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Jacko round-up

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CMU reports the following:

First up, a source close to the proceedings of the ongoing grand jury hearing that precedes the upcoming Jacko child abuse court case has told reporters (and we should point out they really shouldn’t have, but still…) that the fourteen year old boy at the centre of the case gave evidence for the first time yesterday. The hearing has also reportedly heard testimony from Jamie Masada, the comedy club owner who first arranged for Jackson and the boy to meet.

Secondly, and still on the court case, lawyers representing the news organisations in the US continue to press for more openness on the case.
Lawyer Theodore Boutrous Jr yesterday petitioned the 2nd District Court of
Appeal to reduce the restrictions that have been placed on the media covering the Jackson case, and to provide more information about the aims and remit of the grand jury.

Thirdly, and away from the courts, Jackson met with leading black US
politicians yesterday to discuss the AIDS crisis in Africa. The discussion preceded the previously reported awards event which recognising Jackson for his charity and humanitarian work. One of the politicians who saw Jackson told reporters the singer said he was willing to help in any way to raise awareness or funds to tackle the African AIDS crisis.

Fourthly, rumour has it that Quincy Jones has vetoed Jacko’s involvement in
his We Are The Future charity concert due to take place in Rome on 16 May.
Jackson and Jones were two of the key people behind We Are The World – the
US equivalent of Band Aid. But this time Quincy has not only failed to invite Jackson to participate, but has actually turned down an offer of help. A source told the New York Post “Michael wants to do the concert because it would help his image right now, but because of the molestation charges, Quincy isn’t interested.”

Finally on the Jacko front, Michael and sister Janet have been named the
most foolish Americans of 2004 in a now annual survey to coincide with April
Fools Day. It’s the second year Michael has won the award – last year he got
it in response to the ‘baby-over-the-balcony’ incident. This year sister Janet comes second in the survey following Nipplegate. Britney Spears was fourth in the list of fools, mainly because of her shortlived marriage to Jason Alexander.

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  • anita

    Michael is innocent. He may be a little different but in the history of time the few people who were different were the greatest ever. And I’m not talking about mass murderers, serial killers and such. He doesn’t hurt anyone. Just because he looks and acts unlike most people, does not automatically make him bad or evil. We would have lost alot without michael being in our world.
    Fairness for everybody even Michael!!!!
    A devote fan of 40 years.