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Jeff Ashton is Taking Caylee Anthony Straight to the Bank

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As the Casey Anthony trial drew to a close and the masses of angry, bitter people who knew nothing of Casey, her parents or the trial except for what the propaganda ridden media told them I couldn’t help but wonder who would sign the first book deal. Would it be Casey, her loving parents or the vilified defense attorney? It took all of six whole weeks for me to find out that the winner was Mr. Protect and Serve himself, prosecutor Jeff Ashton.

The title, Imperfect Justice: Prosecuting Casey Anthony, sets the tone for the entire book by showing that Ashton is planning on portraying himself as the victim in this very public debacle. By placing the blame on our obviously flawed justice system instead of pointing the finger back at himself and his team of prosecutors, he avoids having to answer to the fact that the jury was correct in their verdict because he didn’t have one shred of credible evidence as to what actually happened to Caylee Anthony. This was evident in the charges that were filed against Casey when Ashton couldn’t even decide if she premeditated her child’s death or not!

I’m not jumping on the Casey Anthony bandwagon, but I do choose to reserve judgment about what actually transpired on that hot June day when her child died. Nobody will ever know what happened except Casey and Caylee and possibly George Anthony if you believe her defense. I do, however, believe that after the outrageous amount of media attention this case caused, undoubtedly because of the hysterical 911 phone call made by Cindy Anthony, the prosecutors office jumped the gun and decided to prosecute Casey without a shred of credible evidence. Ashton’s asinine brainchild of the  smoke and mirrors prosecution was a conceited plan to get undue national attention for himself and he foolishly expected that twelve laymen would be stupid enough to fall for it.

So after he fails miserably, Ashton decides to sit back, exploit the death of Caylee even more and write a poor me version of events while twelve citizens who were just doing their civic responsibility, a responsibility that most Americans dread called jury duty, are being harassed and ridiculed across the United States. I just have one question for Mr. Florida prosecutor who coincidentally retired hours after the verdict was read: Mr. Ashton, do you plan to give some of the money you make with this self-indulgent autobiographical account back to the Florida taxpayers whose money you squandered in order to to feed your overzealous ego?

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  • Justice now

    Jeff Ashton held Caylee up for the world to see as a beautiful, innocent victim. The world saw her mother murdered her…. With the exception of the laziest, dumbest jury since OJ Simpson. I respect Ashton very much.

  • Tara Dupras

    CASEY IS GUILTY……….The book is phenomenal!!!!!!!!!! So those who DO NOT know what they are talking about should really SHUT THEIR MOUTH!!!!!

  • Angel

    So I heard that Casey wants to watch your children now. So for who ever thinks she did no wrong, let us know how your kids are after a day with her!

  • blastignorance

    The media spoon fed america a biased version of facts. Investigators and procecutors counted on it and it blew up in their face. At the close of this trial, just after the “not guily” verdict, Baez says it best. “You can’t convict someone until they have thier day in court”

    Ashton failed and everyone wants to blame 12 jurors for being stupid? Put the blame where is belongs, on the investigators and procecution.

    The defense fought fire with fire and for that they are hated. I will read their book thank you very much.

  • Tina

    shton for president


    There is “just doing your job” and then there is “stooping to a new all-time low to get your guilty client off”. Jose Baez has now claimed that title and will be forever known as the one that helped set Casey free. I’m sure he and his small circle is proud of him. The rest of the world, not so much. What remains to be seen, for me, is how much involvement the Anthonys had in the defense strategy? Did they know all along? Did they agree to it to save her guilty, lying, manipulating, child murdering skin?


    GT500 – RIGHT ON! Every time this case comes up in a conversation, and it will forever, and someone says “there wasn’t enough CREDIBLE evidence to convict her”, I want to scream and slap the hell out of them. This case will haunt me forever, just like OJ. Two dumb, lazy juries. If you don’t know, ASK. If you’re unsure of the law, ASK. If you don’t know exactly what you’re supposed to be considering, ASK. They gave this child a measly 12 hours of consideration after closing arguments. Makes me sick.

  • Jose’s angel

    Leigh~I agree 100%…substitute the name Jeff Ashton with Jose Baez and, by Jove, I think you’ve got it! HE WAS JUST DOING HIS JOB!!!

  • Leigh

    Umm… Just FYI… It wasn’t Jeff Ashton’s choice to go ahead and charge her and prosecute her etc etc…. he was NOT the lead attorney.. He was not the DA…. so for all those people out there that have a gripe with him for doing his dang job need to get over themselves and realize it was his JOB. He did it with passion and to the best he could. How would you like it if everyone just stopped doing their jobs because someone out their disagreed?

  • Jose’s angel

    GT500~those of you who feel this was a vast miscarriage of justice, already know the scenario like the back of your hand: Casey snuffed the life out of little Caylee, so that she could pursue a hard partying lifestyle, free and unencumbered from the rigorous demands of a small child and single parenthood. And party she did, for 31 days, until she was backed into a corner and forced to develop an intriguing story of abduction. So, why buy a book that just regurgitates these old, tired allegations, that we can all recite in unison!

