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Jennifer Wilbanks Fiance John Mason is Whipped.

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John Mason is pussy-whipped.

Wilbanks’ fiance John Mason held her hand during the interview with Katie Couric. He said he doesn’t care about criticism from some people who consider him an ‘idiot’ for staying with Wilbanks, although he was bothered by reports she took off to see another man — which Wilbanks says weren’t true.

Mason says he believes he’s meant to be with Wilbanks and, as he puts it, he’s “helping her get through this.”

Helping her get through this? What about what you went through? What about what her family went through? Or the volunteers who helped search for her?

You heard it here first: I predict that Jennifer Wilbanks will dump John Mason, sooner or later. It might even take a few years. But I would bet money that these two will not stay together forever.

Here’s a news flash for you, John: Women don’t respect wimps who agree with and support everything that they do and say. I watched the Katie Couric interview with you and your selfish fiance, and not once did I see you show any anger at all for what Jennifer put you, her family, and hundreds of other people through. Instead, the image that went through my mind as I watched you was that of a puppy dog, following its master around, no matter how badly it is treated.

Jennifer would have a lot more respect for you if you told her truth, which is:

She’s a fucking selfish, self-centered bitch. Because she was feeling pressure, she put everyone she knows through a horrible ordeal. Worse, she is now cashing in on it.

I’d have more respect for Jennifer Wilbanks if she took all the money she’s going to make from this and contributed it to her home town in payment for what she put the town through. Fat chance, though.

I’m sure Jennifer Wilbanks has some emotional problems, and I don’t want to belittle that. But what she did was inexcusable. That’s okay, though: Everyone makes mistakes.

What’s not okay is the way she’s cashing in on the horrible ordeal she put others through.

Georgia officials, who fined Wilbanks just $15,000 or so for search efforts that cost the community more than $43,000, are left to fume over the hypocrisy.

Contrary to the contrite, moral image she has tried to present publicly – sending her pastor to face journalists in the first press conference held after she returned to Georgia – Wilbanks has done little to take personal responsibility for the trouble she has caused. Her deal to earn 10 times the money public officials wasted searching for her only further rewards a troubled woman who needs time away from the world stage, not more attention.

Here, John! Here boy! Good dog. Stay. Stay.

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  • RJ

    She’ll leave him for some random dude in a one-night stand within three years. And then she’ll have ANOTHER book to shill…

  • M.A. writes: “It might even take a few years.

    Reply: Dear Martian Anthropologist,

    I am sorry your observation of this planet has led you to believe that this is actually an important news item. I can understand, based on the superficiality of the media and, apparently, the American public, that we actually care about this pair of dorks and their tribulations. However, with your talents, I wish we could convince you to work on some of the more important issues of our civilication instead of this made-for-TV detritus. For example, if you could study the decline of the human attention span? Or the prioritization of our interests? Or, if you wish to concentrate on the ever-increasingly trivial aspects of our nature, what is wrong with Ms. Wilbanks’ gaze?



  • jimbo gettsit

    (Said sincerely in my best snooty Brit accent):

    Apparently, Sir Marty, you do not understand two things.

    One is the dynamic of human psychology combined with the very complex workings of the human brain and the response thereof to proper psychiatric and chemical therapy.

    The second is the dynamic of a spiritually-based marital relationship commitment.

    These two have an excellent chance at a long, thriving, growing marriage if the two above items are applied correctly.

    So, predict all you want, but it merely seems you are *wishing* for the failure of their life together, and not basing your prognosis on any intelligent consideration of the facts.

    Carry on.

  • Tristan

    Perhaps he is a submissive who loves to obey and serve a Dominant Woman, eh …???

  • Running and hiding aren’t very “dominant” acts.

  • Tristan

    she wasn’t “running & hiding” …….

    she was hunting & stalking ………..

  • she was hiding and runing. 🙂

  • John Batesome

    The city basically wanted and if i read correctly did get an amount that covered the overtime expense. The other money/expense/time would have been spent anyway albeit for more important things

  • Tristan

    she was very OBVIOUSLY (to anyone with 1’2 a child’s brain..) stalking and hunting……………..

  • Tristan

    and now she & the Atlanta Killer’s Heroine both have TV and Movie rights giving them both mega-bucks;

    In Wilbank’s own words–she says that was the BEST MISTAKE she ever made in her life~~~

    She may be “dumb” but she’s not “stupid” … eh…?

  • You actually have it backwards; she’s not the one holding the whip.

  • Brooke, I’d ask you to explain that, but I’m already too creeped out by the implications.

    Nothing personal, but I really hope you’re mistaken, if you’re saying what you seem to be saying.

  • The only good thing about her making money off that book deal was that she can repay the rest of the money she owes. That amount she agreed to pay was FAR less than the hours spent.

  • John Batesome

    The amount agreed on covered the overtime. They would have been there anyay eating doughnuts the rest of the time so relax

  • A


  • I would have really enjoyed this article if it was not for the assumption by the unearthly author that I have any fucking idea who any of these people are!

  • She is one CRAZY bitzs.