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Jackie Chan is a Fascist – Who Knew?

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Warning: The incredibly blasé tripe that follows makes absolutely no effort to accurately categorize Jackie Chan’s true political ideology. Neither does it attempt to properly use the term fascist, which instead will be used as a bugaboo word for any system of government that all "right-thinking" Americans deem to be "non-free." Comments are yearned for, but the author does not need to be told that he isn’t in any way able to differentiate between the different gradients of the “non-free” world. He proudly admits it up front!

Jackie, baby, what happened? Did you just fire your handlers? Didn't you see how bad that went down for Tom Cruise? You had a free pass for all these years. All you had to do was smile and act like you could barely understand English, but you had to go and open your mouth.

Speaking recently at a forum in China, Jackie Chan said that people need to be controlled.

"I'm not sure if it is good to have freedom or not," he said. "I'm really confused now. If you are too free, you are like the way Hong Kong is now. It's very chaotic. Taiwan is also chaotic."

He added: "I'm gradually beginning to feel that we Chinese need to be controlled. If we are not being controlled, we'll just do what we want."

I’m going to leave the saber-rattling anger at poor smiling Jackie to people with much stronger political passions than me. Maybe Bill Maher will bring this up at his next panel (you know the ones that always have two liberals and one conservative – which sounds unfair until you watch FOX or MSNBC). Either way, I will continue to get future Jackie coverage from the same place I’ve always gotten it — Entertainment Weekly.

Instead, I think we can learn two pretty interesting things from the beginning of the end of Jackie Chan’s Western career. (By the way, I in no way think his career is over. If he and Mel Gibson come hat in hand to Hollywood needing funding for a movie that they want to make together about Mao Tse-Tung, my guess is that they still get it.)

1. How incredibly bad is our current entertainment coverage?

The first Rush Hour came out over a decade ago, and, up until now, no one ever bothered to ask Jackie whether he was a fascist or not? How did Perez Hilton miss this? Where was TMZ with the footage of Jackie attending book burnings? Must all of our important news come from leaked porn videos?

2. How incredibly arrogant are Americans?

Propaganda for freedom is still propaganda. As Americans, we’ve been conditioned to just assume that any sane person that isn’t being tortured to say otherwise would be completely insane to support a non-free society. For over a decade, most of us took it for granted that all the cash Jackie was pulling down here in the States ensured his eternal worship of democratic societies. We make that mistake a lot. Americans have almost no ability to understand that some people in the world could possibly be motivated by something besides money.

So, as you watch the news channels bust on Jackie for the next few days, try to remember that he has a right to be a fascist here in America – which is why we are, supposedly, properly, different.

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  • Supporting Jackie

    it’s interesting that ppl react to the face of his words without thinking. a lack of suitable control allowed a few ppl to do things that directly led to the current financial chaos. lack of laws result in anarchy. all he really said is that too much freedom isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. and any sane person will agree with him. he DID not say ‘I think torture, repression or oppression is good.’ he JUST said some control is necessary

  • one of hongkonger

    i could say , many people dont like this guy for many years ago… he’s very FAKE(bullshxt) guy.

  • Bob

    #1 – you’re wrong. He didn’t say “some control” is necessary – he said democracy was bad for Chinese – so we have two sides: The old Chiang Kai Shek government and Communist China on one side, and Hong Kong and a democratic China on the other. It’s reasonable to infer that he thinks the CKS Taiwan and Communist China is better for the Chinese. the CKS Taiwan and Comm. Chinese arrested and silenced political prisoners, and repressed any opposition. So in essence, he DOES support repression and the silencing of political opposition. If you have a ounce of decency and respect for human dignity, you would know Jackie Chan is dead wrong.

  • keith

    Jackie was talking at an entertainment forum when ge was discussing censorship in entertainment. His comments have been taken out of context to suggest he was against freedom.

    Can I assume all those who are criticising him are all pro animal and baby sex porno? Afterall you want freedom right?

  • gurps

    Are you guys all retards??? HE WAS TALKING ABOUT CENSSORSHIP IN THE MEDIA !!! so get your god damn facts strate.

  • 阿奔

    Is he Chinese? I mean Nationality. Don’t know why the Chinese authority invite him to insult Chinese? And on doing so, he also insulting Taiwanese? Certainly, he could say anything he want, however, he probably don’t know what he was talking about. Don’t think he had thought through about this. I disagree with #2. He is not fake, he is for real a real fxxxxxx xxxxxx.

  • 阿奔

    Thought he is Singaporean. But, Singapore does not allow dual citizenship, a real puzzle.

  • julian

    a tempest in a teapot — Chan is a successful ‘actor’ who simply expressed an opinion in public. The media gave it weight by spreading it around the world. He is not a politician spewing a doctrine to the masses.
    He’s a voice in the wilderness expressing some discontent with the politics in certain parts of the world. Americans expressed their discontent with the politics and policies of the U. S. government recently, too.

  • Joe

    Why are we so surprised by what todays Hollywood hypocrite says. Like Perez Hilton, who is he anyway, Hollywooders are always saying, doing, and conducting themselves as idiots, dolts, drunks, wifebeaters, liars, thieves, ego-maniacs, and hypocrites conduct themselves. Jackie Chan grew up in a democratic Hong Kong, has made millions in the democratic US, but thinks all other Chinese should not have such opportunities. Hollywood claims to be so concerned about helping others, then Jackie Chan spills the beans and we find out that they are just what I have thought for many years. Selfish and self-centered bigots and Fascists. Mao would be proud of Jackie Chan.

  • myview

    He should be sent for re-education in the most rural area of China, since he like to be controlled. Problem with China’s products is not because of freedom but the ignorance of the government, red tape and lack of morality in the society in general (which obviously is the responsibility of the government). Shame on him.

  • Good article. I linked to it.

  • As I tend to remind people whenever a celebrity says something a significant percentage of folks don’t like, who cares what Jackie Chan’s opinion is?

    I look to him to provide action-packed and humorous entertainment, of which he is a master. I’m not interested in his politics; any more than I’d expect Hu Jintao to deliver an Oscar-worthy movie performance.

    For views on whether the Chinese or anyone else should have more or less freedom, I’d rather listen to interested peers – like the folks on BC’s Politics section.

    See you there.

  • Joe

    What hypocrisy of some people. When Imus made one remark, trying to be funny, about a female basketball team, there were immediate demands that he fired and was called racist by everyone.
    We all know that when a celebrity says something that is unpopular or stupid, especially about race, it will get great exposure.

  • Steve-O

    Chan’s comments were political. He was speaking at the Boao Forum, which is definitely a political event. Like when Bono goes to Davos.

    BTW-his comments were made in China, for Chinese consumption. So stop the white liberal hand wringing. People are dying in Xinjiang. Quit trying to shut down the debate.