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It’s Time to Grow Up, Glenn

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Link Looting? Don’t you think that’s in a little poor taste comparing someone having a, albeit heated, disagreement with you about the ACLU?

Sure, the ACLU does some good things, but they are a part of the larger encroachment of the federal government in general and the judiciary in specific, something as a lawyer you apparently see no problem with. Let’s recap.

Any abortion regulation is now a federal question, even when we’re dealing with rape investigations. Whether or not states can protect their kids from pedophiles is now a federal question. Whether intelligent design or evolution or both is taught in the classroom is now a federal question. Whether local school boards can decide to teach students abstinence is now a federal question. The ACLU is at the forefront of federalizing every policy dispute and instead of people dealing with things democratically at the lowest level, we are left with a system where every policy decision must be approved by a judge. That is not democracy; that is juristocracy.

When you have ACLU leaders comparing religious people with terrorists and saying all prayer is immoral, is it any wonder why people of faith are suspicious? When the ACLU supports revoking the tax-exempt status of churches (despite the fact they aren’t businesses and don’t produce anything) is it a wonder why we question their values?

Is a mass-delinking appropriate here because of a disagreement, maybe not. But comparing people who dislink you because of your politics to the looters in New Orleans is beyond the pale. We realize as a professor you might not take criticism well, but do try to not make every disagreement a moral failing of your opponents.

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  • Perhaps you misunderstand the situation here, John. This is not simply a few people de-linking, but a site asking people to game the blog ecosystem thing such as to in fact read Instapundit while giving the statistical credit to “basil’s blog”.

    Glenn made apparently one passing reference to “looting”- with a question mark at that. That’s not a completely unreasonable description for what she’s trying to do.

  • I don’t understand why it’s Glenn that has growing up to do in this situation. He said simply and honestly that he has worked with (not FOR, as so many people have misquoted) the ACLU and that he thought they did some good things–which you yourself agree with here, John.

    The people who have de-linked en masse have generally said elsewhere that they usually agree with him and/or respect him when they do disagree. And for this one relatively minor aspect of his ideology–that he has worked with the ACLU and agrees with some of the things they do–they are basically coming together to reduce his Google rating, web presence, and overall audience?

    I don’t think that, in a two-way standoff between Glenn and his band of outraged readers, that Glenn is the one that needs to grow up.

  • To offer more on my take (which is linked directly below this post):

    I’m not taking a stand on the ACLU, or even taking a stand on Glenn taking a stand.

    What I am pointing out is the instant outrage and quick-trigger strawman arguments that pop up on both sides of the political spectrum. Since Glenn has worked with the ACLU in the past, it somehow follows that he must then support all the positions the ACLU takes that conservatives loathe. It’s a stretch, at best. But many in the blogosphere have no problem making that leap, immediately. It’s classic Kos argument style, just from the other end of the political spectrum.

    For too many, 2+2=6 when it serves their strongly-held convictions.

  • RJ

    It’s a free blogosphere. People can de-link him over something minor like this if they want to.

    But it all seems rather silly and petty to me…