  • DiddleySquat

    I found Ashton arrogant and abusive. At the start of the trial, I thought the prosecution had the strongest case in history. I watched in all, every day. I was astounded by the lack of evidence and the grandstanding Ashton did to try to compensate for it.

    At closing arguments, I got a preview of the jury’s verdict. Ashton was pathetic. I cringed at the sight of him telling the jurors that the first thing Anthony did was to put a piece of tape here and after that another piece right exactly here, and finally a third one, etc. That wasn’t a plea to jurors to convict Casey Anthony. they knew that didn’t happen. It was a bid to get a book deal.

    Fiction, obviously.

  • GT500

    The book is number 1 on the best seller on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Why?? Because the defense bullsht of “everyone, but Casey” and mountains of lies and insulting people’s intelligence, people want to read the truth and after 30 years of fighting for victims of crime on a piddly salary (he could have made 5 times more, if he had established a law firm and become a defense lawyer, but some people don’t like lying for criminals to get them to walk away with the perfect crime).

    Ask the victims of criminals in the 30 years he helped get closure and helped bring justice for the heinous crimes committed against them and they would tell you. I know it because I have read the testimonials of people praying for him because he helped in getting justice for those victims. That is the testament of how dedicated person he was despite the piddly salary Ashton made as a prosecutor.

  • GT500

    A parent is responsible for the well being, safety and protection of his/her child. The legal guardian, parent is the ONLY person accountable and responsible for it.

    If he/she makes cover up stories, throws other people under the bus, misdirects, deceives and makes up bullsht to send people in goosechase, there is absolutely no other reason, but criminal behavior only defines exactly that. Casey ruined so many innocent lives of other people. She is so quick to throw everyone else under the bus and blame everyone else, she would not sit in jail for 3 years and keep throwing other people under the bus, if it was not her.

  • GT500

    If someone says there was not enough evidence, that means your understand of what constitutes strong evidence in the court of law is completely insufficient and what has convicted in 99% of the other cases, I can post full list of evidence in other cases and the evidence here was one of the strongest I have ever seen where all the roads lead only to one person – Casey Anthony.

    Why did Casey get away with murder?? The simple answer is the jury in their interviews have admitted (unintentionally) to breaches and violations of the instructions given to them by the judge. They violated every guideline that was given to them in the jury instructions.

    To the people buying defense koolaid of “it was an accident”. There is some land property I would like to see your dumba$$es

    Yes, it is impossible it was an accident since 100% of the accidents get reported because under law law enforcement are prohibited from charging the parents since accidental deaths happen all the time and it is not the parent’s fault. The court of law cannot convict parents when the child dies accidently. That is 100% of the accidental deaths result in a 911 call.

    It IS IMPOSSIBLE, it was an accident.

    George being a police office and homicide detective in past fully well knows that. The defense is as dumb as a f’ing gerbil and their solution is to let lose these interns over the internet to spread dumb misinforming “anyone, but Casey” theories.

  • Linny

    I hate to see anyone make money from this poor little girl, but to say it was his over zealous ego that caused tax payers a ton of money.. Are you kidding me?
    There is something seriously wrong with you to even think that, let alone write a JUNK article on it.
    How can you blame Jeff Ashton for this?
    Casey Anthony and her parents are to blame for this?
    Do you honestly believe that Jeff Ashton had some personal vendetta against Casey Anthony?
    She was prosecuted the same as any mother would be if their two year old was reported missing and turned up dead wrapped in garbage bags and duck tape over her face.
    IF this had been a real day care that Casey dropped her daughter off to and she turned up missing and then found dead with duck tape do you think it would have been personal or his ego that went after the person responsible? Heck no!!
    I can guarantee you the person would have been prosecuted the same way, found guilty and sent to prison for the rest of their life.
    the Anthony’s would have been out for blood, as they were against the police if anyone else besides their daughter was responsible for the death of their granddaughter.. and she was responsible, even if you believe the crap the defense fed those idiots on the jury!
    You are keeping this sick girl and her family a victim and it is sickening to read!!
    This article is part of the reason that we live in a society of young folks who cannot take responsibly for their actions and end up with Jury’s who are incapable of holding people accountable when the evidence is staring them in the face.
    They would rather believe the things there is no evidence to support.
    What a joke this whole situation has been.
    You should not write anymore articles until you can think clearly!!!!!
    I will buy this book.

    This country is in desperate need of some guts!!! and this is not a gutsy story .. it is just as crazy as Casey and her entire family!!

  • Wow

    This MIGHT just be the most ignorant blog I’ve ever read! I have nothing else to say because everyone else did a great job saying what I think.

  • Jose’s angel

    KTJ~thank you for your rational, insightful response. But, please bear with me here…I am just playing devil’s advocate. What if an accidental drowning led to the dumping of the body, for fear that some malfeasance, unrelated to the actual death, might be uncovered? If the culprit were George, perhaps evidence of sexual abuse. If Casey was responsible, maybe proof that Caylee had been physically abused or administered some sort of drug, i.e., chloroform or a tranquilizer.

