sit in when Uncle Leo got his burger, it was medium instead of medium rare…He started complaining…I bet that cook is an anti-semite! Every problem Uncle Leo has is because of anti-semites.

  • RedTard

    “media’s prevalent and ubiquitous use of “anti-semitism” is only provoking REAL anti-semitism.”

    It is also the only way to retain your ‘victim’ status. Being a victim sets one up very well in our modern system.

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    Let’s not feed the uh “adolph”. There always the holocaust denier on every comment list like this, like there as always a rotten apple in a barrel. Some holocaust deniers get jailed, and they deserve it.

    But I don’t have a jail or a key, so this “adolph” won’t get tossed into jail.

    Now let’s get this clear. I’m fuckin’ tired of Jews being victims. That is why I live in Israel, and not America and certainly not Europe. At least, no matter how much I dislike the government here, I can get my hands on a carbine and blow away the “adolphs” and their ilk. Here, I don’t have to be nice or diplomatic or give a tinker’s damn about what the goyim think. I don’t give a crap about how anti-Semitic MY remrks make them feel, because here I’ll break their necks or kill them. And if I don’t, a whole bunch of nasty Hassidim will be happy to.

    They want a piece of me? Let ’em come and try and get a piece – before I kill them. Let the assholes can make my day.

    I’m fuckin’ tired of Jews being accused of running the world or controlling the banks. If we are, I want my $10 million share. If I can’t get my $10 million share, then the accusers can shut the fuck up. It’s all bullshit. And all the idiots who say so know it.

  • Ruvy – I want every late check charge I’ve ever had paid back…and I’m holding you personally responsible.

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    Andy, when I get my $10 million share for running the world and the banks, I’ll be glad to look into it. Till then, you’re SOL.

  • damn…fine…but I’m still holding you responsible…I guess as long as you owe me…I’ll never be broke???

    btw…you know 80th and Jamaica Ave??? My wife’s old neighborhood.

  • I’m pissed at him too Andy, he got the first comment in on my new editorial, and I was going to dedicate it to you!

    Oh well id did it anyway.

  • Jet, I’m humbled…

  • As well you should be…

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    Jet, I’m just going to have to remember to never comment on your posts when they’re fresh – to let you get in a few extra points.

    But one bit of advice. Type up your articles on Word or something that has a spell-checker that deals with grammar as well. You’ll find that it benefits you.

  • I said, “Some holocaust deniers get jailed, and they deserve it.”

    Let me be clear – I wasn’t in comment #72. This is not an issue of “free speech.” The holocaust deniers need to be jailed to protect them from Jews with my temperament. Someone like me is a lot less likely to figure that he has the right to blow the bastard away if the holocaust denier has been jailed. Justice will have been served – barely.

    But for the most part, Christian justice and secular justice is worth shit when it comes to tracking the killers of Jews. The Vatican and the CIA both worked hand in cassock to see to it that the Nazis would escape – to Syria, Egypt, Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil, Canada and the US of A. When you tally up the Nazis who were jailed or executed for their crimes, against the Waldheims and Roschmans of the world, you see that. Sometimes, you need a Jew with a .22 (or a AK 47) to do what is right in a sick world that doesn’t give a damn. That stinks and I don’t like it either. But, there it is.

  • Andy, in reply to #68.

    I checked out the essay you did on Yom haShoah. Very nice job. You’ll see the memento I left…

  • Thanks Ruvy – I’m gonna check into ways to post articles w/pics on BC. Could make for some interesting posts. I know on my blog, it makes it LOOK like I write more than I do…all those pictures take up a lot of space!

  • steve

    thats an interesting essay. it was a good read. do you really think anti -semitism is alive and well there for sure; or are you just noticing distinct differences between cultures? part of me finds it hard to believe…the other part extremely easy to believe

    attn: Ruvy

  • i think the holocaust was very bad.

  • Silver Surfer

    Ruve, I know this is a very old post, but I feel moved to write along the lines of our emails the other day. This is long, but please read it as it’s doubtless of interest to you.

