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Janet Jackson’s Boob, Part III: I Want to See More Male Genitals

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So really… How many of you are totally sick of Janet Jackson’s boob already?

Actually, the more I thought about this, the more I wanted to write about it. But instead… Not so much about Janet Jackson’s Tits but boobs and penises in general. Now mind you, Janet Jackson baring her boob was a shocker here in America but if Justin Timberlake had whipped out his penis, someone would have been shot by now.

Why is the male penis so much more offensive than the female nipple? Is it because the penis is held in that much more reverence, or that much more reviled?

Laws vary from state to state, but I do know that it is illegal to show an erection in anything but a porn movie. Recently, I saw Sex and Lucia, a very good film from Spain. In once scene, they showed a man getting an erection and me, Ms-I_seen_it_all was momentarily taken aback for a moment. I was not offended nor shocked… just surprised that they filmed that.

Is an erection that much more offensive?
Are penises really the root of all evil? (Pardon my pun)

In my opinion, “chilly willy” is far less offensive than a speedo with the elasticity so worn out, your afraid that anyone in the near vicinity might suffer from whiplash. If you live near a beach, you’ve seen it and know the offense I am talking about. The man running down the beach with his dog in a black speedo that has seen one too many washings. Brings a whole new meaning to being reminded to bring your “flip flops” to the beach. No worries… Mr. Speedo Guy has already though of it for you.

Speaking of Speedos, I just had to include this old photo of a younger Harrison Ford in Speedos. I’m not sure if I am horrified or aroused. Moving on.

I think Ewan Mcgregor is for the most part a crappy actor. I liked him better when he was younger and was in mostly Scottish films. (If you’ve not seen Shallow Grave or Trainspotting, you’re missing out on a treat.) The picture is from Velvet Goldmine. I have also liked him because if he was in a film, you could be assured you were going to see some cock. It’s a Scottish thing- to whip your goods out with narry a blink. Hey, I’m not complaining… that’s half the reason why I go to Scotland so much!

Perhaps that is the reason why women love movies with Ewan in it so much… at least we know that he’s gonna toss one out for us ladies. We might get a peek at arse and willy (and he is kinda cute). Damn Lucas for putting him in Star Wars. I guess there will be no more “saber” for us ladies. Shame.

If I had my way at Super Bowl, Janet would have torn off Justin’s codpiece and we all would have gotten a good gander at Justin’s Jewels and would have either cried, smiled or laughed. And here is where I may have just answered my own question. We won’t see willy, because we might laugh.

I just don’t understand the double standard.

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  • Tiffanie Miller

    I don’t think any body parts need to be shown. Why are they called PRIVATE PARTS if they are not going to be kept private? I know that everyone knows about a man and woman’s gentials, but does that mean everthing should be shown about it?

  • Shannon

    I think nudity should be taken out of film all together and left for the porn industry. Can’t there be a law created? Or an equal rights law stating for every nude woman shown, there should be a fully nude male? Personally, I think they should make a bunch of movies that show just full male nudity to make up for all of the years where us women have had to suffer thru endless amounts of female nudity in film and even tv exposure (janet jackson) or the uncensored MTV episode on plastic surgery. How unfair it is for women. I heard even Adult programming on HBO or whatever doesn’t even show fully nude men, yet there is no problem showing the women. There are no playgirl or adult magazines for women. You have to go to a porn shop for anything like that. There should be just as many available for women as there are for men. Society is complete bs. What happened to equal rights? Male bodies are sexy too and should be shown. There seems to be a slight increase in male nudity these days, however, I have yet to see a hot celeb go completely nude like the women always do. There is always hot nude women, yet the guys that go nude are far from it. But hey, at least they give us women a show.

  • girish

    dear, you said it right. like to hear from you more