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Jam Master J the Drug Dealer?

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Reports say that the police are no closer to solving the mystery of Jam Master Jay’s killing, though new allegations suggest his murder could be linked to drugs.

One source close to Jay said: “Jay’s closest friends played a role in his death and they had their own reasons. They’ve been doing nothing but telling lies to cover their own ass with a gullible media jumping at head fakes.”

The blatant attempt to sanitize Jay’s history has been a major obstacle in the path of justice. The case will be solved.

Jay entered into a 10 kilo deal last year with a man from Milwaukee. He received the drugs on consignment in Washington, DC and he drove it to Baltimore, MD, for delivery to the person he trusted to sell it. That person disappeared with the drugs shortly thereafter, leaving Jay with a huge debt.

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  • Very surprising given Run-DMC’s very public anti-drug stance. On the surface, this “source” seems pretty fishy. But who knows.

  • Jay’s “innocent until proven guilty”, but DMC’s autobiography (highly recommended) uncovers the truth about Run-DMC’s drug use.

  • Marleen Rivera

    I’m doing research on Jam Master J, but I dont think that Jam Master J killed himself because he was doing his thing for the hip-hop community. Everybody thought that ha was a great inspiration.





  • Jayser

    Run DMC’s anti drug stance was good for their image. I always found it interesting that their live show lyric “Cool chief rocker, I don’t drink vodka, I keep a bag of cheeba inside my locker’ was changed to ‘microphone inside my locker’ on their mainstream first album. There’s no way anyone not close to the group can say with certainty that they weren’t up to their eyeballs in drug dealings, just because they spoke out against it in public.

  • Zeni


  • deji

    i wanna know more about jam master j somebody feed me

  • Adriaan Tate

    I feel that this isn’t going anywhere and it just needs to be forgotten cause only God can tell and who ever did such thing will feel the same way Jam master j feels, 6 feet under.

  • kiasia dunn

    Jay Master J was the most popular guy in hip hop with run dmc most people look down on him because he is black but and friends did alot for communitys in different states espacilly theirs.

  • kevin monjeau

    show me more information on jam master jay someone please send it to me

  • scott mcguinness of ponte

    jam master is not a dealer if u think that u need a gud reason

  • kathie newkirk


    Jay..i wana go-go-go out out side
    in the rain
    i want 2 b the mutha er
    u once was-just a short time ago
    let the record play the memories,
    so i can get you a re-run
    a syndication, like good times
    something 4 ya son.

    keep ya head up kid
    i did


  • Jay Blaze

    For those of you who are looking from the outside looking into the camp that spit out RUN-DMC, LL, and all ther other stars that blew up under the Def jam moniker listen up. There’s more to the music game than most want to admit or see but drugs are only a small part. As somebody who was close to all of the above mentioned I feel a little clarication is in order:
    1. Jam Master Jay’s death was more of a mystery to the mainstream public that had embraced Run-DMC because of their crossover appeal. The public elevated JMJ and the group to icon status without knowing the gritty truth about the early days of Hip Hop and the battle to stay in the game as the costs to do so grew along with the industry that is now Hip Hop Music.

    2. Read DMC’s book. Enough said.

    3. Take a close look at the characters that Jay himself had to deal with in looking for a hot artists to produce and get back in the game. Mostly past or current thugs, drug dealers, and assorted goons from his own hood in NYC.

    4. And finally remember this: Jam Master Jay was another member of a passing era in music that we all have reembraced and want to honor NOW but a lot of those Old School stars are still alive today and struggling to make it on the streets and will do what ever it takes to get tha loot to get back in the business that THEY started. But street law is street law. You f*** up and you get killed.

    5. Jay was in the process of producing tracks that would’ve earned him the money, power, and respect that he didn’t have at the time he was murdered. Too little too late. RIP JMJ GMJ

  • Anon

    Although I don’t particularly like old-school-rap/hip hop, I can’t say anything bad about it. True I dislike old-school but it (and JMJ) have influenced much if not all of the new age hip-hop/rap. While i don’t like old-school, I love new rap-Eminem, Dre, Snoop, 50 and a few others. So I guess what im saying is without JMJ and other old-schoolers rap and hip hop wouldn’t be what it is today and for that I respect old-school. RIP JMJ

  • yoda

    As a former free-lance entertainment writer I will briefly share my experience. You have to be very mindful of “images” in the entertainment business. A lot of things are not what they appear to be. I have seen soft weak rappers turned into so called “hard-core” and vice versa. I have walked into rec. companies and walked out, because the the thick dope smell. I have been surprised to discover gay “hard-core” rappers I thought were straight. The street connection to rap is Nothing New!! even for Old School.

