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Jai Agnish/Gospel Zombie – Our Split EP

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Jai Agnish is a neo-folk artist from New Jersey who is nothing short of endearing and fascinating. The uncomplicated tracks on this split completely draw listeners in with their repetitive and gentle disposition. Even though most songs might initially seem excessively obtuse, there is a genius in their simplicity (almost like a stripped-down Beck). If you have a predisposition for the slightly unusual release, Jai Agnish will not fail your taste.

While the Israel-based band Gospel Zombie is decidedly less polished in presentation (is that even possible?), they present the same feeling of ultra-lo-fi rock. Gospel Zombie is quite a bit more overt about their spiritual beliefs than Agnish is, but it still isn’t a ‘slam you over the head with a Bible’ presentation.

With 12 tracks in all you can hardly go wrong.

Buy it from Men of Israel Records!

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