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It’s Official – Conspiracy Theories about CIA Are True

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The Washington Post has published an article announcing that the CIA plans to declassify decades of “dirty laundry” being referred to as “the family jewels.”

This announcement comes on the heels of numerous books, articles, and blogs that for many years have pointed to nefarious dealings by our government both inside and outside the country. Such conspiracies — conducted at the highest echelon of American leadership — have served to undermine the trust of the American people and endanger our republic from within.

Well, it’s official. With the public admission by the CIA, conspiracy theories about its corruption and the tyranny of the executive branch have finally been proven to be true. It is time for those who have long lambasted the scrutinizers of our government to quietly reflect on how wrong they were in placing complete trust in a lying leadership and to consider how much cover they provided for the “official” stories promoted by the government. Apparently, it is quite possible to carry out elaborate and enormous schemes utilizing thousands of personnel and still keep it secret. The CIA and other secret powers within our government have apparently been doing it for decades!


“Conspiracy theorists” can now rejoice and mourn at the same time. The news finally disclosed by the CIA isn’t anything to smile about. Such a declarative statement to the American people ought to conjure the question, “What can we do about it?” The answer, unfortunately, is nothing.

Despite the revelation that the CIA has been involved in “a quarter-century of overseas assassination attempts, domestic spying, kidnapping and infiltration of leftist groups from the 1950s to the 1970s,” the debate will inevitably shift to the necessity of such illegal, immoral and unconscionable activities. There’s little doubt that the many thousands of loyalists to the CIA and other secret elements within the executive branch believed that keeping secrets from the American public was the pinnacle of their patriotic duty. And there is little doubt that today there is much more information has yet to be revealed.

Unconscionable Acts

Overthrowing the democratically elected government of Iran in 1953, considering an overthrow of the government of Italy during the same time frame, plotting the assassinations of various leaders in countries around the globe (remember Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez’ complaints, both past and present?), are all part and parcel of the machinations of an American tyrannical power that has no accountability. It does what it wants and operates how it pleases, despite the laws of man or God.

The likelihood is that the revelation by the CIA will take on a conciliatory tone — appealing to those who believe that America is superior to all other nations — and whatever actions that were used in the past aren’t being used today, but were necessary during a time of imminent danger to the American people.

Power Grab

The reality is that the CIA was born in the aftermath of WWII, and has expanded in scope and authority ever since. It has never been accountable to any authority outside of the executive branch, and has continuously taken the fall for the failure of leaders to recall anything when questioned about clandestine activities. Nevertheless, it has absorbed all criticism simply due to the fact that it cannot be de-funded, disbanded, controlled, or held accountable by the people of this republic. In short, it is its own power, conducting business in secret, establishing its own missions and goals, and operating under its own guidelines.

At the same time, we have Americans touting the value of freedom they unknowingly lost long ago. The freedom to complain to deaf ears isn’t of much value. The freedom to live under powers that cannot be controlled is nice as long as you aren’t the target of those powers. Unfortunately, the American people cannot even claim that.

Clandestine Company

Secret decisions and activities have been conducted in this country upon unwitting subjects since the secret elements within our government were empowered to exist. The Federal Reserve, which isn’t a government entity at all, controls the banking industry. Few Americans understand its history and how it works. Presidential orders and declarations of States of Emergency have served to empower entities within the executive branch to operate outside of legal mandates and in secrecy under the cover of “national security.”

Consider just a few of the known conspiracies by our government: The CDC conducted tests on unwitting black subjects for decades until such experiments were exposed in the '70s. The Pioneer Project was a pet of FDR, which used pilots in the Air Force in a eugenics experiment. Wars in Laos, Cambodia, the Philippines, El Salvador, Guatemala, Panama, and elsewhere were all products of secret decisions and actions taken by unaccountable powers operating under the guise of national security within the executive branch of the American government.

Expanded Power, Limited Liberty

Today, the executive branch has expanded yet again. The CIA being just one of those 16 powers that operate outside the view of the legislative and judicial branches and have no accountability to the American people or the media. The newly installed Department of Homeland Security — spawned from the events of 9/11 — is being used to conduct the next phase of operations by the executive branch, publicly known as the National Continuity Government. The “plan” for this new phase of clandestine operation within the country is due on the president’s desk in August. The declaration of such intent is on the website of the White House, thoroughly ignored by much of the national media.

Bed Partners

The most mournful of all epiphanies is the understanding of how intertwined the government is with media. The interrelationship goes further than who is sleeping with whom or who is married to whom. The national media, both in front of and behind the lens and the pen, is neck-deep in quicksand with the government. Consider that the leader of the executive branch is the President, and he, above all, would be in a position of knowledge about the information now being disclosed by the CIA. And consider the fact that under Bill Clinton the White House spokesman was George Stephanopoulos. Then consider the fact that ABC news, for many years, has featured the same spokesman as its anchor for a political program featuring its best celebrity journalists.

