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Jermaine Jackson Speaks With Larry King About Michael

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Michael Jackson’s brother Jermaine, with nothing much else to do, spoke with Larry King about his brother’s condition, frame of mind, future, the trial, the possibility of a Jackson family musical reunion, and lots of other things last night.

“Michael’s recovering,” Jackson said. “But it’s a time for rejoice for the family, and we’re very, very happy. As you can see, I’m smiling, and we always knew he was 1,000 percent innocent … he’s at peace and we’re very happy.”

Asked about Michael’s health, Jermaine said, “Well, his health, he’s been sort of not eating. But he’s strong — he’s probably one of the strongest people I know … to sit there and hear these things said about you … he’s strong. He got dressed every morning. He came to court. He was there and he was there for the verdict … he’s a strong, strong person.”

What’s he going to do now? “I’m pretty sure he’s just looking to rest. That’s his most important — to rest and get his mind back and just focus on just being a person. Nothing about doing this or doing that, but just resting. That’s most important.”

Was he treated fairly? “Larry, when you look at how many times, how many warrants they went into his property, how it was done, the bail, and just — to take his passport, like he’s a fugitive, like he’s going to run. I mean, to treat a person like this, especially Michael Jackson, who’s just the most wonderful person.

“I mean, it saddens me deeply because it’s 2005, but yet we haven’t gone anywhere. I mean I call this, as you know, a modern-day lynching. And it was — I really meant that, because people, they all just jumped on him.

“And I have, an 18-page thing of this ongoing charities and things he’s done around the world in every corner of the globe, helping people, giving, giving so much. The world needs to see this. They need to know who he really is. When you look at the song ‘Childhood,’ and you listen to that song, you listen to what he’s saying. We’re not ready. We have so far to go, and we’re in the year 2005. That’s what saddens me, because we should be proud. America should be proud to have someone like a Michael Jackson.”

Might he leave the U.S.? “I would. Yes, I’m pretty sure … we’ve always had a love for other places outside the U.S. — I don’t know. But I do know that he needs to go and get some rest somewhere.”

KING: Are you surprised then that Gallup –CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll says 48 percent of the people disagreed with the verdict, 27 percent were pleased. Is that one of the reasons you are thinking about living somewhere else?

J. JACKSON: Listen, listen. Larry, listen. This is my point. The media bashed my family and Michael all during this trial. They bashed him. They talked about him, even other legal people. And at the same time, they say, OK, let’s go to the polls. Let’s take a poll.

…KING: Michael has paid millions to settle previous allegations. Tom Mesereau said last night, that was — he had bad advice. Michael shouldn’t have paid anything. Do you agree?

JACKSON: Yes, I agree, but during the time, Michael was on tour. Janet was on tour. My mother was very ill, and it just — he felt that it wasn’t the time to fight. But this time he fought, and we were victorious.

KING: The impact on his future behavior — do you think he’s going to change some of the things he does just for public image?

JACKSON: Larry, there — OK, Michael is not a weird person. Michael is not — I mean, this is just a bunch of talk, calling him Wacko Jacko, all of these crazy names. He doesn’t do anything. Have you ever heard of him throwing televisions out of the hotel windows and setting fires and doing this and that? I mean, that behavior goes on in our industry as we know that. But I guess it’s because they pick on him because he is the largest, largest entertainer in the world, and they will find something to say.

KING: But will…

JACKSON: I mean, there are things that he’s going to change … not to let people get so close to him, and we’re going to make sure of that as well.

KING: Nor — he’s not going to let anybody take advantage of him?

JACKSON: Well, people come around you and they smile, but they have a hidden agenda and we’re faced with that everyday. Everybody who’s patting you on your back is not your friend. But at the same time, it’s up to us to know who’s who. I do know that — all my brothers, we will make sure that these type of people stay far away. Far away.

…KING: In “Billie Jean” he described himself a victim. Do you think he’s a victim? Is that a correct term to apply to him?

JACKSON: Well, when you’re in an industry and you’re out in the public, you’re victims of all types of things. And his music influences, people take context of his lyrics the wrong way, and things happen. I fear sometimes when I’m out, and now since Michael’s been vindicated, we all just — we all have to be careful. I mean, we — we love the fact that the family held up and there was a family support, but still at the same time you never know when someone’s plotting and planning.

KING: Would you describe your brother as child-like?

JACKSON: I would describe my brother as a person who was in search a childhood that he never had, but at the same time, he was around adults, and when you’re around adults all the time, you hear — who wants to hear about all of the ugly things that are going on in the world? I mean, Michael’s a person who loves peace. He’s a very humble person. I call him St. Michael because he’s the most wonderful person I know, and I mean that. He’s a wonderful, wonderful person.

