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Jack Johnson at The Backyard

The Backyard is an outdoor venue in Austin, TX that generally sells about 5,000 tickets. Jack Johnson sold more than that.

Being that his songs are happy and family friendly, it was an all ages show that started earlier than most shows I attend. The first opening act went on at 6:30. And they weren’t so good. The second act was better, but my life isn’t better for having seen them.

By the time Jack Johnson went on there was barely any room to move and get another beer. There were older people, kids, country folks, skanks, and pretty much anything in between. Even a few mohawks made an appearance. I guess that speaks volumes for Jack Johnson. Or at least good for his record sales.

The stage was set up with some video projection that nicely complemented each song. Unlike many concerts these days, the sound mix was great so you could actually understand the lyrics.

Speaking of lyrics, you could tell which songs were radio singles. My friend and I were singing to each song, as we have his albums. But for four or five songs, there were over 5,000 people singing along as well. And Jack Johnson has a great set. He played over an hour and a half and sang all my favorites so I didn’t go home wishing that he had sung anything he missed.

My only complaint is against the skeezy chicken tacos that some chicks were selling out of a basket- they were nasty.

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