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iTunes Chart Watch: Katy Perry Outsells Iron Maiden, Water Still Wet

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So I was mocked and ridiculed in the comments of last week’s iTCW by the legion of Iron Maiden fans who think I’m some sort of moron for not knowing that Maiden A) rulz! and B) is an undisputed sales champion.  Excuse the shit out of me for thinking it might have been the vapid Katy Perry or the contemptible Lady GaGa.  I don’t think anyone even invited Iron Maiden to that party.  Never mind the fact I wasn’t mocking Maiden when I expressed surprise to see their #10 debut.  That seemed to go over some heads.  Now that I’ve been properly educated and admonished –  I thought sure we’d see a mighty surge by those kings of commerce –  Iron Maiden.  Would you believe they didn’t remain in the Top 10 at all?  This week… I’m not surprised.

I could go on –  listing all the bands not on this week’s chart but I think I’ll skip that and deal with the Island Of Misfit Toys that make up this week’s iTunes singles and albums chart.

Katy Perry Teenage Dream is the #1 album and “Teenage Dream” is the #1 single.  Ray LaMontagne is holding for a second week on the charts and preorders for the new album from Sufjan Stevens have pushed him into the Top 10.  Did I mention Iron Maiden was bumped?  I did?  Right then.

iTunes’ top 10 selling singles of the week ending Aug. 30 –  2010:

  1. “Teenage Dream ” – Katy Perry
  2. “Dynamite ” – Taio Cruz
  3. “Just the Way You Are ” – Bruno Mars
  4. “Love the Way You Lie ” – Eminem
  5. “I Like It ” – Enrique Iglesias
  6. “DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love ” – Usher
  7. “Just a Dream ” – Nelly
  8. “Magic (feat. Rivers Cuomo) ” – B.o.B
  9. “Take It Off ” – Ke$ha
  10. “Erase Me (feat. Kanye West) ” – Kid Cudi

iTunes’ top 10 selling albums of the week ending Aug. 30 –  2010:

  1. Teenage Dream –  Katy Perry
  2. Recovery –  Eminem
  3. Burning the Day –  Randy Rogers Band
  4. Back to Me –  Fantasia
  5. Sigh No More –  Mumford & Sons
  6. Versus –  Usher
  7. All Delighted People –  Sufjan Stevens
  8. Harmony –  Never Shout Never
  9. God Willin’ & the Creek Don’t Rise –  Ray LaMontagne
  10. Zombie –  The Devil Wears Prada
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  • acilio simoes

    iron maiden gets no airplay at all and they still sell over 100 million records.furthermore,iron maiden make trully beautiful music on a consistent basis that stands the test of time.pop music is more for the simple minded i’m sorry to say.forgive me if i sound arrogant but i honestly believe this.everything about maiden is intelligent from their lyrics to the way they create such grande music to the individuals themselves.they are not sellouts who make flavor of the month music.katy perry is a very good singer but she and her band are severely outclassed by maiden.have a great day all.

  • s_usa

    Author still remains moron. Iron Maiden is one of the best sod musicians with over 100 million albums way more than Katy Perry and Eminem etc. Maiden are legend and will be known forever, but Katy Perry in a couple of years will be down. The author please do not express opinion like moron does. Up the Irons.

  • mek67

    Talk to me in 30 years when Katy Perry and Lady Gaga are dim memories and Maiden will STILL be legends.

  • Jordan Richardson

    “Picked up his ball and went home?” Doug, he commented just a few hours before you got here…

  • Doug

    So the Senior Music Editor for Blogcritics just picked up his ball and went home, because, as the kids like to say these days, “he is butthurt” after having been taken to task by Iron Maiden fans?

    Where have all the real men… I mean, real critics gone?

  • Dr. Jimmy

    Making a story of this for two straight weeks is what’s funny. Backtracking about it is even funnier. As you said, water is still wet.

    Still don’t know what’s “crazy” about seeing new Maiden material.

  • Paul Roy

    I think that most of Iron Maiden’s fans are older farts like myself who actually prefer buying the album (er, I mean CD) than some crappy sounding iTunes download.

