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Jay Cutler Rumors Are Everywhere

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Last night, Denver Broncos owner Pat Bowlen said they will start shopping Jay Cutler to other teams after it became evident the Pro Bowl quarterback had no desire to play in Denver anymore.

So who’s in the race? Here’s a sampling:

New York Jets — Last year they traded away Chad Pennington to make room for Brett Favre. This year they have neither. Cutler and Favre have the same agent, Bus Cook, who initially brought Favre to New York last year. Who would you rather have starting: Jay Cutler or Kellen “De Facto” Clemens?

Detroit Lions — This team’s got nothing, so Cutler could immediately become the franchise face. Every reporter and their grandmother-in-law is saying these guys will use their No. 1 overall pick on Georgia quarterback Matthew Stafford, but how tempting would it be to send that to Denver straight up for a proven commodity?

• Tampa Bay Buccaneers — If you remember why Cutler was originally pissed, it was a three-team trade that would have sent Matt Cassel to Denver and Cutler to Tampa Bay. Perhaps the Bucs can take a second stab at their franchise QB.

I’d say over half the league is connected with a major news report that they are interested in trading for him (Browns? Redskins? Jaguars? Bears? Vikings?) and a large portion of them probably are interested. But Denver’s likely going to ask for a lot in return, perhaps first-round picks, another starting quarterback, or the general manager’s firstborn. It’ll be fun to see how the scenarios play out, especially if it languishes through draft day.

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  • Jeff

    Lions have nothing??? Ever heard of Calvin Johnson??? Tied for 1st in TDs last year. Ernie Sims while he had a down year is a good player and so is Kevin Smith.

  • shawn

    0-16 That say’s it all lions had alot. Alot of crappie players