  • KTJ

    @Jose’s Angel: Thank you for allowing me to ponder on your ?’s. Here are my thoughts; 1. I believe that Cindy’s emotions showed more than others because she runs that show! What Cindy says goes, what Cindy believes, the rest must also believe! I think George was starting to think something but did not want to say anything knowing what Cindy’s reaction would be. He is a former detective and knew something was not right. 2. After taking the car home, George called Cindy to tell her about the smell, then 911 was called. Again, Cindy calls the shots. If George would have done this on his own, Cindy would have been upset. 3. I think that Casey changed Caylee’s clothes and put the old clothes on her because Caylee was going in the ‘garbage’! Casey did not want to throw anything ‘nice’ in the trash! 4. Casey had PLENTY of opportunity to speak out about abuse, she never did because it never happened! It was made up after sitting in jail as a way to get sympathy from the jurors. 5. I am not sure if George took a polygraph, so I cannot comment other than I think I did hear once that he wanted to. 6. I also have never heard anything about immunity until you mentioned it, so again I cannot comment. 7. George did give a pause on the stand before he answered, but did deny the allegation. In my opion the pause was more of the ‘OK here we go’ pause. He had very obvious issues with Mr Baez and I think he had every reason to feel the way he did after Baez’s so called defense tactics! As they also released all of the internet research by the defense team which showed more unsure-ness about George than any other family member and that is why they chose to ‘point fingers’ at him!!

  • Jackie in So Cal

    I will read this book. Jeff Ashton did a great job prosecuting this case, however, I’m sure there are many things that weren’t allowed into evidence. Some of the best books I’ve read were those written by the police and prosecution from the OJ Simpson case. He had a jury who couldn’t spell DNA and Casey had a jury in a big hurry to go on vacation. You cannot fix stupid. Hope Ashton makes millions off the whole thing!!

  • KTJ

    I believe 100% that the “drowned in the pool” theory is 100% lie! There may be many children who do die from drowning in FL, but I would be confident in saying that the person who found the child grabbed a phone and not a roll of duct tape and garbage bags!! Panic or not, it makes no sense to make an accident look like a murder- especially when you were the last one seen with the child!

  • Donnamarie Boyer

    You’re asking ” Who will buy this book”? MILLIONSSSSSSSS of people. Doesnt matter what 12 IDIOTS of a jury said cause we ALL KNOW she disposed of the body and killed the baby. That will HAUNT her forever. She might be free, if thats what YOU call being FREE but she is a Osama Bin Laden and has to hide out for the rest of her life. No family and friend vacations, walking to a park with friends, shopping in the mall for a party night out with friends or NOTHING. She’ll have to disguise herself ALWAYS and FOREVER and NEVER trust anyone around her. Plus…..Baez and Mason’s life is screwed HAVING to babysit a woman. Thats GOOD enough for me and the millions!!!!

  • t-t

    all i have to say is that this blogger did not research jeff ashton enough. jeff did NOT ‘just retire” after the case, he was set to retire before taking on this case but chose to postpone it until it was over. he’s not opportunistic!

  • sam

    Not a shred of evidence? What about motive? What about murder weapons? (duct tape, cloroform, trunk etc.) What about highly suspicious behavior and making a supposed accident look like a murder which NEVER has happened in the history of ever. Good for Ashton! He was the only one who was actually doing his job and performing a civil service to all of us (except you, you big old genius). What a dumbass you are, “Lo Angel” LOL.

  • Jose’s angel

    I am from the Midwest, so I was not embroiled in the hoopla surrounding the Casey Anthony saga. So, I have a few questions that some of you may be able to entertain.
    1. During the month that the Anthonys were unable to reach Casey and Caylee, why was it only Cindy who seemed upset and alarmed?
    2. If George told the tow yard operator that his daughter and granddaughter had been missing for several weeks and subsequently smelled the undeniable odor of human decomposition in an abandoned vehicle, why did he not call 911 at once?
    3. If Casey was responsible, be it an accident or premeditated murder,
    why would she go to the trouble of changing little Caylee’s clothes, from the outfit George described to a pair of shorts and t shirt that she had long outgrown? It seems to me that this is something that would be done in great haste, by one not used to dressing her on a day-to-day basis.
    4. The Anthony family seem to be consumed with keeping secrets and maintaining appearances. So, it would not be unusual for a young Casey to never confide that she suffered sexual abuse at the hands of her father.
    5. Did George volunteer to take a polygraph test to clear his name?
    6. Is it true that George demanded immunity before agreeing to speak with the prosecution?
    7. Is it true that when questioned about possible molestation, there was a long, uncomfortable pause, but no actual denial?
    As an outsider, who got involved in the trial maybe a week or two after it started, these are the questions I continue to mull over.

  • Cannonshop

    #53 There was insufficient evidence to obtain a conviction. The “Beyond a Reasonable Doubt” standard was not breached, in spite of a conviction by the press, the Jury (Sequestered from media circuses) was unconvinced.

