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Jackals out for Cobain

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CMU reports:

Well, it’s ten years since Kurt Cobain went the ‘stay young forever’ career
route, which means Nirvana tributes galore across the music media this week – the latest NME, MTV and Xfm all have their own Cobain tributes planned over the week.

And needless to say, such an anniversary couldn’t pass without more
conspiracy theories as to the grunge icon’s death. In a new book published this week investigative journalists Max Wallace and Ian Halperin claim his death was definitely murder. According to a press release by publisher Atria Books the authors have seen police records that make the accepted suicide line unlikely: “Relying on a leaked autopsy report and Seattle Police Department records obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, they reveal that the official suicide scenario was scientifically impossible. The records show that Cobain had ingested a triple lethal dose of heroin, before his life was ended with a shotgun bullet, suggesting a murder staged to look like a suicide. The authors interview a coroner who believes the forensic evidence suggests somebody gave Cobain an overly pure dose of heroin, waited for him to lose consciousness and then positioned the shotgun so that it appeared Cobain had pulled the trigger. No legible fingerprints were found on the shotgun, despite the fact that at least three people had handled it that week”.

Having established the murder theory the author’s then move onto the dangerous territory of Courtney Love’s involvement: “The authors obtained
hours of explosive tapes recorded by Courtney Love’s former P.I., Tom Grant,
who taped all his conversation with Courtney, her attorney and others in the
days immediately before and after Kurt’s death. Grant later went public, implicating Courtney in her husband’s death”.

‘In Love and Death: The Murder of Kurt Cobain’ is published this week.

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  • If Courtney had had have some involvement in the death of her husband, don’t you think she would have blurted it out to Howard Stern by now? The woman could no more keep a secret than I could keep a pet unicorn.

  • bhw

    Also, why would the “murderer” kill him twice? You know, give him a lethal dose of heroin PLUS shoot him in the head? Wasn’t the heroin believable enough? And didn’t it hurt the life insurance payout to have his death be by suicide rather than accidental overdose?

  • Relax a Vouz

    Did anyone else see the authors interviewed on Dateline NBC? They tried to exaggerate this “forensic evidence” and were speaking as if it were infallible, but Matt Lauer forced them to admit that several toxicologists/”experts” have either totally disagreed with their claims or said the evidence is inconclusive – (ie, that theory about Kurt O/Ding then being shot.)

    That stuff about “Kurt just wanted a divorce” is neither here nor there. Sylvia Plath was trying to divorce Ted Hughes at the time of her suicide. NOTE: Sylvia wanted it, not Ted! So, should I conclude from this that Ted actually murdered Sylvia?
    I mean, DOH.
    Anyway, Nicole Kidman’s career only really took off after Tom Cruise divorced her. So why would a divorce “devastate” Courtney’s career? Kurt wasn’t that powerful; he went out of his way to publicly defend and praise her, even forcing several thousand Nirvana fans to chant “Courtney, we love you” at the 1992 Reading Festival. Yet even with the intervention of Kurt The God, people hated her back then, as they still do now.