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Japan: Earthquake, Tsunami, Nuclear Meltdown, Heavy Snowfall — What Next?

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It was a black Friday last week when a sequence of tragedies starting with an 8.9 scale earthquake at the east coast of Honshu town. It was disastrous, it would have shaken any other country, but Japan is an exception. Being prone to such incidents, they already have their infrastructure built in such a manner as to tackle such setbacks. First it was the severe earthquake that shook Honshu and adjoining locations. It was followed soon after by a tsunami that washed away most of the city.

A tsunami alert was raised for many other countries with estimated times for each. Those alerts though, were reversed later, almost all of the damage was to be in Japan.  Fire broke out in many places in Honshu, and disaster did not stop there. Tsunami waves badly affected the four major nuclear reactors there, resulting in damage to their cooling systems.  The world was shocked by a sequence of shocking disasters happening in Japan. Nuclear meltdown now was the most serious concern. In fact the rescue operations were badly affected due to risks of nuclear meltdown resulting in the rescue operators having to be pulled back.

This all created chaos within Japan and in all other countries that are connected to Japan in one way or the other. Most of the major stock markets started dipping down in panic. Fear, uncertainty and loss were in the minds of everyone. Actual loss of lives and material could not be ascertained. Numbers of dead and missing reported by media are all estimates and everyone is aware that the actual figures will be far more than reported.

Due to many manufacturing units of major electronic and automobile giants getting closed down in Japan, uncertainty of supply of material from this third largest economy of the world to different countries was at its peak. Top world economy, the United States, expressed its  grief and concern about the disasters that happened in Japan. At the same time, the US also expressed their full trust in Japan’s capabilities to bounce back faster than any other country in the world to get back to normal at the earliest.

Meanwhile, news about nuclear traces found in the samples collected in Tokyo was more than enough to increase fear and uncertainty. Worst of all, heavy snowfall has started in Japan, bringing all rescue operations to a standstil.

Electronic and computer components prices have already started rising due to fears of shortages; drinking water availability has become a major concern in affected areas in Japan. More and more countries are pitching in with whatever help they can offer. Other countries’ employees working in Japan are being called back home.

What next! A lot has already happened. The situation is becoming more and more complex every moment. For almost a week now, Japan has been shaken with a new set of problems every day. Let’s all pray in unity to the supreme power to get things back to normal for Japan at soon as possible!

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  • Jaideep

    Jimmy, Prayers do have power! and people all across the globe are praying.

  • Jimmy Crater

    Jesus can’t hear them! Where was jesus when Japan was shaken, washed away and nuked? People must help themselves.

  • Jaideep

    John, Count me in for your prayers for them!

  • I pray for peace for the Japanese people. I know things are tough for many there including my friends in Nagoya. May the supreme power, Jesus the Christ, bless and comfort them!

  • jaideep khanduja

    Very True John, it is really really painful!!

  • John Lake

    I noticed a day or two ago, the temperature in Japan was below zero at night. The pain and suffering is beyond our capacity to understand, but still we try.
    The young teacher, who when she was found on the forth or fifth day, as she was cutting up material in the place where elementary school classroom had been, to cover bodies, comes to mind.