On the flip side of the coin, revered journalist Tony Snow jumps from FOX News into the arms of George W. Bush and becomes his patsy, singing the songs written by the White House in the same choir to which Stephanopoulos once belonged. The conflict of interest doesn’t stop with just these two examples.

9/11: The Role of U.S. Government

Such duplicity provides the backdrop behind the media that completely ignored the glaring contradictions proffered by the government in the immediate aftermath of 9/11. Considering that the “war on terror” has become the rallying cry of the government since 2001, the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq (again) were conducted based upon 9/11 fears, the USA Patriot Act, the Dept. of Homeland Security and the various kidnappings, secret prisons, indefinite unlawful detainments, torture, and murders conducted by secret elements within our government all find their rationale rooted in 9/11. All this has required investigation by the national media and independent appointees by Congress.

But no such investigation was ever made or called for by our mainstream media. Furthermore, the so-called Congress failed as well to conduct its own inquiry and public probe into the executive branch’s numerous contradictions and outright lies regarding 9/11. In the end, both Congress and the national media were relieved to set the onus upon four widows from New Jersey who relentlessly pursued the White House, convincing it into reluctantly convening what was purported to be an “independent” investigation by the 9/11 Commission. The fact that this commission was headed by appointees of the White House and that the executive branch leaders refused to testify in public or under oath (and only to the appointees) apparently raised no eyebrows either in Congress or mainstream media. It seems obvious that the 9/11 Commission was no more “independent” than Tony Snow and George Stephanopoulos have integrity as journalists.

Failed Media

It is no wonder the media refuses to do its job in regard to the single most important event to occur in our lifetime. It is complicit. It was the media that immediately reported Osama bin Laden was responsible for 9/11, regurgitating spoon-fed unsubstantiated propaganda from secret elements within the government. Within 33 minutes of the hits on the twin towers, TV news was blaring it was Osama. The next day we read Osama’s name in the headlines both above and below the fold on the front pages of newspapers across the country.

Today, millions question the government’s version of what happened that day. And despite the fact that the media has no evidence of plane wreckage or bodies recovered in a Pennsylvania field, where a presumed crash took place, it has failed in any follow-up. Despite the fact that the president has made contradictory statements in public regarding what he knew and when he knew it, the press has given him a pass. Despite the fact that the government claims the plane that hit the Pentagon disintegrated after plowing through several layers of reinforced concrete without losing wings or tail (creating a missile-sized hole in each layer), the media has not investigated.

The media was nowhere to be found when the evidence concerning three towers falling into their own footprints was being carted off. And the media ignored streams of molten steel in the basement even though it was there for several weeks. These anomalies and many more make up part of the foundation of distrust of this administration and the government in general. Yet, the mainstream national media, with its constitutional mandate, has also failed the public.

National Dilemma

Since the CIA is coming forward to admit past lies and clandestine activities, the American people perhaps will now take a whole new look at our government. Perhaps now we will no longer cast aspersions upon those who pull back the curtain of deceit and reveal the truth behind a plethora of propaganda. Perhaps we will, as a nation, realize that Congress is also complicit and has failed to act on behalf of the American people.

Perhaps all of this is possible.

But realistically, the CIA’s contriteness will be viewed as past actions that could not, and would not occur today. The same power that reveals it could not be trusted in the past, will be thoroughly trusted today. The positions will have new names and there will be new rhetoric to assuage the conscience of America. And life will go on as it did in the past — with ever-evolving expanding secret powers in the executive branch, the duplicity and complicity of Congress and the media, while Americans boast about living in a land of freedom.

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  • Doug Hunter

    What news is this? Everything I’ve heard so far is widely known and now just officially been verified. This is child’s play compared to what the true conspiracy theorist imagines.

    Infiltrating leftist groups listed as evil? Perhaps because leftist groups started civil wars and fought bitter insurgencies in dozens of countries killing millions of people around the globe during the time frame mentioned. Radical left governments are responsible for the vast majority of genocides during the 20th century killing tens of millions. If that’s not worth looking into then we might as well dismantle all security agencies.

    Calling yourself conservative is laughable, a conspiratorial revisionist nutjob is more fitting.

  • Lumpy

    And it’s not controversial and not a conspiracy. It’s the CIA doing what we created it to do. Try fighting a cold war without covert ops. Clearly it helps to be naive if you’re a conspiracy buff.

  • Dr Dreadful

    Doug hits the nail square on the head. Conspiracies, as Dave’s “tinfoil beanie wearers” depict them, are earth-shakingly nefarious plots which somehow require the collaboration of thousands without ever being found out.