    Juries are not selected for intellectual curiousity, skepticism, or intelligence. They’re the bottom of the pool of people who couldn’t figure out an excuse not to attend. This is on-purpose; Having been through jury selection, the first set of challenges put forward by lawyers usually involves getting anyone who bothers to ask questions knocked off the jury prior to the start of the trial, so when you sit there going “How-are they idiots?” the answer is probably yes-stupid, or unlucky.

    But, that’s the system. Presumption of Innocence (as opposed to the media’s presumption of guilt), requires all twelve to say “Guilty” (as opposed to civil suits, where a simple majority rules), and requires “Guilty” only in the event of a case that shows the accused IS the perpetrator beyond a reasonable doubt.

    Even with those protections, there have been a number of false convictions over the years. The intent of the system, according to one of the founders, was to avoid false convictions, even at the cost of releasing some guilty persons in order to prevent that.

    So, she gets released, because the Prosecutor failed to convince the Jury that she was, in fact, the guilty party-beyond a reasonable doubt.

    That ends up being the Prosecution’s fault-their failure, not the system’s fault. It did what it was supposed to do, given the tendencies and actions of the people running it.

    Maybe next time, the prosecution won’t be so quick to challenge-out anyone with a greater than room temperature I.Q.

  • Glenn Contrarian

    I will not question the jury’s decision. Do I think she was guilty? Almost certainly…BUT “almost certainly” is NOT “beyond a reasonable doubt”. That, and I don’t know the discussions of the jury behind closed doors – none of us do or ever will, regardless of what books or movies come out.

    I learned a long time ago that what goes around, comes around sooner or later. If she did it, she’ll pay a price sooner or later. I am NOT going to say “I hope such-and-such happens to her”.

    Think about it – the jury was well aware of the media circus all along and most of them had almost certainly heard much of the evidence before they ever stepped in the courtroom…yet they STILL found her ‘not guilty’.

    There are TWO possibilities. They either:

    (1) all got together and decided to let a murderer go, or

    (2) they were trying their level best to do their solemn duty as jurors in a death-penalty case and they did not believe the prosecution had proven their case beyond a reasonable doubt.

    I will not fault the jury…and neither should anyone else.

  • Cindy

    I disagree, there was PLENTY of evidence presented to convict Casey of murder.



  • Melissa

    Jeff Ashton and his team were incredible given the evidence they had.
    Everyone blames them. Can they manufacture evidence so they can have a “more solid case”? Everyone forgets that the majority of cases that go to trial are circumstantial with no DNA. Unfortunately, the CSI Effect on juries has causes lay people to expect, rely on and trust forensic evidence alone. This case, I believe, was solid and well presented. The jury misunderstood that “beyond a reasonable doubt” does not mean “NO reasonable doubt”.

  • Deeanndria

    Florida has the sunshine laws. The public who followed the case knew everything about it before the murderer came to trial.

  • Jose’s angel

    I have a friend who is a judge in Ohio. He always tells young trial attorneys that the best way to reach the jurors is just getting them to like you…this is one area where Jose Baez succeeded and Jeff Ashton failed miserably. He comes across as smug and self-righteous. His biggest mistake? Postponing his retirement to take on the formidable Jose Baez!


    AND, what is Casey’s motivation to protect her child molestor father? SHE’s the victim after all right? ESPECIALLY after she’s arrested? Why doesn’t she say from the very first “Dad, either you come clean and tell what we did or I will”. Why not have the talk with Dad when she was released? “Dad, I’m not going down for this…”. Nope. “Dad, how did we let it get this far?” No sir. Why not tell Baez and have him blow the whistle while she’s “safe” in jail? No way Jose. Instead, she whines and complains about “GIMME Tony’s number” and “calling you people was a total waste of time” and “all they care about is Caylee” and then catches herself and remembers she’s on tape and says something to the effect of “and I do too”. Casey is a selfish, lying, manipulator that drove her parents nuts for sure. And they allowed it once Caylee was born for fear she would run with her. We will never know exactly what happened to Caylee but with all I have read and the trial I watched, it was murder and it was murder at the hands of her mother. MAYBE maybe MAYBE she didn’t intend to kill her and even then, even THEN, you come clean and say “I did this, things got out of hand and God forgive me, I did this.” Sad sad sad.


    BAEZ stood up there like the fool he is and told an outlandish story about sex abuse he could not, did not and never intended to prove. Almost, if not every, defense witness caved on the stand. So what did that leave ya? George and Lee (due to the paternity testing that was ALLEGEDLY ordered by the FBI)under the bus to explain away Casey’s lies and photos of Caylee entering a swimming pool and that’s proof of an accidental drowning and cover up? So Caylee drowned on June 16 (and by the way, in the defense closing, they said “we will never know how caylee died”, really, I thought she drowned? – jury musta missed that too) and Casey is snuggled up with Tony renting movies and eating pizza like nothing happened because she’s afraid of Cindy? Was Casey still afraid of Cindy when she was lying like a champ to Yuri Melich in the Universal tapes? He gave her plenty of opportunity to come clean and she didn’t. Was she afraid of Cindy in the hot body photos? Target videos? She looks pretty calm, cool and collected to me while she’s stealing from her friend. Did anyone who was with her during those 31 days say that she had a change in demeanor AT ALL? I’m sorry, an accidental drowning because you turned your back for a second happens GOOD MOTHERS too. GOOD MOTHERS report it. GOOD MOTHERS call for help. GOOD MOTHERS don’t double bag their dead child and dump them like trash. And GOOD MOTHERS don’t run off and party like its 1999 for 31 days and lie, lie, lie. There was no reason to not report it. None. I don’t care if George abused Casey THAT DAY (not that I believe that for one second), you still report your child drowned. I don’t care if Cindy is the devil herself, you still report your child drowned. I don’t care if everything that came out of Casey’s mouth her entire life was a lie or WHY she lied, you still report your child drowned. She didn’t? Why? Because she was afraid of Cindy?

