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Janet Jackson’s Super Bowl POW Video Apology

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Janet Jackson plays the victim in today’s installment of the ongoing Superbowl Titty Massacre. Today, February 4, 2004 (the 30th anniversary of the Patty Hearst kidnapping), Ms Jackson put out a video “apology” for her Super Bowl incident basically casting herself as a frightened hostage denouncing her actions under duress.

She could have gone to some friendly journalist and made nice. She could have smoothed things over considerably just going on Entertainment Tonight, perhaps, and saying (and preferably also meaning something like, “Gee, I guess I went a step too far on the Superbowl. My bad. Sorry if I offended anyone. Live and learn.”

Instead, she set up a cheap, noisy VHS looking shot, like some POW being forced to ritually denounce her country. She looks like she’s sitting there at gunpoint hoping not to get shot.

What a bunch of big meanies abusing poor, innocent little Janet! For shame. Look at the poor, little scared victim.

She deserves and should expect nothing but ridicule for this newest cheap trick. Her brother is being charged with child molestation right now- yet she figures the clever thing to do is to whip out The Tit on national broadcast television in front of tens of millions of children. You obviously can’t TRUST a Jackson around children.

What, parents are pissy? Who would have thunk it? Boy, howdy, but these people LOVE to manufacture martyrdom for themselves.

The whole damned Jackson family needs to spend some time on the Group W bench.

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