    Er, Mike? Everybody knows the CIA helped install the Shah, tried to assassinate Castro and conducted cynical experiments on black men, among others. The only news here is them finally accepting that the only thing they’re worse at than keeping such activities secret is admitting it was them.

  • moonraven

    The really creepy reality of these CIA criminals is that they are heroes to most of the wannabees that post on this pathetic site.

  • Clavos

    “…the wannabees that post on this pathetic site.”

    And here you are. Almost daily.

  • moonraven

    But I am not a CIA wannabee, but a CIA target.

  • Clavos

    “But I am not a CIA wannabee, but a CIA target.”


  • moonraven

    I did not say VICTIM, you illiterate redneck.

  • Clavos

    I wouldn’t laugh at victimhood, mr.

  • Hmmm …

    I find it quite interesting that there are people who would defend the acts of the CIA and other secret elements within our government. It appears to me that the point of keeping things secret is due to the fact that transparency, truth, honesty and openness would negate the ability of such organizations to commit kidnappings, torture and murder at will. If such deeds were essential it would seem that those for whom the deeds were being conducted to protect would approve.

    The explanations of such acts, however, seem to find their way into the hearts and minds of some who believe it is quite sufficient to trust in secret powers that lie to cover what they do, how they do it, when they do it and why they do it. Yet, the miraculous result is that no matter what the secret powers do they can convince the gullible and naive among us that it is worthwhile and justifiable.

    These individuals who subscribe to the support of secret powers with faithful trust that those powers would never abuse such trust often consider themselves conservative. But I find they are no more conservative than any others who support murderous evil (Evil: defined as “without God”) powers that seek to undermine, overthrow and control the homelands of others.

    As a Christian conservative, I find the straight and narrow isn’t a path provided by government, but rather by God. And as a Christian, I believe that the lies told by our government in order to commit acts it deems essential to its control and expansion of power around the globe are in opposition to the methods taught by Christ, my Lord and Savior.

    Christians who support the expansion of the executive branch to the degree that today 16 secret agencies do as they please with no accountability to the American people, have inasmuch entrusted unknown and untrustworthy individuals to lead this nation in whatever direction they see fit. Such trust comes at a supreme sacrifice, since the children of Christians are the ones offered up on the battlefields (both known and unknown) to kill and be killed in the name of government lies and propaganda.

    When I hear folks tell me how necessary it is for this government to go out and kill folks, overthrow governments, engage in secret wars and clandestine ops designed to establish American control, the explanation is usually underscored by fear of others. The propaganda is that millions of folks are dead due to the actions of others, which requires the United States to police the world as the arbiter of what is good and bad … apparently always siding for the good and destroying the bad.

    Such belief is astounding, especially given the reckless evil this government has perpetrated upon even its very own citizens. It is surprising that rational people could make a case for entrusting and empowering known liars to continue to act in secret despite having knowledge of numerous past acts that have nothing to do with protecting the U.S. or following the spirit or even the legalities set forth by our nation’s constitution.

    But the support of nefarious operations that continue within the machinations of our government does indeed stand firmly upon one rock solid foundation … that America (in particular white America) is superior to all others and must dominate the world in order to remain so.

    It is quite interesting that over the past century this nation has somehow come to believe it has some moral superiority over any other. And since the U.S. has a powerful military, it purports to deploy it in more than 130 nations of the 192 that exist in the world, claiming that our goals are good while any other nation that might think to do the same is evil and must be thwarted. From where is such thinking rooted?

    This same mindset is what led this nation to follow Great Britain into Iran in 1953 and boldly steal what doesn’t belong to us. What’s a few hundred lives snuffed out and several thousand families negatively impacted when the end result is a puppet that acts on behalf of the U.S. in a land where oil flows underground like rivers?

    The oil in the Middle East is now claimed as “U.S. vital interests” for which our nation will do anything, including empower other evil entities, in order to assure it remains under our control. And the idea that posters here would claim that such information isn’t news nor worthy of consideration illustrates my point. An air of superiority permeates this place, where some look down upon others and exclaim how those “evil” people deserve to be butchered by our clandestine ops. Apparently, the belief is that the secret powers are beholden to the same goals of those who support them.

    I find it necessary to call evil evil when I see it, rather than proclaim that since it is being done in my name then it must be good, or at the very least less evil than what occurs elsewhere.

    I prefer to stand in the lighted path, where remaining close to God is the way of conservatives — while those who feel liberated from God’s moral laws and principles can launch epithets and hostilities at me from the darkness, rather than debate the ideas I put forth.

    I don’t feel I am superior to anyone, whether they live here or in a cave somewhere on the other side of the world. My lifestyle isn’t worth preserving if it means that millions of others must suffer and die to preserve it.

