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It’s Quiz Time 2

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Quiz Time 2

Yr Host – Aaman Lamba

Another quiz – again along eclectic lines, including a few variations that are popular in quizzing circles.

The Questions – Stage I

1. Identify the questioner, and the responder.     
“Are you running for something?”
“No, sir, Mr. President. Are you?”


2.Identify the artist, whose paintings recently outsold Andy Warhol and Renoir


3.Hydrogen bombs were exploded on Teegeeack to solve their over-population problem by Xenu, before implants were plugged into the survivors. What is this fantastical tale?

4.William Shakespeare incorrectly set Act 3, Scene 3 of The Winter’s Tale in “________. A desert country near the sea.” Which country?

5.In the near future, when TVs can’t be shut off and ratings are all that matter, investigative reporter Edison Carter (Matt Frewer) and his alter-ego battle to keep the “blank” generation informed. In the opener, Carter stumbles across his own network’s cover-up of a sometimes deadly new form of TV advertising called “blipverts”. Name the alter-ego

6.(This question is dedicated to Alan Dale). Identify the artist, whose paintings are shown below. He said his most important influence were the films of Luis Bunuel. He also drew inspiration from photographs (such as those of Eadweard Muybridge), the poems of T. S. Eliot, the plays of Aeschylus, and the chaos of his famous studio. About the studio, he remarked: “for me, chaos breeds images.”


7. He made his first public appearance Jan. 17, 1929, in Elzie Segar’s then 10-year-old comic strip, “Thimble Theatre” as a minor walk-on character. Name him.

8. This Brit Pop star is named after a character from Wim Wenders’ ‘Paris, Texas’ and his 1999 album was ‘The Man Who’. Who?

9. Dundrearies are long flowing side whiskers,named after Lord Dundreary who used to sport these moustaches in a 19th century play by Tom Taylor. Which play?.

10. He has a brother named ‘Lore’.He has read all the Sherlock Holmes books.He has studied the violin, guitar,oboe and the flute.He has mastered ballroom dancing.He also plays poker, knows blackjack. He also held the chair of Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at Cambridge.Who?.

11. In 1998, during tough times, she started knitting. But she couldn’t find a bag – at a reasonable price – to carry her yarn. So she made one herself. Almost immediately, people started asking her to make bags for them and the idea just took off! And that’s how she got into the business of making bags, after her more infamous bout of publicity. Who?.

To wrap up, The following is called a Stage 2 in quizzing circles. Six simple questions, connected by a common theme. Traditionally, each would be asked in order, and any team could interrupt the round by pressing their buzzer and taking a shot at the theme. Right answers early on got more points, and wrong answers were penalized. Try guessing the theme before looking at each answer.

Stage II

1. He is a recurring character in the Monkey Island series of computer games. His initial appearance was as a shady used boat salesman on Mêlée Island in The Secret of Monkey Island. Who?

2. Which Military base was closest to the ranch of William Ware “Mack” Brazel?

3. In J R R Tolkien’s mythology, the Valar and the Maiar are modeled on which aspects of Christian cosmology?

4. Name Abraham Lincoln’s pet dog, who could not accompany him to the White House, because it was afraid of loud noises.

5. This musical centers around a group of impoverished young artists and musicians struggling to survive in New York’s Alphabet City neighborhood under the shadow of AIDS.Name it.

6. The name of this ancient place comes from the Phoenician for “New City”. Name the city.

And the common theme is…

I hope y’all enjoyed this quiz – until next time. And do send in your questions if you’d like them used – mail me at aamanlamba gmail

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  • katy knowles

    hey i loved this quiz except i don’t know if i got any right but i liked it so yea….bye then.

  • Aaman,

    Thanks for dropping by at my site.

    Should shamelessly admit,my grey cells devoted to quizzing could muster only 3 of all the answers including the Connect ones.

    Questions surely have the A-ha feel to it as you have mentioned.

    Hope to see more of them.

    Would surely link up – Why dont you devote an entire blog to quizzing !!


    Aniruddha Dutta

  • Ah, I see now. Not watching television left me ill-informed on the music videos and television shows.

    In future entries you could put the theme connection explanations into their own set of separate drop-down items, after the one that reveals the theme.

  • Ok. explanation time for the Stage II

    1. Kinda obvious – {x} features on the song, Stan by Em
    2. Roswell Base is the term by which the “Alien incident” of 1947 is known, and the TV series of the same name uses one of {x}’s songs as its’ theme
    3. David Boreneaz, who plays Angel, appears on the video for “White Flag”, another song by {x}
    4. The 7 Up Character is Fido {x}
    5. {x} latest album is “Life for Rent”
    6. Queen {x} was the founder of Carthage

  • Well, I can see the theme’s connection to some of the answers, but not to all of them, probably because I lack certain necessary background information.

    For example, I still have no idea who William Ware “Mack” Brazel is, or how his story might connect to that theme, even though I now know which military base was closest to his ranch.

    Or maybe my problem is just not knowing enough about the theme itself, and perhaps that’s where I need to do additional research.

  • That’s a typo – I will change it to Lore. And the 11th q is another typo of numbering.

    I’m glad you enjoyed it. Do you see the thread that connects the answers to the theme?

  • Thanks for another challenging mental workout. I did better than last time, though. Got 5 out of the 11 Stage I questions. Did you intend there to be 11 questions in that stage?

    (I almost got 6, but can’t quite take credit for question 2 because I couldn’t recall the artist’s name, only a certain other interesting fact about him.)

    I managed to get half of the Stage II questions, but my guess on the connecting theme was way, way off.

    One more minor note. If I recall correctly, the brother mentioned in question 9 was named “Lore”. The question is certainly tougher the way it’s currently written, though. I almost skipped it without even guessing.

    Fun stuff!

  • Being the quiz widow I am barred from taking this quiz. Lame excuse…its a tough one. Didnt get even one.

    Nice going Aaman 🙂

  • Thanks Dude – I know you’ve been busy, with the little one, et al

  • Wow…this one is tough! Nie going. I’ll put a link from my blog. Sorry for not noticing your previous comment.

  • Yep – I figure it is harder, but again, there are normally clues in the questions, and each question/answer should give you an ‘a-ha’ moment, I hope:)

    I hope #3 does not bring down the though police:)

  • Whew man. Got a wee bt a lot more a bit harder.

    I’ll put it down to the early hour (7 :00 am here)

    Didn’t get the theme (oops almost gave it away).