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Janet Jackson to Host SNL

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This will be an interesting show: how will they handle Nipplegate? Will they parody the stunt itself? Will they ignore it?

    Singer Janet Jackson is to host TV comedy show Saturday Night Live next month in her first network performance since her infamous TV breast-baring.
    NBC said Jackson would present and perform on the 10 April edition of the show, broadcast live from New York.

    ….A Saturday Night Live spokesman said he did not know of plans for a tape delay to prevent any possible vulgarity.

    The show – a US comedy institution – has already lampooned the incident. Will and Grace star Megan Mullally ripped the breast pocket from American Idol runner-up Clay Aiken.

    ….Jackson, 37, was barred from appearing at the televised Grammy awards after she declined demands to issue an on-air apology for the Super Bowl incident.

    She later bowed out of plans to star in a TV movie about veteran singer Lena Horne after Horne said she was offended by Jackson’s act. [BBC]

I bet she wouldn’t have received the hosting invite if she hadn’t flashed – she would have just been musical guest.

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  • Nice to know that Janet will enjoy a bunch of success from her stunt which is now torturing people like Howard Stern because of the environment she helped create. I guess it could have just as easily have been someone else if it hadn’t been Janet.

  • Chris Kent

    It’s perfectly timed no doubt. Still recent enough to The Great Boob Drop, but far enough way from Bustier Zero so that everyone and their bras will be tuned in.

    I am certain Boob Sunday will be lampooned. My only question is……will Michael Jackson make a surprise appearance?

  • What’s wrong with you people? It’s on at 23:30!

    On Canadian teevee they allow you to show boobs after 21:00 (well gratuitous, like a screening of “Horny High”). In fact, they even stop bleeping the “mother” out of “motherfucker” after 22:00 (yes, you can say “fucker”, but you can’t say “motherfucker” during primetime, standards and all).

    Oh, wait, I was having a flashback to when SNL was relevant.

  • Eric Olsen

    I think LaToya is more likely to make an appearance than Michael.