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iTunes Music Store selections limited?

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Here we go again. Technology is like the proverbial horse out of the barn. Mac sites sharing music downloaded from the iTunes Music Store have the music industry in a tizzy.

“It sounds as if it is a hole in the security that needs to be closed,” Cary Ramos, an attorney for the National Music Publishers Assn., said last week. “I don’t know what Apple can do to achieve that, but I would certainly hope that they would take steps immediately to address this issue.”

Guides on how to share are online and sites like iCommune, SpyMac, and iTunes Tracker are proliferating daily.
Apple, by the way, says it’s music store has now recorded over 2 million downloads.

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  • Seth

    Man, I hope the Apple store doesnt get shut down or something because of this. I’m just finally getting a Mac this week and I’ve yet to try out their music store! 🙂

  • This doesn’t have anything to do with anything. Sharing doesn’t share songs purchased from the iTMS, just already-existing MP3s and songs users rip themselves. None of the companies have suggested any action in response, even when suggestive and leading questions were asked that left out the crucial bit of information that happens to be most important – that it isn’t the new iTMS music being shared.

    The most reactionary quote in the entire piece is the one pulled for this post, and it’s from a lawyer who was obviously unfamiliar with anything having to do with this until the question was posed to him. There is no story here, and nothing whatsoever is or will be limited.

    What a waste of time.

  • Seth Werkheiser

    I hope you’re right Phillip. I get my iBook tommorow 🙂

  • Seth – There have been reports of albums and tracks that have “gone missing,” but I doubt that has anything to do with this, and everything to do with stupid contract games.

    The iTMS is pretty neat, I have to say.