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Jack White turns 30

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Jack White of the White Stripes was born July 9, 1975 in Detroit, Michigan. The golden child of his rock generation turns 30 today. Happy birthday, old man!

I wonder how the newlywed will celebrate his birthday? Hmm…

I first noticed him playing SNL in support of White Blood Cells. “Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground” and “We Are Going to Be Friends” both knocked my socks off. That and the Elephant album slowly burrowed their way into my consciousness over the last couple of years. His collaboration with Loretta Lynn on the Grammy winning Van Lear Rose didn’t hurt.

The awe inspiring Get Behind Me Satan has, however, convinced me that Jack White is indeed the greatest thing since sliced bread.

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  • Mimi

    Happy Birthday Jack! We Love You!

  • Sasha

    Jack White is quite possibly the most talented muscian I’ve heard. I was completely turned off by modern music(and I’m not yet 20). I’ll never forget the day I heard their cover of Jolene. I love Jack, you have changed my life.

  • Thank you Sasha for your testimonial.

  • Suzy-Lee

    Happy B0day being the idoit I am i celebrated it

  • Joshua Sozio

    jack white. im josh. i own all ur albums. i love ur way of palying ur so amazing. ur my idol. i got my mom into ur band she thinks u have an amazinfg voice. and i do to. in your first album liek in the songs screwdriver and jimmy the exploder you sound liek robert plant man. i want to b just leik u. and meg ur amazing at drums. i think your gorgous meg. i bought ur new album jack get behnd me satan. i love every song on it. my fav song on that album wuld b red rain and the denial twist. you guys are my favortie band . and im speechless man. i mean liek your just amazing at guitar. your liek the new jimmy paje. weel good luck with any other album you make. o ya im doing a reportt on ur band lol

  • jameson

    hopefully you can spell better in that report, or you could be taking that class again