  • jodi

    JALDB: Casey is a compulsive liar but that does not mean she murdered Cayee. She made up Zanny the nanny 2 years before Caylee died, according to George and Cindy. She made up tatoo’s and hair cuts and height and weight and appears to have lied her way through life. Therefore it seems that in response t any issue, Casey would lie. Now comes the day Caylee drowned in the pool. Did you think Casey would take responsibility for the drowning and tell Cindy the truth??????????
    If my Mother yelled to my Dad that any one of their grandchildren were missing, you would have heard him screaming for miles…..George behaved very strange with his silence. George was acting nice nice in the videos and in Casey’s presence because he was trying to get her not to tell about any abuse and she believed at that point that George had burried the body. Once Casey says to her parents that the police have told her that they will pin this on Casey if they do not find Caylee’s body…………then the body is found….Casey is a compulsive liar but did not murder her child. My guess is that she was having a breakdown, at least from reality during those 31 days and knew the day would ome when Cindy would know Caylee was dead.


    AND, she wanted to see george alone because he was the one placating her, playing nice, all “we miss you honey”. wouldn’t you want to use your allotted visit time with that person and not with the people asking questions? Cindy and Lee? OF COURSE she doesn’t want to deal with her mother. her mother is the main reason she ran and lied. she knows the wrath of cindy. when really, at the end of the day, it appears that they would have concocted a story to cover for her if she had told them doesn’t it? they all leave a lot to be desired, no morals, no ethics, but they didn’t kill caylee, they didn’t dump her, they didn’t lie and party like a rock star while their daughter was “missing”. casey did and cindy and george and lee know she did. in my opinion.


    MARILYN – this is the same man and his sidekick who spent three years living and breathing this case praying that justice would come for a two year old little girl left to rot on the side of the road to be fed on by animals by what they believed was her OWN MOTHER. the person who gave birth to her, the person who should have loved and cherished and protected her above all others. the person who should now crawl under a rock somehwere and count her lucky LUCKY stars every single day for the rest of her life that she got a jury of 12 people who fell asleep on the job.


    PERFECTJUSTICASTON – for me, i don’t care if it was over christmas. caylee deserved better than what this jury gave her. much, much better. she deserved more of their time and consideration at the end. at the end they forgot all about her. sad ain’t it?


    INTEGRITYR – i agree about the chloroform and i bet you ashton will address it in the book. i bet he wishes he could take it back and the fact that they flip flopped between chloroform and smothering was stupid. they didn’t know for sure so better to say that, than have it look to the jury like even YOU don’t know. IF IF IF this jury had taken days or a week to review evidence etc. and come back with this not guilty verdict it might be easier for me to swallow. But this, this lazy, lazy verdict will haunt me forever. hell, scott peterson is on death row on less evidence!


    it wasn’t murder? so you believe BAEZ over Dr. G.? you believe casey over Dr. G.? not me, not in a million years. in fact, in my opinion, Dr. G. was the state’s best witness. ESPECIALLY when she beat Baez to the punch of insinuating that she was on the case to promote her show and said she didn’t want the case and that she was hoping it was another county. Oh, it was murder alright. no doubt in my mind. im curious to know what you think was in the trunk? you know, the trunk connected to the car that was allegedly out of gas and she got two guys to help her BACK INTO A SPOT next to a dumpster in the middle of summer? at the end of the day, even her own parents, who fought like the devil to protect her, admitted to that smell in that car. throw out every other independent witnes to the smell, which i might add even one said THE CAR STILL STUNK TWO YEARS LATER. her OWN PARENTS smelled it. what was in that trunk?