    In the bizarre way that Australians don’t accept non Australians until they’ve given them a good-natured but often-misunderstood verbal serve and a derogatory nickname – and if it’s derived from rhyming slang, all the better – one of my jewish mates (Norm) used to waltz into the office every fu.king easter, on Good Friday, without fail, and declare, smiling: “It’s the anniversary of when we strung him up”.

    We always fell about laughing. Even the serious Christian among us thinks its funny, but anywhere else it would be derogatory and absolutely politically incorrect. Norm, in conversation, declares himself as a “forby” – Aussie rhyming slang for a Jew, as in a piece of 4×2 (pronounced in Australia as four be two).

    The rhyming slang nickname for Americans is always misunderstood too. Since the septic tank was the only form of waste disposal here outside the inner city in the 1940s, almost everyone had one. And of course, it rhymes with Yank. So Yanks are known as Seppos. Most are mortified by it at first, until they work out that it’s a sign of acceptance. Back to Norm: He is one of the most knockabout Aussie characters I’ve ever met, as tough as nails, with the heart of a lion and hard as buggery for a small fella and also describes himself as a “reffo”, as he was born on a refugee boat heading to Australia bringing people mostly of jewish eastern european origin to a new life in a good place (the best place!).

    He has a nickname that is a shortened version of his surname, but I won’t tell it here as he is an absolute legend and someone would know who I’m talking about if they saw it.

    This is not uncommon: I have a mate of first-generation Chinese-Australian background who is one of the best rugby players I have ever seen, and also an excellent surfer. He is a bloody good bloke too. He is as Australian as you can get, and his mum is anglo.

    When his father moved here from China at age 17 or so (as he tells it), the watershed moment in his new life was when the blokes he worked with in the factory – all anglo aussies and europeans; southern, eastern or otherwise – started asking him to go to the pub with them on Friday afternoons, and in Australia that was a tradition that also required an early finish. Since the boss usually went too, it was never a problem.

    And of course, he was one of the few Chinese they’d ever met. They gave him a nickname: Chongo, as in ching-chong. Needless to say, Chongo was extremely proud of this as he knew that he’d been accepted. Can you imagine the furore such a politically incorrect thing would cause in the US? But here, it’s a sign of respect. No wonder people find us confusing.

    When I first met him, he grinned from ear to ear, stuck out his hand and said in a broad but slightly accented Aussie twang: “Never mind the Mr bloody Lee son, just call me Chongo – every other bastard does”.

    See, this really is a place for everyone, of every race, creed, and colour, and that may surprise you given our European background.

    But I believe it all stems from our historical dislike of authority (it was a penal colony, after all) and our love for the underdog.

    There was a British boat that brought european jews to Australia during WWII as internees. It was called The Dunera (look it up on the inernet – fascinating).

    The refugees (from Germany, Austria, Hungary, and the like), escaped Nazi persecution but were arrested in Britain because of their nationalities and shipped off to Australia. As many of the so-called Dunera boys tell it, the conditions aboard the ship were appalling and they were treated very badly.

    But in one account I read, they were met at the dock and fed heartily by the people waiting the ship’s arrival in Sydney Harbour. One man said that he realised Australia was a very different place when the camp guards started throwing bars of chocolate, tobacco, grog and extra food and decent clothes over the fance. Guards became friends with the internees and used to ask the internees to hold their rifles while they rolled a smoke.

    By 1943, nearly all were freed from internment and had joined the Australian armed forces, either fighting the Japanese in the Pacific or had headed back to Europe where thousands of RAAF servicemen served with the RAF in the bombing campaign over Germany (and where the chances of surviving the first 10 missions was 1 in 3 and most knew that was the case).

    Most also stayed on in Australia after the war, which is telling, and became citizens.

    And in my modern Australia of the 1980s, ’90s and noughties, most Australians have become not just blind to race and creed but also colourblind – and are determined also to redress the wrongs of the past in relation to the awful treatment of indigenous Australians.

    Jew hatred? A European phenomenon, maybe. But we’re originally Europeans and genuinely Ruve, it doesn’t exist here except perhaps on a minor scale and among those who hate anyone who is different.

