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Jagger says “No” to Retirement Rumors and The Daily Music and Tech News

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Mick Jagger says "No" to retiring

Mick Jagger has announced his intentions to continue to tour and to record albums with The Rolling Stones. Rumors had been circulating that the band were considering calling it quits. Jagger has said that he is confident the band will continue to record and to tour. He also stated that he hadn't felt that up for playing Glastonbury on the Sunday Night.

Charlatans UK set to release album for nothing

The Charlatans UK are set to release their forthcoming album for nothing. They are the latest marquee act to take this move, bypassing the recording industry. The album is still untitled, but the first single from it "You Cross My Path" will be out on October 22nd. The band will be releasing it through Britain's XFM radio station and their official website. The band is hoping to make up for the lost sales revenue via touring, publishing and merchandise sales.

Apple to let Boot Camp beta Expire with Leopard release

Apple is set to let Boot Camp Beta (version 1.4) expire without releasing a new version when its new version of OS X, Leopard comes out. Since Apple switched to using Intel processors, users have been able to dual boot their computers into Windows or OS X using the boot camp program. This move means current Tiger users will have to upgrade to Leopard if they wish to continue to be able to dual boot their machines.

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