    The Darwinian thought processes expressed here are quite disturbing, as they provide a window into the souls of those who think the targeting of others is okay simply because we are the stronger power. Yet, the hypocrisy in such thinking is quite evident, given that they do not think it is okay for other nations to conduct the exact same secretive operations (kidnappings, assassinations, overthrow of governments, torture, spying, murders, etc) that are part and parcel of routine operations of our government … and have been for more than a half-century.

    I admit to having an incredulous response to dismissal of the news that our CIA is just one of many powers within our government we cannot trust. I suppose when the information is finally leaked that the executive branch has been incrementally expanding its power in preparation for a complete dictatorial rule over the American people, perhaps at that point we all can agree that maybe having secret powers within our republic that are unaccountable to the people isn’t necessarily a good thing.

    Of course, at that point it will be too late to do anything about it. And those who sullenly admit they were wrong will do so knowing they were on the front lines of the propaganda war paving the way for such dictatorship.

  • But I am not a CIA wannabee, but a CIA target.

    Now there’s the essence of NPD, the egotistically paranoid belief that shadowy organizations are targeting you, when in reality you’re far beneath their notice.


  • Mike, what you’re writing about here is not the discovery of some new conspiracy, but the making public of the history of old programs and actions, most of which are well known from non-government sources. All we’re getting here is the straight scoop from the CIA perspective on operations which were done under congressional and executive oversight – the oversight of people WE elected. They may be somewhat sensationalistic and even viewed by some who don’t understand the context as shocking or evil, but they are what the times demanded.

    What’s more, your take on this whole issue is completely wrong. The choice to make these past operations public isn’t revelation of conspiracy, since there’s nothing new here, it’s a sign of the CIA’s willingness to be more open and honest and operate in a more legitimate manner, and that ought to be seen as a very good thing. That you don’t see it as a positive step in the right direction is another demonstration of how warped the viewpoint of the conspiracy-obsessed can be.


  • I’m 62 and I happen to recall the Cold War, which was a very real thing, and an extraordinary threat of nuclear annihilation that required extraordinary means of defense. I never thought I ever live to say this (Jimmy Hendrix forgive me, please!) but you Younger Generation have No idea what you’re talking about, and what you missed out on. You need to consider: NY, Houston, LA, Las Vegas, Boston, and Philly will teach the lesson one day soon, unfortunately, if predictions are true. You really need to start paying attention to the game, you seem to be out in the parking lot “Partying” (when did “party” become a verb?) and you’re missing the action. Watch the skies, everywhere! Keep looking. Keep watching the skies!

  • Paual Angelique Hafner

    What is that guy talking about watching the skies? I do not get it.

    I thinki anyting reported is only a tenth of what is really going on. Our government is founded upon secrecy.

    It is obvious something is very wrong when our system only keeps two families in power for a generation.

    Our constitution is out the window and who cares about what our founding fathers tried to create. The forth estate is in bed with the other three estates.

    How often were we to have a revolution in order to keep things in check?

  • I believe ‘watch the skies’ is a reference to a 1950s cold-warish science fiction film where earth is invaded by flying saucers. Was it “Earth vs. the Flying Saucers”? I think that’s the title.

    And Paula, in addition to not being able to spell your own name, you’re just being paranoid. There are still plenty of checks and balances and safeguards in place, and the Constitution still works – we just have to make sure that all of these things are USED as they should be, and that depends on the vigilance of the people.


  • Dave,
    I just don’t don’t understand how three days ago you described our government by saying, “while one hand is fitting us for slave collars…”, and today you chide somone else for being paranoid about its abuses of power.

  • moonraven

    It’s because Nalle just writes the first thing that passes through his mind–a dark and turbulent place filled with demons and warlocks and yellowdogs and obsolete game cards.

    He is not be to be taken seriously.

  • Lee, the vast majority of the CIA operations we’re talking about here involved dealing with FOREIGN enemies and had little or no impact on US citizens. The only program I can think of which had any domestic impact was carried out through third party associates, not by the CIA itself.

    That’s enormously different from legislation passed specifically to infringe and/or alter the traditional rights of US citizens inside the country. What the CIA did harmed virtually no US citizens. What the Congress is up to with things like PATRIOT and Real ID harms every one of us.


  • Baronius

    Moonraven, you’re back. You might find it fun to contribute to the conversation, rather than insult your fellow commenters.

    Of course the CIA is a conspiracy: it’s a group of people who meet together to coordinate things in secret. That doesn’t make them evil or opposed to America’s interests.

    I can’t tell from the article what new information has been released. The most noteworthy thing about the CIA has been its frequent public embarrassment. (In other words, they may be a conspiracy, but they’re an ineffective one.) Their intelligence is often faulty, and their operations… well, Fidel is still alive, so they’re doing something wrong.

  • Zedd

    Its the CIA.

    Speaking about conspiracy theorists, MIKE pull yourself together.

  • Devin

    Where can I find a list of the 130 nations that we have some military influence in? I’m not doubting it, I’d just like to be able to know which ones for future reference.

