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Jesse Jackson Drops “Hate” Bomb on Barack Obama

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Peter Abelard, Heloise’s medieval counterpart, was never threatened with castration; he was castrated as he lay asleep, waylaid by relatives of  Heloise. It reminds us all that one is more likely to be hurt, maimed, castrated or killed by one of our own, under our roof, in the camp, so to speak.

Jackson uses four-letter word “nuts” followed by the n-word, oh boy!

I watched CNN with bored horror as Jackson’s lips moved with the words “I wanna cut his nuts off” and made some slight gesture with his hands. OMG! He was speaking to another black man about another black man. But wait, not just any black man but the man who would be president. The man listening to his words was visibly shocked. Was Jackson trying to derail the Obama express? Nice try. What the hell were you not thinking Jesse? A man of God, a man of the cloth, a baptized man would never utter such gutter words.

This was clearly a case of race does NOT matter, but winning the presidential race does matter. Words matter. They matter especially to those in the Obama camp, as Jackson claims to be — a full supporter of his candidacy. But believer or not, we cannot let Jackson go unchastised, unchallenged in this slow news cycle of high gas prices and stock market tanking.

Jackson and Fox News have ignited a firestorm of quasi-controversy so much so that Heloise thought it important enough to take a break from her holiday in Hollywood to address words that were better left unsaid.

What do you think out there in media-land? I asked my son, Ace, here and he said:
“Jesse Jackson is a preacher who needs to just be a politician. Barack Obama is a politician who could be a preacher.” Then he added that “no one likes Jackson, so I’m glad he said it because he has just hurt himself.” True, the damage done is to Jackson himself.

But I do like Jackson.  However, his prestige may go into free fall. And despite the fact that Jackson’s son is the national co-chair of the Obama camp. I think it may be time for Jackson to be drummed out of the leadership business if this is the grist he so casually feeds to the media mill. Fodder figure has stuck again, and failed in a heinous, odious manner.

Jackson wields the knife, The New Yorker provided cover

After Abelard was castrated his life was forever changed. He allowed God to find him and his heart was softened. I don’t think it’s Obama whose heart needed softening toward African-Americans or “Niggas” as Jesse Jackson called them. No one is amused by Jackson’s musings any more than we are amused by the cover of The New Yorker. We can’t divine what the hell they were thinking either. As I once remarked to another teacher “black people don’t get satire, not really.” They are too literal to spend time interpreting what The New Yorker calls “obvious satire.” Reinforcing stereotypes in the face of fear is unconscionable, but I digress.

This controversy seemed to surface after the NAACP address in Cincinnati. I was here in California and the last thing I heard since I was not in touch with media much, was that Obama was in the Midwest campaigning. Then I heard that Jesse did not much like Obama’s address and said he was “talking down to black people.” Then I heard that Obama was in southern California too, in San Diego. He’s all over the political map!

Obama needed to stump but, lately, also needed to make nice with the hard left after his position on FISA. I don’t care about FISA, but I do care about his stance on bio-fuels. And I want to say “just say hell no to bio.” But that’s a memo that I will write later to Barack.

With friends like Jesse

Jesse’s criticism of Barack was about as welcome as the New Yorker cover of Obama and Michelle. Both were out of sync and out of order. With words from Jesse that cut like a knife and Michelle wearing an AK-47 while sporting an afro, it was all just beyond the pale. Jesse’s remarks were really veiled (we can't read his intentions) threats unworthy of his self-professed, de facto black leadership and established world-class reputation.

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  • I agree with you, both were appalling. However, I keep thinking that Obama missed a good opportunity to poke fun at himself with the cover. Instead, he came off as being hurt and tense.

  • bliffle

    Maybe, with this latest embarrassment, we can stop paying attention to Jackson and his various ravings.


    He’s so bad that he makes Al Sharpton look good, something I thought was near impossible.

  • Bliffle,

    Every now and then — it is rare, I will admit — we agree. Anything or anybody who could make Al Sharpton look good by comparison must be pretty bad.


  • Lee Richards

    Jackson is jealous. Obama makes him irrelevant, and President Obama would make him a permanent has-been.

  • Zedd


    I got the satire of the New Yorker. I thought the picture was funny because it was sooooo ridiculous. The dap did it for me. Mind you, I am the ONLY one out of my circle of friends who does think its funny. I am also the only was who “knows” the New Yorker.

    My feeling is:

    1. If you want to play with the big boys, you better muscle up.

    2. He HAD to denounce it off course, McCain HAD to denounce it and everyone HAD to denounce it. This is a good thing. The crazy charges are put to rest.

    3. It was perfect! Just what Obama needed. Those images reflected what is most feared about a Black person holding office (that everything will go to hell). Seeing that image, made that idea ridiculous. Everything that is feared about Obama by the nuts out there now seems silly. That image was so ridiculous. I believe that Obama was actually glad for it. The only thing that was missing in the photo was a witch doctor as cabinet member. That would have completed the picture.

  • Evo

    Jesse is old. He comes from a time when the comments was more acceptable. Times have changed and there are more causes.

    I’m not a big Jesse fan, in fact I am quite angry with the guy. But if he would like to set things right, Id like him to take a stand behind abused woman and helping them get protection, an education and the aid they need to get back on their feet. Maybe along the way, Jesse can learn how to properly gain media attention in a positive manner.

    Evo from CHNO