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Jack Black reveals a Tenacious D film is in the works

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“We have now officially completed the Tenacious D screenplay. It’s called ‘Tenacious D in …'” he spreads his hands, as if revealing magic, “‘The Pick of Destiny.’

“Five years in the making, countless corpses in our wake, we have in our grasp certainly what will come to be known as the greatest document of historical significance since the dawn of time.”

In addition to School Of Rock (see my review), which opens Friday, Black also has numerous roles under his belt that went unnoticed by most at the time: Republican-worshipping freak in Bob Roberts, a con-artist in CBS’ Touched By An Angel, a target of aliens in Mars Attacks!, a weapons designer in The Jackal, and a pot-head victim of a fish-hook armed killer in I Still Know What You Did Last Summer.

Bob Roberts and Mars Attacks! – both really good movies. The rest . . . maybe Jack wants to leave that stuff off his resume from now on . . .

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  • And so many more! Besides his wonderful character Barry in High Fidelity (“No, you can’t have that record. Do you even know your daughter? There is no way she likes that song. Oh, wait! Is she in a coma?”), one of my personal faves, there are so many I can’t list them all.

  • Mars Attacks! a “really good” movie? You really liked that? Maybe I missed something on that initial screening.

    Rotten Tomatoes cream of the crop gave Mars Attacks! 20% and mrcranky slayed it (although he slays most everything).

  • Eric Olsen

    Love Jack! But “Mars Attacks” was one of those huge grand failures that, due to its epic scale and star cast, could possibly be contrued as not sucking until after the fact when one, in a moment of repose, could then confidently say, “That sucked.”

  • I am completely addicted to JB. I love Tenacious D. Their live show was amazing. High Fidelity wouldn’t have been the same without Barry and Dick as the record store employees. Shallow Hal wasn’t outstanding, but I liked JB in that one too.

    He has been pissing off his agent with this project because he is doing it instead of reading scripts and evaluating projects.

    Follow the link for Computerman (1-3)

  • Jack Black rules. Can’t wait to see School of Rock and his upcoming appearance on SNL Saturday night. And now, a Tenacious D film project… it’s an embarrassement of JB riches.

  • Alright, fine! I confess to not having seen Mars Attacks since it came out – one time. It seemed pretty funny at the time. Maybe it did suck, but I haven’t gone back to note it’s increased apparent suckage. To quote Gilda Radner, “Nevermind!”

    As for JB’s newer films, I should have been more specific and mentioned that I meant “other than his post-High Fidelity output.” The intent was there, the words weren’t . . .