    Different here now being a moot point. Because when you’re asking what it means now to be Australian, I can only reply by asking: how long is a piece of string?

    I will tell one other little story before I go: when the bridge collapsed at the Maccabi Games in the ’90s, there were a lot of claims for compensation.

    We were doing a story on it in the office, and one of the blokes said; “Have a go at this, everyone trying to make a quid out of the Maccabi bridge collapse in Isarel. Typical bloody … ”

    We were quite shocked, as we were expecting him to finish the sentence with … “Jews”.

    But he didn’t. He said: “Typical bloody lawyers”.

    See Ruve, and I can understand your histroical wariness, but it’s not the same story everywhere.

  • I’ve told this to Dave Nalle, so I’ll tell this to you. Between America, Canada, Australia and Israel, we can make this world a paradise where starvation, thirst and energy shortages are things of the past. All these problems are NOW amenable to solution. We do the technical innovations and invention, you do the organization. It would take some internal cleaning up first, and I suspect that the Australians would need a bit less than the rest mentioned here (Israel and America need a lot of cleaning up, that’s for sure), but it’s doable.

    Please note, mate, that Europe (ALL of it) has been left out of those who can solve the problems – America is barely in because of the oil and banking establishment, which are definite liabilities in a world devoted to doing what is right rather that what is convenient.

  • Silver Surfer

    I think, however, of all the European nations, Britain, despite its many, many failings, and we know the main one for you is in its welshing on an agreement, is not the jew-hating place that many other European nations are. I know that from having lived there.

    I am always moved by the story of the kinder transports, and the attempts by ordinary Britons and the government of the day to bring jews out of Nazi-occupied or Nazi-threatened Europe, often at great danger to themselves in the lead-up to WWII in 1938 and ’39. It was the only country in europe that went out of its way to do so. And if it wasn’t quite the hoped-for safe haven, at least it gaves many jews the opportunity to strike back at the nazis.

    That many jews also found permanent homes in Britain is also telling in regard to the kind of society it really is. It is also why many eastern europeans still bang down the door trying to get in there. They don’t go to France, Germany, or Spain – they go to Britain.

    However, you are right in a way: it is still “old europe”, different maybe to a point to the others, but “old europe” nevertheless.

  • Stan,

    Britain is nowhere near as bad as France, Germany or Eastern Europe in its Jew-hatred, and has had a better atmosphere for my people since the early 1800’s. And while you are right, my main beef with the British is their deceitful behavior in Eretz Yisrael, I’ve never claimed the UK to be the pustule of Jew-hatred that other European nations have been and have returned to being. But it appears to be changing there, and for the worst.

    Real estate agents are doing a booming business here in Israel selling apartments to British Jews who want a place to run to in case the harassment of Jews in the UK becomes intolerable. Right now it’s kind of on the back burner, but a hate-based murder or two will get many British Jews to take advantage of the investments they have made here.

    But returning to Britain (and the USA) for just a second, no American or British bomber ever touched the rail tracks to the Nazi death camps in Europe even when they had the bastards on the run in 1944-5, even after the Nazis were realizing that their Enigma Code was no longer an enigma at all. No American or British bomber ever bombed a death camp either. The Jew-haters at the top of both nations were very happy with how Hitler was getting rid of Jews for them. Their own hands were squeaky clean, and the Jews were dead anyway.

    But what I was talking to you about in comment #86 was an early Redemption, one where the terrible events of the prophetic books of the Hebrew Bible do not occur…. That leaves behind all the trash that happened in the 20th Century in the bin where it belongs.

  • Silver Surfer

    Ah Ruve, I know you’re religious, and suffering under the dreadful weight of uncertainty, and still love your historical homeland – but you’d bloody love it here. Fair dinkum. Please look up the story of the Dunera boys on the internet to get some idea of what a different place this is is this regard. It’s just one story, but telling.

    Cheers mate.

