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J.B. Hutto-Stompin’ At Mother Blues

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The notes on the back of this CD mention that all of the 19 cuts are unissued except for two. Once I put this CD on I found out why. The is undoubtedly one of the worst blues CDs I’ve ever heard. Almost every song has an instrument out of tune, whether it’s J.B. Hutto’s guitar, the other guitar, or the bass. How any producer could allow this is beyond belief. Didn’t anyone at these sessions have ears? Did they think they could fix it in the mix?

There is no excuse for this and nothing can make up for it. Guitar tuners are made for a reason. So are ears. Delmark should be ashamed of themselves for releasing this one.

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  • Alex Rawls

    Wow – it’s weird to see such a swift dismissal of a record by a relatively significant artist that I enjoyed. Not having the CD in front of me, I can’t double-check the tuning issues, but if they existed, I can say they didn’t stand out as problematic for me.

    Again, assuming Neal’s correct, he’s still missing the point. What I heard was the same thing I hear listening to Hound Dog Taylor – the sound of an exciting Saturday night in a little Chicago blues bar. Like Hound Dog, Hutto’s slide playing is all about energy, an effect enhanced by the amount of distortion on their guitars.

    Like the 2004 Taylor release – again, it’s at home not in the office anymore so I don’t have its title at hand – the Hutto collected leftover tracks so it’s not essential, but I thought it was a nice appendix to the career.

  • Eric Olsen

    Hutto is ALWAYS out of tune – beyond that the question is how much does that bother you. Apparently it bothers Neal a lot

  • no doubt about the out of tune thing.

    check out early stuff like Hawk Squat or Slideslinger.

    messy, but fun.

    if you want the J.B. sound in a more in-tune way, check out Lil Ed & the Blues Imperials. he’s J.B’s nephew.

  • Dr. Gonzo

    Are you serious?! What exactly were you trying, and I do emphasize trying, to critique? All I saw, was a paragraph pissed and moaned away about how J.B. Hutto should have used a guitar tuner.

    You are the one who should be ashamed, just for writing that half-assed review. But I do applaud the balls it took to actually put something like that out on the Net.

    Although, I can totally see if this is “satire”, because I have ran across satirical reviews, but any-who, cheers.

    -Dr. Gonzo

  • chris

    J.B. Hutto, in my mind, is a blues God. The out of tune thing is just that you are out of tune to what he was doing. He took Elmore James style and took it somewhere else – to a new universe. I saw him many times live and wish I could see him again. He could actually get a crowd hanging from the ceiling at some of his shows – he had that kind of energy, pure spirit, charisma, and who knows what else. He played with abandon and if you could seem him play, you felt like you could live with abandon and dance your ass off for a while.

    Anything negative said about J.B. Hutto as a musician makes about as much sense as saying anything negative about Hendrix. It’s just not possible – unless you want to look like an ass.