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It’s Official: The Black Eyed Peas Have Killed Hip-Hop! Or Did They Just Sell It?

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And they've done it by stabbing a Snickers bar right in its head. Don't worry, though they're making a quick getaway in their Honda Civic with XM satellite Radio. They'll still have time to stop by Best Buy and pick up a copy of Spanglish. Better pick up some Pepsi and Sprite since the Grey Cup is on. Maybe they'll be nice enough to call 911 on their new Nokia Cell phones to see if hip hop can be saved? Maybe…if they have time between games of the Urbz on their Apple. Since they got managed to kill hip-hop sooner then anyone expected, tomorrow they'll have time to down a few Molson and catch an NBA game.

That's it — I'm done with the Black Eyed Peas. I thought maybe they could be saved. "My Humps" wasn't a great sign of this possibility but the crap that is instantdef.com has pushed me over the edge. Hip-hop superheros who were saved by a bucket of Snickers bars. What are we, idiots??

Honestly, my first reaction was "Wow, they really will sell anything!" I think what gets me most is that they charge for their fan club. Not that I'm a member or ever want to be, but haven't we put up with them enough? Shouldn't the Black Eyed Peas be paying me by now? Fergie, Will.I.am, Taboo, Apu your payments can be made at Smalltownunderground.net

I've always heard about bands "selling out," but normally it's just long-haired grunge kids who haven't showered complaining that they can't listen to their favorite bands anymore because they got popular. No kids — selling out doesn't just mean getting popular. Selling out is getting popular then attaching your name to every possible product and service known to man. "Excuse me sir, where can i find the Black Eyed Peas branded motor oil?" "Honey, run to the store and get me some Fergie Tampons."

I know the music business is a business. Far be it for me to say people can't make money, but isn't there a limit? And some thought into what you're pushing? All pop artists are their own brand but the BEP really do seem like they'll put their name to anything. What I used to like about the BEP was their unique sound and the fact that it was intelligent, smart hip-hop. "My Humps"? Do I really need to say anything else?

If you liked the jazzy style of the old BEP try checking out The Blue Scholars from Seattle. They're the real deal and might be zombies.

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  • I’m glad I’m not the only one who hated that song. She doesn’t even have decent lumps to sing about.

  • Just letting Black Eyed Peas fans know that The Black Eyed peas have donated an autographed gift bag to the Aids Healthcare Foundation from the 2006 BET Awards on behalf of Backstage Creations(signed by William Hop). The bag is currently being auctioned off on ebay. The gift bag contains items such as Sean Jean cologne, a bottle of 267 Vodka Infusion, gift back from Phytospecific, Roca wear sweatsuit for women, and more! Log on to ebay.com and search the BET AWARDS to view the signed bag!

  • Will gave us the hint from the start of this project as to what was going to go down. Monkey business indeed.

  • Brix

    I’m fine wit them sellin their stuff, its an industry they can make pop songs or watever they want. But calling it hip-hop? thatswat pisses me off.

  • DJ Freq,

    Word… I feel your pain.

    This Sn-ckers bar campaign is some of the most professionally crafted, demented, greaze coated slick digital marketing to date. The message seemingly portrayed is utterly confusing vile contradiction. WTF!?!

    Luckily, you, I , and the disgusted still have a good number of tools at our disposal to dig-in and take the beats back. Definitely hit us up if you still have beef(s) with this whole doo-doo bonanza. We would be happy to collaborate on a BEP ‘corporate call-out’. The Curtis jackson (’50 Cent) ‘call out’ letter will soon be up on the homepage.

    Just remember, the revolution will not be ‘Up in VIP’.

    Respectfully; Stay Up,

  • DJ Freq/ALL,

    See!? Y(ou)’all got us so flustered with that ISH, we didn’t pop up our info…

    YOU Killed Hip Hop

    OR for you myspace headz out there… myspace.com/youkilledhiphop

    Yes; Yes,

  • Shizz Da Nizz

    BEP remind me very much of the fugees in terms of their pop edge. They were a failing soon to be dropped hip hop act that the underground had a little bit of time for but not enough to keep them afloat. So they popularised their music. The same happened to the fugees. While the fugees did entire album ripping up old classics and selling them on (The Score), BEP have taken it one step further.

    It doesn’t surprise me at all that they get criticism but remember BEP had little apeal in hip hop so what exactly have they sold out from?

    If Black moon or Wu Tang or Little Brother went down this road then we could all shout but BEP were on the edge of the wack cliff and about to drop into the unsigned ocean. In all fairness to Will.I.Am he saved himself.

  • BreakNsurf

    I know this is an old article, but it still stands true. What pisses me off about BEP was that their first two albums were true hip hop… They even spoke about mcs selling out and all that. Then Elephunk came out and although there were some decent tracks, you could see where they were headed… And it all went down from there. Funny thing about them is their albums tell their story:
    Behind the Front – They were true and raw, no frontin’
    Bridging the Gap – Still raw, but trying to bridge between hip hop and mainstream rap
    Elephunk – It was funky, but still kind of big and over the top
    Monkey Business – They are now chart topers… Monkeys in the music business
    The E.N.D – ‘Nuff said. That is the end of BEP as we know them. They are now just sell out, wastes of airways.

    They are probably the #1 group that i have seen go from the real hip hop to the MTV cRap!