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Janitor Accidentally Throws Artwork Away

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A British janitor accidentally threw away a “work of art” at the Tate Britain exhibition in London.

The trashbag bag was filled with discarded paper and cardboard and it was part of a work by Gustav Metzger, said to demonstrate the “finite existence” of art.

Read the story here.

I say, let’s hire this guy as a curator and have him clean a few of our museums…

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  • Eric Olsen

    this is a very popular story!

  • Shark


    Great minds…. etc.

  • That is really funny – I guess in this case art imitates life

  • martin

    I see your distain of modern art doesn’t interfere with your attempt at selling the book(s) at Amazon (oh, and netting a kick-back in the process).
    How healthily American of you.

  • i still don’t see how something anyone could make, with almost no effort (millions of us do it every week, in the case of a full trash bag) can be called art.
    There’s no talent behind it. So effectively, there’s no artist.