  • Just a rappah

    Tribute’z to my favourite first Tupac,Jam Masta G,Eazy-E and tha rest o’em thugsterz from arount tha block and to all of ya playaz’ out there Wazzup !!!!! (REMEMBA’ MA WORDZ ALL OF THEM LIVE THRU’ US PLAYA’Z) a local Thugster from Romania Militari-Hood where only tha ruthless survive….

  • A willz

    i think he was a drug dealer and the debt that he got him self in took his life

  • I’m sure he was living just fine off of his royalties, why would he bother dealin’?

  • Xbase

    Word! Jay Blaze…U on point mang! Tru fax about tha industry there. But, it goes even further than that. The industry (rich record label) is involved in the drug biz. Offerin it as a tool of success to the up and coming behind the scenes of events and industry parties with the ghetto ho’s who sellout themselves for recognition as TOP skeeza. Doin their brotha’s wrong. There’s no lookin out for anyone but yourself…And good luck pinchin for dimes latta.

  • my name is curtis blow an ide like yall ta no that these are the brakes …R.I.P… JMJ


  • It is sad because since the volcano flow
    of Hip-Hop it is seen how good Run DMC’s music was. Hip-hop is the scourge, the poison that infects your radio.

  • styles

    10 killos is pocket change to jam master j …….
    his death is because him owning the wrights to artist 50 cent’s music…..

  • Jam masta Jay wasnt suisidal some b**** kilt him he had his thing goin but now he dead and we all got ta suffa for that sh**.

  • Oh my God! I am not seeing and hearing what is going here. I knew Jason personally. I worked with him at the same studio he was murdered at. I was there the day he had cameras installed througout the building for security purposes. Jay never let anyone in the studio that HE did not know. There were never groupie chicks hanging in the studio.

    His wife Terry’s a flight attendent for American Airlines and mine works for United. We would crack up that we understood the airline lingo. He has so much love for her. Jay would always come to the studio as soon as he got off the plane–even before he went home…the studio always came first. Jay would pick me up from the airport when I came in town. Nobody here knows Jay like I do.

    AND I TELL YOU HE IS NOT A F**KIN DRUG DEALER! No matter what the hell some bullcrap ass authorities are trying to say about him. Jay was so cool…we would walk up Merrick to Hillside get Popeye’s chicken and soda’s from the gas station at the corner. Nobody here REALLY knows Jay. His son stayed near me in Floral Park, NY. He was proud of his son. Ya’ll don’t know Jay. His sista lived around the corner from my mom dukes in Hollis, who is the mother of his nephew Bo (the hottest rapper you will one day know about…Bo is sick trust me!)

    My stories are hardly from a book. I knew him personally. He was a very good friend. FYI: Jay did not have beef with 50. I remember the day Jay said, “50 is eat’n good now…I ain’t mad at him!” Jay was non-confrontational!!!

    Jay was the one who turned me on to the digital recorder he would carry in his jacket one day we were sitting in the limo after a concert…he said he carried to record the conversations of any females that approached him so that they would not get away with lies and say he tried to harrass him. Jay was a very smart man who loved his wife Terry dearly–Don’t get it twisted people.

    I have to tell this one so that I can have something to laugh about cause this stupid shit is killing me: I remember one day we were working on Run DMC’s “Crown Royal” album and he and I were cleaning unused tracks from the DA88 tapes…long story shor: we both were so tired that we fell asleep and woke up with all the 24 track lights enabled at the end of the tape…long story short: We erased one of Run’s vocals…he was so pissed. It was not funny, but we laughed about falling asleep. I miss Jay. This talk about him being a drug dealer is the sickest and lowest thing I have ever heard.

    All I see here is some crap that someone read in a book. He was a very good friend. I met so many people and learned alot about producing hip-hop dealing with Jay. As far as 50 is concerned, Jay was there for him…50 went on to do his thing…Jay had no hatred. I’m sure I can pull up a DAT now with music from 50 from when he was with Jay that nobody has ever heard and never will…I got your back Jay! I know enough about Jay to write a book, but I repsect Jay to the utmost and would never use his death as a source of profit. F**k you all who disrespect him…NEVER (that’s my word!!!)

    Rest in peace and hold some spots down for your fam.


  • One more thing: I cannot let this rest and I agree that someone close to Jay played a role in his death and it still puzzles me how no one knows what happened.

    Jay had cameras installed that would capture the angle of the person standing at the door from their right-side. It was located by the store underneath the studio. We could even see people walking into the store from that angle.

