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Jacko saga continues

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More from the old Jacko file (actually, he needs his own filing cabinet these days). Firstly a US judge has given permission for the singer’s defence team to talk to some of the witnesses who have taken part in that closed doors pre-trial Grand Jury session regarding the Jackson child abuse allegations. However the witnesses mustn’t tell the defence anything about the actual Grand Jury proceedings. As previously reported, the confidential Grand Jury hearing is listening to statements from various witnesses not directly related to the current child abuse allegations as part of the prosecution’s attempts to prove there is a sinister pattern in Jacko’s relationships with the children he associates with. The Grand Jury will decide whether this evidence can be used in the proper trial against Jacko later this year.

Elsewhere in Jacko news, the Namibian government has expressed disappointment after Jacko’s people said they knew nothing about a US travel firm arranging a trip to the country for the singer as part of a cultural tour. A meeting had even been arranged between Jacko and the country’s president before it came clear no trip was actually happening. A spokesman for Jacko told reporters: “I guess we will do our due diligence to look into how this happened. These things do happen quite often. There are a lot of misrepresentations and misinformation.” The spokeswoman added it was “awful” that the Namibian government had been “taken in by people who will just run with things without having the proper authorisation to do so”. She also pointed out that Jacko couldn’t leave the US even if he wanted to because he had to turn in his passport to Santa Barbara County prosecutors when he was arrested over the most recent child abuse allegations.

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