  • Silver Surfer

    And to be fair about this Ruve, I’m not sure Churchill was a jew-hater by any standards. It has eben been suggested that Churchill was of jewish background way back and felt no shame whatsoever in relation to this. There were quite a few jewsb working quite high in the BRitish wartime government, fulfilling important roles, and many jews have ben knighted and at last one I know ofn was made a Baron: Baron Rothschild. Some 50,000 jews served in th British Armed forced in WWI, and about 10,000 were killed and many thousands more injured,

    Most Britons today love to go to the jewish areas of London for the great food, and I would say jews have been so totally accepted into Britis life, most considers themselves Britons first and jews second – without, of course, giving up their religious beliefs.

    The laws of the country guaranteeing religious freedom made it a very safe place for people of most religions and nationalities.

    But since the jews have been part of British life since the year dot, they do hold a special place.

    The same is true of here. Not saying anywhere is perfect, but I don’t believe jew hatred exists anywhere except in the kind of ground that never found any fertility in Britain or its dominions/commonwealth.

    I’ll even include South Africa, rotten place that it was under apartheid. Even the Dutch afrikaners who set up that hateful ideology largely accepted the jewish population as English or Englis-speaking, and therefore left them alone.

    They were, there, considered as “whites”, so it was others who felt the dreaful weight of oppression.

  • Stan,

    Australia is a great place to stay for a while. It would be an even greater place if I let my balls rule my brains ands if I was 35 or 40 years younger and healthy enough to go chase sheilas around. But I’m not. So I’m copying some of my comment #77 for you here, so you understand fully how I feel.

    Now let’s get this clear. I’m fuckin’ tired of Jews being victims. That is why I live in Israel, and not America and certainly not Europe. At least, no matter how much I dislike the government here, I can get my hands on a carbine and blow away the “adolphs” and their ilk. Here, I don’t have to be nice or diplomatic or give a tinker’s damn about what the goyim think. I don’t give a crap about how anti-Semitic MY remrks make them feel, because here I’ll break their necks or kill them. And if I don’t, a whole bunch of nasty Hassidim will be happy to.

    They want a piece of me? Let ’em come and try and get a piece – before I kill them. Let the assholes make my day.

    I’m fuckin’ tired of Jews being accused of running the world or controlling the banks. If we are, I want my $10 million share. If I can’t get my $10 million share, then the accusers can shut the fuck up. It’s all bullshit. And all the idiots who say so know it.

    Thew only thing I’d change in that comment is that I’d want euros or Swiss francs, and not dollars.

  • When I was talking about Jew-haters at the top in Britain, I was not talking about Churchill at all. But there were a whole bunch of other lovely folks who were very happy to see Jews die who were near the top of the Empire’s leadership.

    But that, thank G-d, is over with. Now we have to deal with the present lot of traitors and kapos dancing to the tune of the Jew-haters in power today. That is what Annapolis was all about.

    Really, Stan, you don’t have to defend Britain to me. My concerns for for the fate of Jews there deal with the future. Your descriptions of the country deal with the present, and your defenses deal with the past….

    As for South Africa, not too long ago, we had the producer of a slew of documentaries from South Africa tell us (at a Root & Branch presentation) about how South African whites routinely discriminated against Jews in the South African Defense Forces. If you were a Jew, it was very hard to get to be an officer under white rule.

    Today, forget it. The government is officially anti-Israel and probably just as anti-Semitic as the Afrikaners and upper class Englishmen were.

    There is one last point. This is the run-up towards Christmas in most of the world. Do you realize that the only reminder we’ve had of that is the Christmas decorations we’ve seen on the Smallville episode my kids downloaded from the internet? Not a single Christmas tree seen, not a single Christmas carol heard, not a single reminder of Christianity or any of its double edged message of wide eyed innocence on the one hand, and vicious persecution on the other. You can’t even imagine how pleasant that is for me!

    Don’t misread what I’m saying here. I certainly hope you get to enjoy Christmas Down Under and that you get more than coal in your stocking. Enjoy yourself. Knock yourself out. You and your family should only enjoy yourselves. But I don’t have to deal with Christmas. That is a real pleasure.