    Then there was a camera that was staring right down the steps into the front glass door. It was the one Jay would look at the most to day whether or not to buzz them in. I never buzzed anyone in because I hardly knew any of his other friends outside of the family. Jay would always approve buzzing someone in–which means HE KNEW WHO KILLED HIM. He would not allow strangers in whatsoever…when someone no one knew was buzzing the door…we would sit there and let them buzz until they got tired. So something is very fishy about that to me. Anyway this door camera would capture your full face by the time you reached the top of the steps…there was no way to avoid it!!!

    Then there was the camera that captured a person walking down the hall to the studio’s door…So in the even there was something funny going on it was known about before someone entered.

    My favorite camera angle that made me feel safe as an engineer there was the back door camera which captured the back steps and you could see the buses pulling in and out of the terminal. New York can be shady so this was a plus, but I would never imagine in a million years that someone would commit such a crime there…the frickin Police precint was right across the street through a small alleyway near the Jamiaca Ave Mall. There’s a frickin Library across the street and the frickin bus terminal on top of being near the corner of a popular area on Jamaica Ave…so many people are always around…how in the F*ck did this happen.

    BUT WHAT REALLY PISSES ME OFF THE MOST is how in the hell did someone come up in the studio, shoot jay and leave without getting shot!!!!!! There were guns in the studio (for protective purposes or in case someone was trying something funny…there was preparation for that front door trust me there was!!!)

    Whoever did it should not have made it out of there or out of the Jamaica Ave area without getting pealed. I am pissed that some of his very close people (and I don’t want to believe they had anything to do with it) were in the vocal booth recording at the time and I heard girls were in there (which was a no-no!) So either the person knew the girls and Jay was cool enough to let them in or he really knew them. Jay would not let his guards down around strangers. Remember: He used a digital recorder…so he was mainly on guard.

    But I am pissed that his so-called thugged out fam (who literally lived in the studio) and swore up and down they would mirck someone and had no problem f**kin with people and taking cash shit on a simple walk to the store (which Jay hated…he did not like that attention so he never walked with them like that) allowed someone to kill Jay.

    I swear that bothers me to this very day. I was in Ohio with my family when it happened. I lost my f**kin mind in ways you could not understand. That studio is the only place I am at when I am in New York. Whether Jay is there, at home or on the road. I was mainly there “holding the Fort down,” and I would let the door buzz until the sun shined because I did not know too many of the people who rang the bell. But my mind was normally like, “Where’s the gun…I one day thought someone was going to kick the glass in because they thought no one was in the studio and maybe it was a great time to break in…but I kept my eye on that door until they left. There was also an alarm so that woud not have gone too well anyway.

    But I cannot believe the Fam would stoop that low. They loved Jay. The only thing that makes it so strange is that no one did nothing after they heard gunshots…that’s not how it works in NY. You hear firing…then next thing is firing back.

    If there were females in there I don’t see why they were not investigated or mentioned. Some NY broads will set you up to get robbed. Without question: Jay knew about someone being buzzed into his studio. So he was comfortable when it happened…and how did the person sitting next to Jay avoid death also. It was clear that the shooter could have been identified which makes me feel like he was in on it, but why? What did Jay possibly do to make someone want to kill him? I can’t imagibe anyone thast would from ehst I know

    …but I pray they bring Jay’s killer(s) to justice. If authorites need more help you know where to find me. Something just ain’t right…I feel like Jay’s spirit lead me here to this blog and he is using me and what I know to speak about him. Jay was deep like me too!

  • kyddnappe

    oh man…. that was interesting – i`ve never ever heard talk like that about jmj`s death. even here in russia we miss jay. r.i.p. and damn those who killed him. peace



  • JJ


  • justus

    I am like most people on this. I cannot understand how people can get killed with people all around get killed and nobody sees anything. Yea there is aways intimidation and fear of someone getting you for ratting on them. But when someone nocks off someone you love and hanged with for so many years, there has to be something you can do. Snitch on them, get them back, something. Run has a show on MTV right now. I never here him say anything about it. If one of my best friends ever gets murdered, I’d be either on top of the hill screaming or on the streets packing and looking for who did it.

  • It rilly Baffles me that, you can sit in a Musical Studio with all those proections and still gt hurt by an unreconize individual.
    i feel for Jam Master Jay very much in such a way that it encourage me as a rap Gangster to give no bit of trust to my hommies.
    love them but don’t trust them.
    i believe Jay knows who gun him to dead and for me i believe it is his costumer or friend.

  • I also find it odd that nothing has been said about JMJ’s death. Whats strange also is that DMC (Darryl) or Run never mention each other any where (at least not that I have seen or heard recently). Surely they arent trying to distance themselves from each other JMJs death or their past? Strange indeed.