  • It is interesting that some of the comments here give the CIA and the rest of the secret elements within our government a pass.

    Consider: “the vast majority of the CIA operations we’re talking about here involved dealing with FOREIGN enemies and had little or no impact on US citizens”

    The fact is this comment is based solely on assumption. And there are two things dreadfully wrong with the assumption.

    A) No one commenting here knows how many secret ops the CIA has conducted abroad or on American soil. No one in this forum is privy to the actions of an unaccountable organization that is admittedly one that deceives the American people, witholds information, operates on its own agenda and claims no allegiance to American law or its highest law, the constitution.

    B) The admission of the CIA regarding its willingness to assassinate leaders of foreign nations, overthrow governments by killing innocent peoples and engage in secret warfare is an obvious willingness to do such things based upon principles and ideals to which much of this nation’s people do not subscribe. The idea that such activities were devoted solely to targets outside of this nation is undermined by the very admissions of spying on American citizens and maintaining secret ops on domestic targets.

    Such information should raise the eyebrows of most of the citizenry, but it seems apparent that those who support such nefarious EVIL operations do so simply because they believe they themselves are not in the crosshairs. But such activities do not have a moral governor. The use of illegal spy tactics, kidnapping, secret prisons, torture and murder (not to mention the conspiracies to overthrow powers and initiate, as well as augment, wars that claim innocent lives) are tools of those who purport to be on the side of good when in fact they use evil methods and justify them with the notion that the ends justify the means.

    Such a notion is preposterous.

    Consider the impact on American citizens. The CIA cannot overthrow the Iranian government in 1953, enabling the U.S. to control that nation’s oil for 26 years, and then assume such an act has no impact upon American citizens.

    Do not Muslim nations have the right to defend themselves against U.S. aggression? Don’t Islamic organizations operating under the umbrella of protecting all Muslim nations (see Muslim Brotherhood) have the right to engage in the defense of Muslim nations against western powers seeking to overthrow their governments?

    Immediately after the U.S. lost Iran and the control of Iranian oil, Jimmy Carter announced the Persian Gulf — a vital artery of water allowing transportation of oil — was “U.S. vital interests” for which we would consider controlling by “any means necessary, including military force.”

    Um, excuse me. But it appears that the CIA’s takeover of Iran led directly to the U.S. dependence of oil coming from the Middle East (not just Saudi Arabia). And it was the LOSS of IRAN that led to Carter’s declaration that the U.S. was going to control the Persian Gulf by force.

    If that doesn’t impact American lives, what does? Aren’t those American troops risking their lives? Isn’t Carter’s declaration one of war?

    Try to imagine any country declaring the Gulf of Mexico a region for which military force would be used to control. Would that not be a declaration of war?

    Then consider the fact that the CIA was intimately involved in the machinations that led to solidarity with Saddam. Consider the fact that the U.S. assisted Saddam in an invasion of Iran immediately following the loss of Iran.

    The story timeline continues without interruption.

    But where are the American people? Clueless!

    Meanwhile, we supply Saddam with WMDs (chemical and bio) and the means by which to deploy them.

    When Saddam is ticked off at us for double-crossing him (remember the Iran-Contra Affair?) and supplying Iran with the means to make offensive attacks against Iraq, he expresses his displeasure with a “mistake” assault on the USS Stark (1987). American sailors were impacted by the nefarious dealings of secret elements within our government.

    Consider that after the assault on the USS Stark Bush (41) was STILL providing billions of dollars and military hardware to Saddam as late as the summer of 1990!

    Consider also that Bush was setting Saddam up in July 1990 with his infamous declaration (through April Glaspie) of having “no opinion” on the pending assault on Kuwait due to an unresolved border dispute over oil.

    Consider also that the same Bush claimed it was necessary to send over 500,000 U.S. troops to Saudi Arabia to “defend Saudi Arabia”!

    Consider also that the same Bush claimed that “Iraq holds 10% of the world’s oil” reserves and “Kuwait plus Iraq equals twice that.”

    The Gulf War invasion of Iraq saw a quick ground invasion and a retraction of most ground troops. What America lost sight of was the fact that the air control of Iraq (2/3 of its airspace) was never relinquished. And the U.S. bombed Iraq continually from 1991 through to 2003 when Operation Iraqi Freedom sent in another ground invasion. That’s the same war, different operations. Gullible Americans believed the war in Iraq was over in 1991. Did they believe it again when the media and the president announced an end to the war in 2003?

    How many secret ops were conducted through the CIA and the Iraqi National Congress and the Iraqi National Accord throughout Bill Clinton’s administration? Were these also justified? They used the same tactics we accuse “terrorists” of using.