  • How can anyone who reads an article not actually read the words, like these, for instance: Iron Maiden. Would you believe they didn’t remain in the Top 10 at all? This week… I’m not surprised.

    Of course I know that. I’ve seen it happen with loads of bands before Iron Maiden and it will happen again.

    Okay… you know, if we’re not even going to read the article before we have these discussions they are every bit the waste of time I’ve often suspected they were. Have fun, kids. I’m heading for the door.

  • Dr. Jimmy

    It’s no surprise that Maiden’s sales slipped after a week. Like most bands of it”s era, the hardcore fans come out right away to buy, and they’re really the only ones that do. There aren’t a lot of casual fans which is what pop acts have.

    How can anyone that follows the music industry not know this?

  • I passed on commenting on this last week but Anthony here seems like a fair-minded dude so I’m going to play along here.

    Anthony, the “glee” isn’t that Iron Maiden dropped. The “glee” is that I was treated like I was some mouthbreather who knew nothing about music and musical trends for not expecting Iron Maiden to show up on the Top 10 at iTunes. I’m fallible but I pay some attention to the trends out there not because it shapes how I view the music I like or don’t but because the trends have an impact on the music that is made available and because it does matter to some people for whatever their motivation. It’s a story and I write it.

    Yes, I’m a critic in addition to writing these weekly columns that combine information, sarcasm, commentary, and occasional blurbs of praise. One thing you might have overlooked in the tone of all this is I refer to Katy Perry as vapid and Lady Gaga as contemptible. I’m not celebrating their success. I doubt seriously people will remember them 20 years from now. I look forward to forgetting them.

    The iTunes Music Watch is not an attempt on my part to validate what’s being sold nor is it a review. If you read these each week you’ll find I’m cranky and vengeful towards most of it. When I review something, I label it as such. Most of the music I review is nowhere near the Top 10 of anything anywhere. There’s no inherent virtue in that, either.

    Maiden fans, I’ve been told by Mr. Tom Johnson this album is actually quite a good one. Go listen to it, enjoy it, revel in it, and celebrate the fact they’re still together making music that pleases you. I harbor no hard feelings towards them or you. I won’t treat you like an idiot. Maybe you’d consider returning the favor. Or not.

  • Anthony

    I suppose this top 10 is a shinning reflection of what American culture is, or at least what music rich parents in the suburbs are currently buying for their kids. And I mean that as sarcastic and as cruel as possible…and I’m from Chicago…yeah. I wish Maiden were on the Top 10 this week instead of this stuff that is CONSTANTLY shoved down my throat all the time.

    I understood your article the first time, but I understand that IN THIS ARTICLE, there almost seems to be some misguided air of euphoric glee when you announce in your article that Iron Maiden are not on the Top 10 chart this week. As you pointed out yourself, it’s a miracle that they would even appear on a chart with almost no radio play in America compared to its competitors. But your article seems to actually celebrate when something that didn’t have mass play across American radio didn’t make the Top 10?

    This is not a personal attack, but rather an attack on your article and opinion.

    The credibility of the article is reflected in its statements. As you point out, those kings of commerce, Iron Maiden aren’t in the Top 10, but the credibility of your article and articles like these should be judged by the fact that they judge quality and endurance by $$$. I know it’s your job to update the Top 10 with an article, but you’re a critic, right? I like to think that the credibilty of this critic is reflected by the credibilty of his work, and not much can be said about that with articles like these.

    We will see if the world remembers Katy Perry’s name in 20 years. I KNOW that it will remember the name of Iron Maiden. Top 10 or not.

  • Tom Johnson

    Would you believe they didn’t remain in the Top 10 at all? This week… I’m not surprised.

    Exactly as I predicted. “It’ll likely slide down the charts pretty quickly after this.” It’s still lightyears better than anything in Itunes’ top 10 singles or albums lists right now. Except they are way uglier than Katy Perry. I do not want to see them in bikini bottoms on their album covers.