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Jenna Jameson Gets Leg Up On Britney Spears’ Internet Search Staying Power

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Millions of Internet searchers have seen Jenna Jameson on top, or at least had the opportunity to do so.

But a recent poll shows more Google searchers have searched for Jameson than they have Britney Spears, Jeanette Walls over at MSNBC reports a recent poll showed. Spears has been the top Google search star for the last three straight years. What trend has lead to Spears falling to her knees in the world of Internet search?

Some believe her foray into motherhood may have reduced her popularity, and therefore search numbers, while others speculate that Jameson’s ability to combine popular elements with publicity have kept her on top. One example includes Jameson’s upcoming co-host for Erotica LA, an annual adult film festival, is Dave Navarro of Red Hot Chilli Peppers-Jane’s Addiction fame. Need another? Jameson also recently headlined a concert for rocker Kid Rock.

The ironic twist about Jameson dominating Spears into Google search submission is that the two are actually friends, according to the South Africa Sunday Times.

Jameson was given a special backstage pass to see Spears in concert in Phoenix, Arizona, on June 12. Two weeks later, she appeared at the opening of Spears’s posh New York restaurant, Nyla.

Apparently, Spears has had a thing for porn for quite sometime, say sources.

“Britney is a real fan and loves watching Jenna’s videos. Jenna was really flattered, and she and Britney have become great pals.”

Perhaps Jenna Jameson is on top because that’s how Britney Spears likes it. Jameson’s husband said there’s a “definite” attraction between Jameson and Spears. Has Britney been searching for tawdry footage of Jenna online a little too much, lately?

Neither camp was available for comment at press time.

There are rewards for being Internet’s No. 1 searched for star. Forbes reports that Jameson’s holding company, ClubJenna, earned nearly $30 million in 2005, alone.

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  • Yet another effect of global warming.

  • CV

    Your Jameson/Spears Google link may wish to be Google/trends, it more clearly shows your point.

  • Thanks for the link!

  • sigh

    wow who actually cares

  • Enough people to make this post popular, apparently.

  • Hey Chris,

    Did you get Jenna or Britney as one of your geisha girls when you became editor of Blogcritics? 😉

  • Joey

    Leave it to porn to break another record.

    Let’s see. These are true case studies.

    Porn leveraged VHS technology which caused Sony Beta to take a back seat. Beta never recovered.

    Porn leveraged DVD technology, which caused the technology to take off. Witness what we have today.

    Porn is a market driver. Isn’t that a refreshing thought?

  • I don’t know if I’d call it refreshing, but it’s certainly true.

    Porn was the original reason behind Real Player and high speed Internet.

  • dee

    just more proof that Britney really wants to be a porn star…..she certainly can’t sing.

  • It wouldn’t surprise me. She does need to do something to get back on top of things. You never know what she has planned, though. She might do something that surprises us all. Like retire and become a paramedic. Oh wait, that’s David Lee Roth’s gig.

  • frashri

    you are my LoVe

  • inche

    fuck you jana jameson so bitch

  • “Jenna Jameson Gets Leg Up On Britney Spears”

    Is this a report on some new lesbian sex position I’m not familiar with?

  • carly

    jenna ia amazing, she desrvs everything she has… porn is a job and…. if it was so bad howcome its soo popular ! just think without it we wouldn’t have the internet n dvd players ect….

  • Rob

    I think britney spears should leaving the music industy and do porn.