…KING: How about a Jackson family reunion tour?

JACKSON: That sounds good, Larry.

KING: I mean, you would do that, right?

JACKSON: Sounds very good.

KING: Do you think Michael would do it?

JACKSON: We’re ready. We’re ready.

KING: By the way, in all honesty…

JACKSON: Victory two.

…KING: Jermaine, it’s been no secret the family has feuded in the past. There’ve been public feuds and problems with your dad and growing up. Has this, in a sense, brought the family closer together?

JACKSON: Well, this has brought us closer, but at the same time, we’re a family. We’re no different than any other family who has feuds and problems. What is life without problems? I mean — but at the same time, we’re united, and we have united front that is very, very strong, and its supported by god. My mother and father did a great job in instilling the morals and principles in us from the very beginning. We feel that with that, with that, that’s all you need to go through life.

KING: Your father was — your father was tough, though, was he not? Have you forgiven some of the — the way you were treated as a kid?

JACKSON: I was treated fine. There’s nothing to forgive. I mean, any black family or any black child or just person out there listening, we grew up like any other black family. You did something, you got your butt tore up, and it wasn’t tore up, it was just, you got a spanking. And so, making this more than what it is — they’re looking for problems.

But I will say this. He kept us off of the streets. He kept us away from drugs. He kept us away from gangs and we were able — like I said, we’re five kids from Gary, Indiana, house the size of a two- car garage, but at the same time, we’ve been able to project a talent out there and have the support of strong people to entertain the world. So that’s a blessing from god, and so — at the same time, having good parents.

…KING: So, what are you going to be doing, Jermaine, now that this is over?

JACKSON: I’m going to be, just, probably just working on some music, starting a label, and just staying strong, staying by my family, staying by my brothers. My brothers are — we’re strong. We’re ready for whatever. If there’s a tour, fine. If not, we’re going to continue to be a family, a united family. We came through this.

KING: If Michael leaves the country, would you?

JACKSON: I’ll be right there.

KING: You would?

JACKSON: Right there with him. We love — we love the people in America. It’s been the media and we have nothing bad to say. I mean there’s some wonderful places here, but at the same time, there are wonderful places all around the world and we need to just travel and see more.

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  • Ken

    Of course Jermaine and the Jacko’s would follow Michael, that’s where the money is! When is Tito’s next cd coming out?? It ain’t!! Just let me know where I can send my donation for their plane tickets. Viva la France!!

  • Eric Olsen

    Ken, according to Jermaine, the brothers will be going along for Michael’s protection, which he implies includes protecting Michael from himself. I think it’ll be fun!

  • Kate

    Hey, does anyone get the impression that Jermaine and all the rest of the Jacksons think they are strong, so very very strong, Oh, and also strong? And will stay that way? Strong, I mean?

    Strongly yours,

    K. in California

  • Eric Olsen

    Kate, there is much strength in your comment – and I cut out half the “strong” quotes because I just couldn’t take anymore.

  • Mickey

    Yuck !!

  • Peggy Lee

    I am so thankful this is over and still hope Michael can reconstruct his life and move on He must beware of everyonehe meets .

  • Eric Olsen

    and vice versa

  • Dawn

    Wow, what a load of self-serving horseshit that was.

    Back up the manure truck, I have found the motherload!

  • Dawn

    Oh, and what did he mean by “butt tore-up” is that a euphemism for “sleeping with boys”?

    Just wondering, cuz inquiring minds want to know.

  • I believe the important question now is whether or not Jermaine will be invited to MJ’s PJ sleepovers.

  • Eric Olsen

    “insiders” say Michael can’t stand Jermaine

  • So… no invite then?

  • Bennett

    “and vice versa”

    Aw hell, beer on the monitor again?

    You gotta stop doing that Eric!

  • a fan

    Look at all of his work throughout his life, the overriding message is to heal the world and love. It’s sad that people forget the good so easily. If the world keeps heading in that direction eventually everyone will be placed in Michael’s shoes and you will finally understand. But…it may be too late then.

  • I feel fairly confident that I will never know what it’s like to walk in MJs shoes.

  • a fan

    But yet you’re so quick to point your finger. How can you completely understand someone until you have. Empathy is a wonderful characteristic!



  • a fan

    So, if you don’t have faith in your own justice system than who do you have faith in? My point is you have to look at what a person stands for if you don’t know all the pieces and make the best decision. Just because someone seems a little weird doesn’t mean they would harm someone else. No one really knows, but I just can’t turn my back on someone whose always stood for good. If we do that then who do we believe in?

  • Eric Olsen

    you can be a fan of an artist, and even of what you perceive him or her to stand for without worshiping at the altar of their personhood

  • a fan

    appreciation doesn’t have to mean love or worship. I think dictionary.com describes it best: Recognition of the quality, value, significance, or magnitude of people and things.