    JODI – i will not judge george on how he reacted to a hysterical Cindy on the 911 call. how does anyone know how they would react in a similar situation? you dont. when you listen to ashton outlining day by day, hour by hour where casey SAID she was and where she ACTUALLY was during those 31 days, the level she went to to put herself (and caylee) FAR away from home is astonishing. she made up an entire life for this pretend nanny. down to her being adopted and what tattoos she had. WHO lies like that? WHO lies like that to protect anyone but themselves? casey has proven what a selfish, manipulator she is. how is it possible to believe that she would sit in jail for TWO plus years to protect her father or anyone else if caylee drowned and she panicked? she had plenty of opportunity to tell ANY OTHER story than the one she stuck to. i was actually hoping that she would get up on that stand and throw her murdering self on the mercy of the court and OWN up for once in her miserable life. i don’t believe for one second that george would have stood by/not called for help if he found caylee drowned in HIS pool. not for one second. george and cindy are a lot of things but i believe they loved caylee more than their own life and never would have let an accidental drowning get to this. never. its true that they didn’t prove conclusively HOW caylee died, but why do you think that is? think its because she was dumped in the woods like trash and left to rot for MONTHS in the florida sun? she certainly didn’t put herself in those woods. who dumps the body of a two year old drowning victim and then runs like hell? someone who’s guilty as sin that’s who. funny that they even convicted her for the lying to law enforcement. you convicted her of lying but didn’t wonder WHY she lied? didn’t get down to the nitty gritty of WHAT she was lying about? she wasn’t lying about her age or her weight! she was lying about WHERE HER DAUGHTER WAS for 31 days. this lazy jury owed caylee more than this. more than 12 hours of deliberations including LUNCH and SMOKE BREAKS. if i was on that jury, we would still be there arguing.

  • Kathy

    Like so many of the posters here, found THIS article to be self-serving and could not disagree more w/ its premise. It just screams for negative attention, inflammatory title and all.

    I am very interested in reading Ashton’s book, including his own self-analysis of the prosecution. Any person interested in criminal justice would find Mr. Ashton’s insights fascinating.

  • jodi

    sorry “prosecutor and Nancy Grace theories of suffocation”

  • jodi

    MiMomma: Caylee WAS NOT MURDERD!!!!! There is NO MURDERER!!!!! It is far more likely that this Florida toddler drowned in the pool like the majority of toddlers that die in Florida, than any of the defense and Nancy Grace theories of suffocation by chloroform and duct tape. It was proven that the chlorform was made up by prosecutors when we saw the witness for them come out in news media and claim he informed the prosecutor that his testimaony of “84” chloroform searches was not true and that he could only verify one search. There was no murderer in this case but there was an attempted murder of Casey Anthony by dishonest prosecutors seeking a death penalty on made up charges.
    JALDB: George had as much custody of the child, the car and the clothes as Casey did and I believe George lied for 31 days too. If you listen to the 911 call from Cindy…..George arrives home during the call and Cindy screams that Caylee is missing…………..and you do not hear a response from George……….because he already knew… and then in jail Casey asked to George alone but not Cindy or even Lee???????? George was involved and they both lied for 31 days.

  • kei22

    I would say that i hope Ashton is taking Casey to the bank and Lord knows someone should

  • Nancy Stephens

    I support Jeff Ashton 100% in this book and his putting the truth out there. I felt he did a wonderful job presenting the evidence,cirucumstantial, but yet compelling beyond a reasonable doubt. The jurors no doubt did not understand the reasonable doubt part or it would have been guilty by all means. This was the most unjust verdict in our history next to the Mary Surrat trial in 1865 where she was hung unjustly and her son,who was guilty got off. I do not believe that George hasd anything to do with it either. It was all Casey and anyone with a brain knows it. The justice system failed that horrible day and let a guilty person walk and out with an arrogant defense who, should be totally ashamed of themselves for how they acted about the verdict. It was not a day of celebration and toasting, it was a day of mourning to all of us who cared about justice for Caylee!

  • HL

    I will surely buy this Book Ashton stood for Justice unlike Baez the Joker who lied to distract the not so bright Jury from the truth. Casey killed her baby by putting it in someone some one else hands, she most surely contributed to her death by simply loosing her and letting her go with the pretend “Zanny” She is the most HORRIBLE person on this earth!!

  • Terri

    Jeff Astin And Linda Burdick are the best prosecutors I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a lot. Florida taxpayers ought to be proud to have them. I watched this whole trial, the evidence was overwhelming. These jurors didn’t want to take the time to do their jobs. They will be known as the dumbest jury in history. I have already purchased Jeff Astin’s book, just waiting for delivery. Boy I can’t wait to read it. Finally get to hear all the evidence that wasn’t allowed in court. Great Job Jeff & Linda, it’s a disgrace that the justice system allows idiots in the court room.

  • WJW

    Dude this is just wrong on so many levels!!!

  • Rob Pasq

    I think Mr. Ashton did a fantastic job prosecuting this thing. yeah, I called Casey a thing. And even better at showing what an idiot her lawyer is. He and the other prosecutors showed beyond any reasonable doubt that Casey Anthony was responsible for her daughters death. The jury needed beyond a shadow of a doubt. I don’t believe for a second that he planned on becoming this famous superstar or using this case as a tool for fame and fortune. I say, good for you Jeff.

  • Marilyn

    I agree with Integrity R….wasn’t this the same man & his sidekick Linda who spent almost 3yrs trying to prove that Casey & the Defense had a book deal in the works?

  • Geesh

    You know, I think I studied longer for my 1st quarter Accounting finals than the Jury deliberated…and I tutored the subject so I knew it well…

  • PerfectJusticeAston

    zinny, I think a lot of it was due to the time of year that the court scheduled the trial. 6 weeks during the summer vacation, holidays etc. Maybe they would have deliberated longer/seriously had it been during an “off” season in Florida.

