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Jets to Brazil – Perfecting Loneliness

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Jets to Brazil, “Perfecting Loneliness,” is a CD that defies categorization.

Just when it seems to fit in the “rock and roll” category, the guitars go into hauntingly beautiful, incredibly talented displays that are way too technical and precise to be labeled as simply “rock music.”

The vocals, inspiring and delicate, cannot be placed into the “emo” category either. Simply put, JTB have identified there own niche in the music scene and the only “label” that comes to mind when this CD is playing is “talented.”

From the very first track, The Frequency, you can hear the ear pleasing melodies that leave you wanting, even longing for the next song. Lyrics like, “The terror of the view, the emptiness of this room, always writing against this truth, in the way that a painter must have a surface to hit,” are decisively placed and purposefully written to arouse feelings not normally associated with most musical consumptions. Sorrow, regret, and joy are all found within the music of JTB.

Fans of current “emo” bands may find themselves distraught while listening to the new JTB album. How can a band sound so much like an emo band and yet sound so different from everything else out there that is so “popular” these days? Truth be told, this may be the factor that sets JTB apart from the rest. Blake Schwarzenbach’s vocal abilities are far above the average “signed’ band’s lead vocals. His range is incredible, his ability to project inflection at key moments in the songs are the glue that holds JTB high atop the competition. If you love, or ever have loved music in the vein of Sunny Day Real Estate, Jawbreaker, or Appleseed Cast you will thoroughly enjoy this spectacular collection of talent.

Jeff Petermann

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    i would agree with that, Eric.


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