    Consider that we sacrifice our troops in waging secret wars and secret ops that the American people are not privy to. And when such information is later revealed, I hear intelligent Americans proclaiming that such secret operations are just and in keeping with American goals and laws.

    Such a perspective is quite opposite of the reality that clearly shows the government needs to hide its goals and operations from the American public precisely because we do not approve of the evil machinations that operate of their own accord, ansering to secret unelected powers while those we elect provide cover for the evil occurring beneath the surface.

    Given the continuing aggressive violence perpetrated by our government, and the insidious plots that reap disastrous results, I am surprised to hear any American citizen advocating for faithful support of unseen and unknown powers, believing that such powers have our best interest at heart.

    If, or perhaps when, the numerous questions pertaining to 9/11 are addressed in full and in truth, it may surprise quite a few of the proponents of the CIA and other secret government powers that our government is not, as the framers of the constitution knew, to be trusted.

    Sacrificing a few American citizens in order to establish a foundation for a massive expansion of the executive branch power, as well as galvanizing support for another invasion of Iraq in order to establish a permanent presence between two devoutly fundamentalist Islamic nations in a region where oil flows abundantly is a small price to pay to gain the potential trillions of dollars in payback and establish control of a permanent strategic military region.

    Anyone who thinks our government “would never do such a thing” has obviously never served in the U.S. military.

  • Devin, I suspect that’s a pretty round figure. And a broad definition of ‘military’ too. Of course, most of our food and other non-military aid gets taken by dictatorial regimes and turned into weapons, so that might count too.

    The number of countries we actually supply with arms, military training and support – REAL military aid – is a lot smaller than 130.


  • Damn, we need a term as catchy and effective as ‘moonbat’ to use for people like Mike. Any suggestions?


  • Dr Dreadful

    A very broad definition of “military”. You could say that the number of countries the US has “military” influence in is actually all of them, since any of the nations on Earth could, in theory, be wiped off the map at the touch of a button in a briefcase.

  • Dr Dreadful

    Dave #24: I think your “tinfoil beanie wearer” is just perfect, myself.

  • Zedd


    I vote for “t.f.b.w.”. Aconyms sound more important.

  • Ignoring the ignorant commentary that defers intellect to name-calling, I would like to address the request for data regarding forward deployment of U.S. troops.

    On any given “official” government Web site, there are a number of variations in the number of forward deployed U.S. military personnel. I will give you a few URLs (official and unofficial) to check and you may also check elsewhere as you see fit. But may I begin with a statement by the Secretary of the Army.

    “On any given day in 1997, the Army had, on average, over 31,000 active and reserve soldiers and civilians deployed in over 70 countries, not counting the 100,000 forward-deployed soldiers. In May 1997, worldwide deployments reached the 100-country mark for the first time in the Army’s history. Such involvement does not come without costs. We are doing more with fewer people, performing three times more deployments than during the Cold War.”

    Here is the URL for that statement:

    Keep in mind those figures are solely for Army personnel. Moving forward in history a bit we find that the number of forward deployed troops had increased well past the 100-nation mark. And we might also keep in mind that no other nation comes close to forward deployment of its military in as many nations as the United States.

    According to the NATO report “Changes in U.S. forward deployment and its effects on Europe”, in any given year between 1945 through 1995 the U.S. had 500,000 military personnel deployed abroad.

    NATO’s report states that nearly 300,000 troops have returned to the U.S. since the end of the Cold War.

    Oh, really? Let’s see if the numbers vouch for that.

    The review of current plans in the NATO report claims that currently there are still 106,000 deployed American troops in Europe. That assessment was recently echoed by CNN as well. And given the Secretary of the Army’s assessment, which concurs, I can accept the 100K+ number for troops in Europe alone.

    So, if more than 100,000 U.S. troops are in Europe and more than 200,000 in Iraq and Afghanistan combined (185K with troop surge in Iraq alone), that’s over 300,000 U.S. troops. Could there be more in other countries?

    The Secretary of the U.S. Army seems to think that since 1997 America’s military has surpassed the 100-nation mark in forward deployments.

    Who else agrees with him?

    Try the folks at GlobalSecurity.org

    They claim the U.S. has troops in nearly 130 countries, numbering approximately 350,000.

    Then there is that report by CommonDreams.org, which lists each specific military department and person from which it solicited its data. It believes the U.S. has military deployed in 140 countries.

    If we keep in mind that there are only 192 recognized nations on the planet, the fact that the U.S. military is deployed in a great majority of them is substantially relevant to any discussion of international politics and the particular subject of global domination.

    Well, the information I provided should be enough data to keep the naysayers busy for a while formulating more arguments and accumulating more creative names and labels to pin on me. That’s okay.

    Perhaps by the next round of debate I will have enough tin foil hats to pass around to all of you who find enough common ground between us to see things my way. I may need a truckload.