  • Eric Olsen

    that’s very reasonable

  • a fan

    I try to be most the time 🙂

  • Jennifer

    If you people keep up the self-righteous crucifixion/lynching all you will do is create a martyr/saint. MJ really makes you look like a bunch of snarling hyenas who have lost (maybe never had) all innocence. So sad.

  • Neon05

    I Believe that it was up to an official court of law where they decide who is innocent. They Said for all 10 charges Michael was innocent maybe it’s time for every one to back off the man. He has been throw enough I think People are jealous of him because they don’t have the fame and fortune that he has. He worked very hard to get where he his so people can knock him down. Is this fair We live in a world that is bad enough but yet people have to make it impossible to live in this world I mean really This world needs to leave this man alone he did his part to prove his innocence’s now every one needs back off and let him lives his life this is not fair to treat people like this it’s one thing to torment him but it’s another to keep going. People have to find better things to do. Thanks

  • Eric Olsen

    you’re welcome

  • howard

    eric hasnt followed M.J.the right way he has nothing better to do….Eric if you only know one point and not the other i see why you feel like you do stop reading Magazine’s and know the man not what somebody told you media]…wonder if you are gay or sleeping with kids and people sad that about you, your name would be all out there as that offender [and yet in your heart you knew you was not guilty, what would you do…..

  • biggie naija

    When it came out that the jury have reached a verdict on Michael Jackson’s case, they said the jurors have really taken their time and when the decision is announced it will be respected by everyone then came the verdict, NOT GUILTY:” on all counts, and they all looked stunned, the well known woman anchor (WELL KNOWN for her strong believe in Jackson’s guilt even before a case was brought against him) then she regained her composure and started questioning how the jury could have reached that conclusion.

    She,like many others including some on this blog,would have been okay if he was found guilty and then they would have praised the jury for a job well done!!, the jury saw the evidence, hear the witnesses, listen to both the prosecution and defence attorneys (without any bias or prejudice) and decided not to believe the accuser, some of them came their believing Michael was guilty but changed their mind.

    Only three people know the truth , Jackson, the boy and Sneddon (based on the real truth Sneddon will either be remembered as a prosecutor or a persecutor)

    When Robert Blake was acquited of killing his wife, I was watching one of those pundits who said “this would not be another OJ Simpson’s case”, on the same program,it was quickly pointed out that Jackson jury were star strucked and that it seems it is another OJ simpson’s, my argument!!… Jackson and OJ happen to have something in common which make Robert Blake differ from them,DRAW YOUR OWN CONCLUSION

  • ninja

    lets take a crack!
    they both were born black (yet one of them desired to become white and bleached his skin)
    they both decided to marry white women (yet one did it only for publicity in between his years of sleeping with/molesting young boys)
    they both hired Johnnie Cochran to manipulate the system/law to keep them from going to jail
    they both refused to take the stand in their own defence
    AND of coarse, they both got away with committing hideous crimes because of their celebrity status and fame.

    your right, they DO have something in common.

  • ninja

    I know, I know,
    Blake didn’t have the guts to take the stand and got away with his crime too! Phil Spector is next.

  • Sam

    I have never seen such prejudice in all my life! The prosecuter, media, and a bunch of these fools commenting, are all just jealous because here’s another black person (with money) that we failed to bring down. Get over it. You didn’t beat him or OJ! Oh, what’s the matter no more tricks in your bag?

  • King Yemo

    The people who still ague and believe that MJ is guilty after the Justice System has proven beyond a reasonable doubt that he is innocent are truly sick.
    They have gone through the greatest extent to prove him a devil but open evidence and the truth has beaten them to it.
    The truth cannot be defeated.Get it straight Michael is innocent and he is not a paedohlie.Leave him and leave the innocent man alone.
    MJ has contributed much more than any other performing artist dead or alive to the global music performance,and yet we must crucify him for a crime he did not committ.His contribution in the area of humanitarianism is conmendable.It is people who shout condemnation and persecution that make it discouraging to contribute to the advancement of humanity.pehapes one should live for himself and for God and cut off the public.

  • Eric Olsen

    I think the public in general would be prefectly happy to be cut off by Michael Jackson

  • POC

    Since when does Eric Olsen “think” for “the public”? Are you not aware that “the public” consists of more than your ilk.

    Perhaps you should inform your leech-controlled media that “the public” you “think” for would “be perfectly happy to be cut off by Michael Jackson.” Perhaps then they will stop covering a man who no longer lives in your country.

  • Aran Scheringa

    Larry,s conversation with Jermaine was outstanding.Michael Jackson is a very talented personality.