  • zinny

    The way the body was found is beyond reasonable doubt that a murder took place. Casey Anthony’s team eliminated any other possible suspect in their own case. Hmmm if some of the jury members were not comfortable with their verdict as they say…I am baffled why they wouldn’t have taken more time reviewing the evidence that was presented.

  • microfiche

    Yeah, it’s pretty hard to get credible evidence from a body that’s been left by her mother (not her grandfather) to rot for 6 months. You reserve judgement about what happened? Really? That’s pretty bold coming from a person who is writing a blog about the topic. I’m glad Ashton is writing a book. He’s one of the least sleazy individuals associated with this trial, but that doesn’t say much; the bar is low. Very low.


    Wow. Just wow. I really think some people need a video tape of the murder to believe it was murder and would even THEN question it. Circumstantial evidence is credible evidence. DIRECT evidence hardly ever exists. The smoking gun is rare. This jury, judging on the few that spoke out, just didn’t pay attention. Plain and simple. In my opinion they were waiting that entire trial for Baez to back up his molestion claims and didn’t really listen to anything else. He never did. Not a SHRED of CREDIBLE evidence to back up those ridiculous claims was presented. No matter what you think of G. Anthony. Who had custody of that child, that car, those clothes? Who lied for 31 days? You gotta ask yourself, why did she lie? This was her own flesh and blood. She gave birth to this person and she lied for 31 days? To protect whom? HERSELF, that’s who. The words of her own mother will live on forever…”…smells like a damn dead body has been in the car”. Her own mother, who from then on fought and lied to protect her. As G. Anthony said 1+1 = 2 sir. They know and the world knows that Casey killed her own kid. I am sure there are people that watched this trial gavel to gavel. I didn’t, but what I did watch and read and hear, there was more than enough proof. MAYBE it wasn’t premeditated as I too thought the chloroform argument was WEAK, but it was definitely MURDER. I will read this book but you know what book I would pay BIG MONEY to read….a book by any juror that does the research they were forbidden to do before the trial and then has the GUTS to come out and say they were wrong. That’s a book I would stand in line to purchase.

  • Shawnee Burns

    Here goes another one of Jose Baez’s interns spouting off at the mouth, or could it be one of his mail order brides. Truth is Baez and his team are the ones who were unethical…through paying a computer analyst to look at all of hits on facebook and other social media sites they found it easy to blame George instead of the correct person being CASEY ANTHONY. A mother killed her helpless child and someone should write a book about it. Who better than Jeff Ashton…I hope he rolls in dough-no one better deserves it. I have already pre-ordered 15 books-one for me and 14 for family members…GO JEFF, and all of you haters are just JEALOUS 🙂

  • CJ

    For the dull minded poster who sees Jeff Ashton as the bad guy here, you should be the one to read the book. It seems you need an education regarding circumstantial cases, inadmissible evidence, jury instructions, ethics, constitutionally protected rights, and reasoning. Interesting that lacking any proof what so ever you declare Ashton guilty of “self serving conceit” and ” presenting not one shred of credible evidence, in order to get nation wide attention for himself” and being responsible for costing the Florida tax payers so much money. Sorry, dude! You are soooo dumb. It was Casey’s lies that cost the Florida taxpayers and they are paying for her defense as well, due to her indigence. Now normally there is a court appointed attorney when a defendant can not pay. Not the case with with Anthony who had a team of lawyers billing the state. And she continued to cost the state more by appealing the ruling that she return to serve her probation sentence. This, even though her lawyers knew of (but hid) the terms handed down in actual order. It is Baez making a mockery of our justice system that you should be criticizing, swamp head!

  • Razzy

    I will most 100% buy Ashton’s book. It is the only book I will buy. I will most definitely not buy books that are full of lies, which will be by Bozo Baez, Mumbles Mason, SINdy and Georgette Anthony, and Laughing Boy Lee Anthony, and the Most Hated Woman in America (love it!!!), Pathological lying, Narcisstic, Skank, Baby Killer, Convicted Felon, Casey Anthony. There’s no way in H*ll I would contribute a penny of my hard money to these blood money grubbers. There was no evidence that Georgette molested Casey, no evidence that Kronk body snatched a dead baby and hid it for months hoping for a big $$$ payout. Killer Casey and her DUH-fense team are full of BS, and it looks like the BS from them will keep on coming. BOYCOTT ALL THINGS ANTHONY AND HER DEFENSE TEAM!!! The only thing these people understand is $$$, what better way to get back at them by not contributing any of your $$$.

  • Shirlee

    12 Brain Dead Jurors would be a better title for the book.

  • PerfectJusticeAston

    Cat Burkhart, you are correct, it is to draw attention to his/her blog. As you can see, there are ads all over the place.
    Oh, the amazon link above will give the blogger a commission if you go through it to pre-order. Go directly to Amazon.com.

  • IntegrityR

    Most of America didn’t watch every moment of the trial. Most of it was held during working hours and was very time consuming. What most of America saw were the sound bites that the mediea wanted them to see; information they wanted the public to know. But anyone who read all the discovery and watched every minute of the trial knows Ashton presented no evidence. It will be interesting to see how Ashton covers his derriere explaining how he knowingly provide false information, such as 84 searches for chloroform, when in fact there was only one.