  • Re: comment #23: “The number of countries we actually supply with arms, military training and support – REAL military aid – is a lot smaller than 130.”

    This unsubstantiated statement sounds wise because it comes from the sideline where anyone can toss in a comment or two as an attack grenade. Grenades just explode and injure. They don’t have to explain themselves.

    But upon close examination we see that the maker of this grenade has provided no information regarding what is “a lot smaller” than the 130. Thus, the comment sounds wise but lacks data to support it.

    I like when folks ask for data rather than making assumptions.

    Additionally, the forward deployment of troops IS the issue, not “military aid,” which can be construed to be any number of various operations that do not necessarily include U.S. troops.

    Forward deployed troops must fill a billet. They must have orders. And they must be assigned a duty station. Under that definition, we find that the U.S. military does indeed have military personnel deployed in 130 nations around the globe, and the comment “a lot smaller than 130” is quite a lot smaller than fact.

  • Mike, that’s such utter, deceptive bullshit I can’t believe you even dare to spout it. If you really mean deployed troops, the ONLY way you can reach the number 130 is by including all of the nations in which we have embassies at which we have marines stationed as guards and/or military attaches, all of which technically count as US military presence, but are meaningless otherwise.

    Your own link to globalsecurity.org makes it very clear that aside from our long-term commitments at established bases in Europe we have deployed troops in only 3 other countries, and that most of the other troops in various countries are on detached duty acting on behalf of the UN or other treaty organizations, which does not technically count as an actual US deployment.

    And you use commondreams.org as a source? Is there no depth you won’t sink to in your pursuit of conspiracies? Now you think socialist propaganda is reliable?


  • STM

    The CIA certainly exists for a purpose, and while it’s been playing on the wrong side of right on occasions, I don’t believe they have been overly concerned in the past with ordinary citizens of foreign countries, or their activities, unless there had been some direct evidence that they might have been a security threat. People who think the CIA is heavily involved in snooping on US citizens are probably wrong; that’s the role of the FBI.

    I am absolutely certain the CIA didn’t follow me around in the US (while they wouldn’t have been bored, they’d have had a hard time keeping up, specially on the golf cart during the midnight run in Miami).

    However, the flip side of the coin: the KGB certainly kept within 200m everywhere in Moscow. There was one guy who always used to catch the same subway train, no matter what time I got on it (“G’day, Boris”).

    The trains always ran on time, but I just wish the KGB had warned me about the beetroot soup and the degree of difficulty involved in getting a roll of bog paper.

    Heaven knows how anyone would have gone getting enough tinfoil to make a micro-wave protective helmet.

  • Dr Dreadful

    When I applied for a visa to move to America I was checked out, as per DoJ requirements, by (in no particular order) the CIA, the FBI and the Metropolitan Police. The Met wouldn’t even have checked me out at all if I hadn’t asked them to (and slid some cold, hard cash over the counter). The sergeant I handed the form to looked kind of amused – whether at the notion that I might actually have a criminal record (I am the spitting image of what Reggie Kray would have looked like if he’d looked nothing like Reggie Kray), or because I was insane enough to want to move to the Untied States, I don’t know.

  • STM

    Those Kray brothers were a fascinating pair of mongrels, eh Doc?

    I love the stories, and the names … the killing of Jack the ‘At, then they disposed of George Cornell in the public bar of an east-end pub – the Blind Beggar in Whitechapel? – where no one who was questioned saw a thing and couldn’t identify Ronnie in a line-up? Funny about that. I think that’s what got them buggered in the end, though, because someone did grass on ’em, although they had a lot of trouble trying to pin the Jack McVittie killing on them (or any other killing for that matter).

    Then there was the Battle of Mr Smith’s Club, involving Mad Frankie Fraser and the Richardson gang from South London, during which one of the Krays’ relatives, Dickie Hart, was shot dead.

    The story I heard was that Cornell was the shooter and when the Krays walked in to the Blind Beggar, Cornell said “Well, look who’s here”. Playing in the background on the juke box was: The Sun ain’t gonna shine anymore … Ronnie pointed the gun at him, and Cornell famously said: “You ain’t got the bottle”.

    They were George’s last words, although apparently the record got stuck on the “sun ain’t gonna shine anymore” groove. Cornell’s crime, apparently, was that he had enough ticker to stand up to the Krays, and had gone over to the Richardsons and had helped them when they tried to pinch a car park scam off the Krays. Just before the shooting, a police inspector from the Met had just left after having a sandwich and pint for his dinner. Should’ve stuck around, possibly …

    Ah, yes, those were the days, and the kind of stuff that was great fodder for me in my profession: proper gangs of crims, not gangs of idiot punks. One day DD I must tell you about the Sydney gangland wars of the 1980s. Just as fascinating, with similar kinds of characters … it don’t rain here that much, as you know, but geez, it was fair-dinkum raining bullets back then.

