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If I were a college-aged lad interested in buying an album for the sole purpose of impressing college-aged women, I would buy Mara’s It’s Who I Am.

Of course, when I was a college-aged lad, I was under the misguided impression that dressing like a lumberjack and going months without a haircut was the secret to wooing the fairer sex. Riiiiiight. So, hey, what do I know?

Actually, now that I think about it, these tactics did ultimately help me snag my wife, so take note, youngsters! Uncle Dave knows that of which he speaks!

And just as it took quite a while (oh, quite a while) for my quirky, offbeat charm to impress The Lovely And Talented One, Mara’s album took me a few listens to warm to it. I originally thought that, while engaging and meticulously arranged, It’s Who I Am lacked a consistant lyrical punch and a diva-esque voice to propel it. A few listens later I was convinced Mara’s voice wasn’t regrettably thin, but sweetly delicate — and when needed, strong enough.

By then, I was totally onboard with the Oprah quality of some of the lyrics (here’s where the college-aged women would be impressed, presumably) and really enjoying the way Mara (pronounced like “marathon,” according to her website) alternates between poignant and perky.

It took a few spins, but now I can’t find a single fault. It’s nearly perfect.

And if you asked The Lovely And Talented One about me, I’m sure she’d say the same.

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