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This I hope is going to be the last thing I am going to say about Janet Jackson’s goddamned titty.

First off, all you Americans who are bitching and complaining about it should really be fXXXing ashamed of yourselves. The ones who are talking about class action lawsuits, the ones who are yanking out revenue from your own school districts, the ones who are screaming the loudest about how “immoral” it is. How Janet Jackson’s nipple has corrupted the minds of children:

Get a grip.

Or are you really raising a bunch of imbeciles in your house? That’s right, I just asked you if your child is an idiot. See, the way I figure it, if your child is scarred for life by the flash of a breast, you child must be an idiot and doesn’t ask questions because there are Levitra and Viarga ads out there. Those ads are for people who have broken dicks. Let me repeat, those ads are for people who cannot get their penis up. They can’t have an erection. Why the hell would anyone want an erection unless it was for masturbation or sexual intercourse? You’re children aren’t asking you what those pills are for? Guess you have stupid kids who just accept everything that is on TV with no questions. So who’s fault is it that you kids are idiots and you’re a bad parent because you can’t be bothered to really monitor what your child views, or are too lazy to teach them about values and morals. Stupid parents, stupid kids.

And we wonder why Europe laughs at the United States. It’s times like this that I really do start to seriously consider where my loyalties lie as that I can’t abide by a nation of orangutans.

Look, what Janet did was stupid but it won’t end the world. Should she be punished? Sure, make her pay $50,000, or $100,000. It’s a misdemeanor but in no way a felony. She did something silly but with all of you up in arms over a NIPPLE, I’m starting to really wonder who the idiots are. Then again, these are the same people who seem to be fascinated with “reality TV” , and horse farts when we have a president that misled the American public, Americans dying every day in Iraq, children who are siding behind their peers internationally in education, and people who can’t find work. And you all are worried over a fxxxing tit. Give me a fxxxing break.

Al Barger asked me what should be the limits. What should be the rules? This is easy. No, you should not show your tit on primetime but if you do, you’re going to pay a fine, and we’ll move on. If you are simulating sexual intercourse or behaving in any overt sexual way, then you are going to get into a hell of a lot more trouble.

For years the Grammys and Oscars have been broadcasts on the TV with the stars wearing outfits that are so sheer, we can see the label on their drawers, if they bother to wear any, and we are bitching about Janet Jackson’s tit in the middle of broken dick ads and farting.

And in the meantime, the dead comes home from Iraq, Afghanistan, etc… And no one is worried about that.

Shame on you. Shame, shame, shame, on you. I’m disgusted with people priorities.

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  • Seeing as how you’re posting on this several years after the fact, I’m not sure it’s “y’all” that need to get over this anymore…

  • Lmfao

    For a nation that allows such Tv shows as Family Guy and the Simpsons I think y’all need to get over it and move on

  • allen

    how big are yourtits

  • diva

    It’s a TITTY not a giant PENIS! come on people GET OVER IT !

  • American but not fat, or stupid

    Well, everyone has already figured out Dave is an arrogant moron who makes Americans look even more stupid (George W. Bush is the first) it’s just a breast and it’s not like children haven’t seen one. I mean, all children go through breastfeeding. Women even breastfeed in public places. I hate these stupid “Mothers groups” that complain about everything. Oh, you can’t breastfeed. You need to take that Victoria’s Secret poster off the window display. Someone needs to cuss them out in front of their children just so they can be humiliated in front of their kids and have to go all day with their stupid brats asking them what “Cunt” means and why the lady called mommy a “Bitch.”

  • niccool

    dave is an ass, i thought you papper was great, people who are pro war are odd, I hope dave goes and makes freedom ring, he seems determined, and intelligent enough. George bush will approve, So sorry to hear about his dad, that would be very hard on me. Lucky me that my dad isnt s foolish to go and get dead in some war. He loves us, and himself way way WAY more than that. Dave can go eat lemmons

  • Roger

    Ms.Tek, I like your courages statements. You’re my kind of person. Please click on my name and e-mail me! I have something that you would be very interested in hearing. My e-mail is safe. It will come straight to me.

    Hope to hear from you soon…

  • Why should I? Everyone is a whore to something. Even more important, if that is all you can say to attempt to make a statement or to attempt to seem like you have a point, then we can already see the depth of your intelligence which really doesn’t make what you have to say of any real relevance or seriousness as that your depths would fail to drown a gnat. Instead, it is far more amusing for you attempt to “reach” desperately to try to be insulting when it only further demonstrates your ignorance. Carry on, I say. I enjoy the antics of fools- Makes for a great laugh!

  • Dave

    You only said that you weren’t European you didn’t deny being a whore.

  • Hello, Eric… and thanks. I’ll try to spead some cheesy goodness once I get over my lag 😉

  • Eric Olsen

    Welcome back VP, it’s been largely grim.

  • um… dumbass. I’m not European.

  • Dave

    HELL YEAH! Let’s your whisker biscuit Janet. The Europeon Skank whore Ms.Tek
    would love that. I can hear her now. “You americans pussies don’t stink”. Where I’m from we have very smelly pungent cunts. Like’a molded cheese and 5 day old salmon. You americans, you americans.

    I agree with some of what you say, but this is America BITCH, the greatest country in the world. It’s a family thing you skank. Keep your damn pie hole shut about things you know nothing about, especially when it comes to this country and our soldiers. I was in the military as was 4 of my uncles and my dad was laid to rest having fought in two wars just to protect fuck-offs like you. THAT’S WHAT I THINK! EAT ME…

  • dangelo

    janet get naked next time p.s do you have a bush does it have hair

  • Dwaine AKA Scooter AKA D.J.

    Angelina Jolie wants to be topless like any other feminist (forgive me for being stereotypical), and she’s not ugly at all. Personally, I think all pretty women can go topless and all the ugly ones should be trapped on an island or somethin’.

  • “Now I don’t necessarily agree with those ugly feminist women…”

    Hmmm, I’m a feminist and I have never been called ugly in my life. Interesting.

    Oh, and I’m not a lesbian and I enjoy expensive lingere meaning that I don’t burn my bras. Imagine that.

  • Bob

    I don’t get this. She had a NIPPLE SHIELD. That’s right, a nipple shield. You couldn’t even see her actual nipple!

    Grow up, people. The female breast has only been sexualized because it’s been covered. A breast is a breast. It’s part of the human anatomy. Now I don’t necessarily agree with those ugly feminist women who think that women should be allowed to go topless wherever men can. That’s crossing the line because as I’ve already stated, the human breast has been sexualized by society. Trying to undo that with a topless movement really doesn’t have much of a point. So then the female breast would become commonplace. Oh, yay. So what. Women might be SLIGHTLY more comfortable without their shirts. Is that really worth all of the legal trouble and controversy?

    Back to Janet — her stunt wasn’t in the best taste, but she apologized for it. And at the end of the day, a nipple shield is a nipple shield, a breast is a breast — GET OVER IT. Everyone SHOULD be ashamed of all of the griping they’ve been doing about the incident.

    Why are we even worrying about whether or not Janet Jackson’s 1 second breast exposure will traumatically affect our children? Apparently, WE are the ones who are traumatized, if we can’t get over one second of a female breast… even a female breast with a nipple shield.

  • i have to admit, i was surprised at how many americans were apparently outraged by it. I mean, it’s not like you even saw much in the brief flash of time it happened in. Ah well, at least it let us forget about important stuff for a bit.