  • twin of the game

    fuck all of u i killed jam master j do u have anything to do come to me iwiil kill u also fuck jmj fuck 50 fuck g.unit do u no who killed jam master j know and i will kill 50 soon and his followers but the game keep it up

  • lol

    Jam master J was not a drug dealer. He had no reason to be a drug dealer. He was a music producer. With many up and coming artist including 50 Cent

  • Homammed

    Black folks sell drugs.

  • 1st Klass

    well…? i’m gonna go get dmc’s book today. in my old neighborhood my old skool friends still call me and some know me as d.j. Run. word! i was the biggest Run-D.M.C fan back then and still am. now ,it’s not the first time i heard the kilo’s story as other’s too.(50 cent) which one do i believe? being from the streets and still having my hands in it, i’m gonna say the kilo’s is more believable than all that i’ve read so far.

    you can’t f up that amount anywhere in the world and still be in the hood. but no one in there right mind would surface back to the hood if they owed that kinda money(at least 300,000 G’s). SMH! so that’s hard to believe also.

    Bottom line is, this was a pioneer of a new cultural music. hip-hop was changed to rap music because of the kings from queens.they brought it to the WORLD. a legend should not be executed for that kinda of money. that couldve been paid back with intrest if dealt with the right way. but who knows how long they waited to do that.jay was in and out of town like many artist are so they may have lost patience..smh. R.I.P JAY WE MISS YOU.

  • 1st Klass

    All that security,and the killer(s)knew and had time to take the tapes?? yup! inside job. so all those that were in the studio are in on it unless someone tells who did it. who buzzed them in? that’s the killer too! Lydia high was a female inside who said she saw the killer,described him with a tatoo on his neck,never went to far as cooperating with police because according to Derrick Parker the(hip-hop cop).the other cops DT’s wanted to rush the case and investigate the way THEY wanted to do it. scared her off of fear of being exposed with no protection. If i was close to jay i’d be on her ass every single day until she left the tri-state. also Eric B was also trying to help out to no avail. scoon, bigD and little D are names mentioned in the book.big D was on a cable network defending himself threating the hip hop cop for mentioning him in his book. the so- called rapper that was shot in the leg with jay FRONTIN his ass off about not seeing the killer.B.S!!!! you lying nigga, lucky i didn’t know J personally. althought i am happy to say that i did come in contact with him like in 99- 2000, they had performed in macy’s midtown, and i remember them driving away in a blue surburban after the show,i caught up to them at a light and he rolled down the window to take my demo, word! true story, never got a response , but it was all good tho. most artist wouldnt have even have let the window down. that shit meant alot to me. i was crushed to hear of his death.

  • djnickjerz

    ok i know this is a mad old discussion but its still got no answer. ima give a final answer that nobody can dispute. jay was great no doubt. but that was back when rappers n dj’s made like 5 percent what a one hit wonder ae

  • djnickjerz

    this has no answer and needs one with some industry knowledge n experience. jay was of course the shit in his hay day wit run dmc and def woulda made some kinda impact again. but what needs to be observed is jay was on top when rappers made for a platinum ground breaking cd the same as some joker gets now for a one hit wonder wit a new dance move “crank dat” “dougie” etc. so jay was def bout to come into some cash wit his projects but when u are the head of a project u need money to both keep ur artist happy and to keep up wit their lifestyles. we know he was workin wit 50 and if u wanna b the top dog on one of anything he does ur spendin mad money just to chill wit him. plus all the other artists he had to have the boss image to. had all worked out im sure the million or so he woulda spent woulda went ten fold on his favor which would be enough for me to try n b part of a ten kilo deal to secure the funds. so that shows why this makes sense. why it turned sour is very simple. u got someone very much in the public eye, good , bad , or neutral, they do not want any attention brought to a deal of that magnitude so whoever beat hims thinkin whats he gonna say? if he opens his mouth its gonna ruin him. a dick move but really clever too. as far as who shot jay, yea we all know some peeps in the studio seen and know everything. but if u were a nobody around a bunch of people doin it real big, and u doin a buncha bitch work for someone rich for barely anything are u gonna keep quiet for a few tens of thousands? yea u are. think off ten free kilos even if u stepped on em and made another 8 and did it quick for like say a grand an ounce thatd be 352,000 pure profit. and really most likely since u stle it anyways ur gonna step on it good and at least double ur weight addin another 70 grand. so whats it to u to pay 3 maybe 4 people what between ten n twenty stacks to shut up. how long did it take those jokers to make that wit the guy they been loyal to for basically no thanks over years n years. its just really all so damn obvious. not much else to say but if anyone has any arguement bout any part id love to hear it.

  • 450