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Jagged Little Pill Acoustic Review

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I am not ashamed to say that “Jagged Little Pill” was one of my favorite albums of my teen years. It was that time when I was really starting to discover music. I listened to a lot of different music back then. My musical tastes had a broader scope at that time. But more then anything, I still love the music of those years of my life.

This acoustic album is much better then what was planned – a re-mastering of the original 1995 “Jagged Little Pill.” On first thought, this acoustic album seems like MTV Unplugged, rehashed. After listening through the entire album a couple times, this is much more then “Unplugged,” and it is anything but rehashed. You sing along to every song on “Acoustic” and you do a double take. Did she change the lyrics? Are you serious? Morissette actually put effort into this album? Indeed she did. In a time when artists are becoming lax with their music – with “Best Of” albums that are merely re-mastered – Morissette delivers a new “Jagged Little Pill” that seems to have even more kinetic energy then the original some 10 years ago.

Check out the acoustic version of “Hand In Pocket” here (WM) (Real) (QuickTime)

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  • HMV? Go to Starbucks

    Let’s face it, you listen to music to listen to music. Although passing by the local HMV is likely to at least make you think about the latest poster-children for pop, you listen to what you think is good.

    Who cares about HMV? Their recent decision to pull the Alanis Morissette catalog from their shelves is troubling on at least 4 levels, whether you like Alanis Morisette or not.

    First of all, a free-market dictates you do what you do and the best plan wins, and the product gets better. The buzz is that’s exactly what happened with Morissette’s Jagged Little Pill: Acoustic. Great, good for them. THe HMV decision shows an arrogance that implies they think they’re better; HMV thinks it can set the pace.

    Secondly, HMV is wrong. While making a point about corporate vengence, it isn’t the same as 7-11 pulling Playboy magazine from the magazine rack. There’s nothing potentially unseemly about the Morissette CDs they are presumably hiding in their back-rooms for a while. The only result of this is that HMV is implying that a consumer should make a choice: buy your music from Starbucks or buy it from us.

    Imagine this thought though: “oh it’s only at Starbucks? I’m going to check it out.”

    Suddenly Starbucks looks like they pulled a coupe, because they did, and HMV only reinforces it with their decision. So HMV must be quite stupid: read “uncool.”

    Thirdly. Alanis is one of the select number of Canadian artists who has a true classic and international album, that will last long after HMV sells its remaining stock to Amazon. It’s disturbing to see that yes indeed, your worst impressions of the corportate music world are true. We’ve all heard the stories, but it’s true. They don’t really care what HMV is perceived as from the point of view of a Canada-loving consumer. “It’s just business.”

    No it’s not, it’s music, it’s Canadian and in this case, inspired, hard-working and important, _even_ if you don’t like Morisette. HMV seems to have missed this fourth point altogether, and picked on Morissette as she enters a more relaxed phase of her career. Would they have made the same show with Avril Lavigne? It’s highly doubtlful, at least not now. For HMV to get away with this bullying of an important Canadian muscian would send a message that is , my dears, uncivilized. Don’t let them.

  • Yeah, let me go to Starbucks, have some awful tasting coffee and buy an album that I didn’t bother to buy 10 years ago.

    How about some new material girl? Oh, I forgot, the new material has bombed.

  • Shark

    Pardon me for my lack of esoteric cultural knowledge, but what the hell is HMV?


    PS: Have molten silver poured into my ears — or listen to Alanis Morissette?

    Hmm, life is full of tough choices.

  • His Master’s Voice: A record label, morphed into a chain of record stores that are a bigger cultural presence in England. Stupid decision on their part, though I happen to think the Rolling Stnes pussed out when they decided to sell their latest (this was a few years back) only at Best Buy. Best not !!!


    I chose a couple of Alanis posts to spotlight on the music section front page. Here

    And since I just discovered where they were myself (I could have asked) there you will also find the RSS feed for only music. It’s right at the top by the MUSIC header.

  • I had to look up who the hell HMV was too. And what in the world it had to do with anything.

    If anything, we surely have an eclectic group of people that post here, often.

    Guess what? I don’t care about HMV (or even knew they existed).

    If you are going to paint a comparison to Starbucks, I don’t go to Starbucks to buy my music. It is usually crappy “coffee house music” anyways. People who like music do not go to Starbucks to buy music. Starbucks might not like to hear that, but I am afraid its true.

  • Kat

    I cant wait to get a copie of alanises new acoustic jagged little pill cd. I love that cd i still listen to it 2-day. that whole album is amazing!!!!! that by-far is her best album ever!! i give the orignal jagged little pill 5 stars!!!! I love you alanis

  • I didn’t even know she had a ‘new’ album. Huh. I remember listening to Jagged Little Pill during my first year of high school and it had just the right amount of angst for that time.

  • Rob

    I haven’t heard anything from the acoustic version, but the original was a great album. She spills every ounce of emotion out on that album. I just love the intensity in her voice. Damn, what an album! I don’t think she’s been able to match that intensity again, but I’m hooked and will always be a fan.

  • megan

    Jagged Little Pill is the best cd ever! she has so much passion and emotion in her songs and voice and you feel what she feels while listening. I LOOOVe this cd and i listen to it to this day! I CANT WAIT to get the ACOUSTIC version, im probably going to Starbucks today. Alanis has such a powerful voice and mind.

  • Kevin

    I just got to listen to the new version of the CD, and let me say, THIS CD IS AMAZING!! I own the original, and have not listened for quite some time, but had to check this one out when I heard about it. The songs sound so great when presented acoustically. Buy it!