  • Ashton

    Don’t say there isn’t a shred of evidence. There was a mountain of solid circumstantial and physical evidence against her. The jury had a ridiculously ridged interpretation of what reasonable doubt means. They were the ones who dropped the ball.

  • Cindy

    Do you really think that the book written by Casey Anthony will be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God? C’mon.

  • Renee in SF Bay

    Finally we’ll know the closest thing to the truth by what happened behind the scenes of this case that were not allowed in the courtroom. Kudos to you Mr Ashton for having the courage to do that!

  • PerfectJusticeAston

    I’m glad he is telling his story and donating the proceeds to abused children. If it protects innocent children, I say a big Amen!

    I have my copy on pre-order at Amazon.com, such a blessing that I can contribute to a cause. Caylee’s death will not be in vain.

    I hope Aston sends Casey, and those that helped set her free a copy for Christmas!

  • Bee

    I will buy this book. Jeff Ashton fought for justice for Caylee and Casey got away with murder. The Judicial System failed Caylee.

  • Cat Burkhart

    Again, another blogger who CLEARLY did not pay attention to the trial but wants to ride on the media sensational topic of Casey Anthony. This article was written either to just get eyeballs on his blog or he is just another ahole w/ an opinion not vetted or researched. Sorta like the 12 DUMB jurors in the case. To BLAME this prosecutor because 12 idiots could not follow the science or chronology and got snookered by a “kiss-ass” defense attorney is ludicrous beyond all measure. Even the comment about George Anthony, “if you believe the defense” shows that this writer got snookered to. If its important to you, which I am sure it is NOT, go back and watch every minute of the trial. You will then see what so much of America saw…this jury was stupid!

  • Lou

    Jeff Ashton did an amazing job prosecuting this case; it’s not his fault the jurors turned out to be idiots. He truly cared about what happened to Caylee

  • MiMomma

    For those of you who do not believe Casey murdered her child: Who did? Notice not one person in the Anthony family has asked for any further investigation. That should speak volumes to you! Jeff Ashton passionately fought for justice for Caylee. Please send requests to the Anthonys and defense team asking them to find out who the true murderer is.

  • Jennifer

    I will be proud to buy this book. Jeff Ashton is about the only person I ever saw true emotion while this trial was going on…he really seemed more bothered by the death of this child than her mother, and most certainly the defense. The shock and heartbreak on his face when America learned Casey had gotten away with this crime mirrored what America was thinking, and this ruling will go down in most minds as a sad day for the American judicial system.

  • tammy_l

    I can’t understand why anyone would want to read about a failed prosecution.

  • who-casey the killer?

    Everyone knows Casey killed her baby; either by intentionally killing, or negligence. No matter what, the baby died in Casey’s care.
    Don’t blame the prosecutor. there is no camera when crime happened.

  • Merry

    Jaine,you could not have said it better. I agree 100% with you. Im looking forward to reading his book. Jeff deserves a medal.

  • jodi

    Nothing has changed with regard to prosecutorial misleading stories since the west memphis 3 were convicted without evidence but thankfully the intelligence of our juries has changed. The Casey Anthony jury proved that we will not be mislead by stor telling prosecutors with no evidence. Caylee drowned in the pool just like most toddlers that die in Florida. The difference is Casey paniced, disassociated herself and covered up ………..and I believe George was involved.

  • sharon

    I will buy His book. He is an excellent prosecutor. The blame lies with a mentally challenged jury. All facts presented were like the writing on the wall. The jury just wanted out.justice from a pathetic jury was not served. Jeff might as well make bucks…the slime defense is and will. Miss Casey is long low and will shine for bucks in the near futurey.

  • Haley Bare

    He may be jumping on the Bandwagon but we all know she is guilty. Not pretending, she just got away with it.

  • jaine

    “Personal attacks are NOT allowed.” Really? The whole article is a personal attack. I hope he makes a billion $$$ on the book…which, the proceeds from, I understand, are to be donated to help abused children? Casey Anthony is guilty; she knows it, everybody knows it – even the big FAIL of a jury knows it. Stop bashing Jeff Ashton. He did not FAIL…the jury did…and Justice for Caylee Anthony is the big loser.

  • jodi

    Why would anyone buy a book from a prosecutor that intentionally mislead the jury with stories of suffocation by chloroform, “84” computor searches for chloroform and organic decomp in a trunk when none of these were true. In fact there was one 20 second search for chloroform after Casey saw the quote “Win her over with chloroform” on her BF’s myspace…..she then dumped him. There was no human decomp in the trunk from Caylee or prosectors would have tested the maggots for Caylee’s DNA…….he knew better than to prove Caylee was not in the trunk. AND even the children’s services report said there was no suffocation………no wonder the prosecutor did not show the jury that report. Don’t pay this man for wasting Florida Tax money!

  • Patricia Butrica

    No actually hes donating all the money to abused kids dumbass..