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Jay Bennett & Edward Burch- The Palace at 4am (part 1)

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How hard is it to to leave one of the most critically adored bands around, have that band release one of the most critically acclaimed cds of the year, and still try and get your cd noticed? Very hard, apperantly.

Jay Bennett was an illustrious member of alt.country’s darling poster-child, Wilco. He left and released his own cd with Edward Burch in 2002. Yet, with all they hype money can buy (and more hype that money can’t buy) generated by “Yankee Hotel Foxtrot,” (Wilco’s 4th release) “The Palace at 4am” might as well have not been released for all the attention it recieved.

Which is a pity. Brimming with alt.country perfection, this cd is great. Some Wilco fans even argue that this should be the follow up to “Summerteeth” instead of the overly indie-avant garde “Yankee Hotel Foxtrot.”

Where with YHF, you can kind of feel where the country in alt.country comes in, on Bennett’s cd the country is worn on his sleeve. For people who are anti-country but enjoyed YHF, this will be a negative aspect. For everyone else, this cd is a must own.

[note: I am not trying to say YHF is a bad cd at all. It was one of my favorites of 2002 (along with every other critic in the world, apperantly).]


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