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It’s the Sneaks

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Sometimes it’s just about the shoes.

My Adidas, Converse, Nike, and in the lameass stakes Puma.

Somebody did two ads, you’ve seen them, and don’t deny it, you dirty, dirty thing.

And Puma has gone all “oh, my ghawd – that’s gross” and has unleashed the lawyers. So you’ve got all sorts of people going, cool, and then, they’re all, cease and desist, except, how can I scrub that great image out of my mind (in my dreams, as if).

What a buncha tools, Herc, what a buncha tools.

By the way, if you want me to {wink} like eye and lace you up with the beejay type sole and tonge, just let me know. Oh, wait, I already did!

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  • Sarah

    Don’t you think that the puma ad looks a little nasty? I do.