  • STM

    Mike: The 100,000 US troops in Europe are there as part of treaty obligations. I assume it’s the same story as the 25,000 British troops stationed on The Rhine: they are all regarded as non-operational.

    There are troops from all the other NATO countries there as well, all part of a treaty obligation that has been running pretty much unchanged since the end of WWII, so you can strike that one off the books for starters.

  • Dr Dreadful

    Well, in my opinion, although the Krays made for a lot of fascinating stories, they were still a pair of scumbags who should have been stillborn.

    Still, the police back then were just as bad, by all accounts, so it’s not surprising that the twins’ reign of terror lasted as long as it did.

  • Re #24:- How about “Nally”? As in, he’s a real nally!

  • STM

    The Met were corrupt as … in fact the investigations into the London gangland wars eventually had to be done by coppers from outside London, as everyone was on the take.

    Almost as bad as the old NSW Police … one of the most corrupt police forces ever, anywhere.

    It took a Royal Commission back in the mid-’90s (with secret tapes, and covert film etc), and a whole series of rollovers, to finally clean it out. Not surprising though, is it, given the nature of how the colony of New South Wales started? My favourite Page 1 newspaper headline here during the Royal Commission into Police Corruption quoted a cop giving evidence about how police officers colluded to get their stories straight for court cases: “We lie under oath”.

    That’s in the same category of headline as “Dog bites man”. I would have thought at the time it would only have been a story if they hadn’t lied under oath, which I did communicate to the boss.

  • moonraven

    Many months ago I provided the incidents where the CIA followed this US citizen around South America. Since they began their tricks in Caracas, it’s obvious why.

    The FBI normally doesn’t deploy its agents in other countries–with Mexico being an exception.

  • MR, I’m quite glad to hear the CIA is following you. Means they’re doing their job. I’m sure they figured out pretty quickly that you were a tootheless blowhard and moved on.


  • moonraven

    No, they are still on my trail here in Caracas.

    I have all of my perfect teeth.

    Stop projecting.

  • Clavos

    The CIA definitely has too much time on its hands these days…

    Or, they’re training rookies how to spot a gringa metiche among all the Latinos.

  • moonraven

    Speaking of too much time on your hands, I think we all know what you’re doing with at least one of yours right now.

  • troll

    careful now…based on her more violent imagery I’ve concluded that moonraven might well be a ‘ma Barker’ of some ex-patriot mob down in Mexico

    so watch your fuckin’ step

    if she says that she’s got big tits then she’s got big tits

  • Dr Dreadful

    I have a theory.

    The person following Moonraven around is a stalker. He just happens to work for the CIA.

  • Clavos

    “if she says that she’s got big tits then she’s got big tits”

    Problem is, they’re all bruised from being stepped on when she walks.

  • troll

    ya just won’t listen…I advise a disguise when you go south of the border

    perhaps that hat you got…

  • Clavos

    That’s a good idea, troll.

    But, I need to brush up on my Strine…

  • troll

    hmm – it’s worse than that though…you’d have to learn how to speak Spanish with the correct Aussie accent

  • Clavos

    You’re right. Guess I’ll just have to go to Oz instead.

  • “Paula, in addition to not being able to spell your own name..” Classic.

    “He is not be to be taken seriously. But I am not a CIA wannabee, but a CIA target.” Hmmm. I’ll send this one to ‘Last Comic Standing’ or is it ‘Last Loud Mouth Still Yapping?’ I forget. Is Major League Baseball watching you too?

    The public is stupid. And don’t get me going about half the parking lots on this planet we call nations. The problem is that America has to often come down to the level of many countries. It’s like a talented player on a line who has to play down to his linemates. I know. Negative. I’m in a foul mood. But still…

    What, the CIA has to go public with their operations? Please.

    I do see it as positive that they will disclose this.

  • moonraven

    Actually, back in my days as a sports commentator in the late 70s early 80s, a fair percentage of Major League Baseball WAS watching me.

    How prescient of you to know that… [Edited]

  • ellis valentine and tim raines

    No wonder MLB was watching you. Wasn’t that around the time cocaine use was ravaging MLB?

    What sports did you cover? Cockfighting?

  • Clavos

    “Actually, back in my days as a sports commentator in the late 70s early 80s, a fair percentage of Major League Baseball WAS watching me.”

    Was that before or after you flew on the Apollo moon mission?

  • Maybe she did color commentary from space…


  • Re: comment #30

    If I had an inkling of the minset of many Americans before I gave 12 years of my life to this nation’s military service, I would have done something else instead. The faithful trust in a lying government that is put on display in this forum pushes me beyond incredulous.

    I appreciate the outrage, though. Unfortunately, it appears to be misdirected. If only there were some way to shift that high intellect into high gear and point it toward the statements made by our government, perhaps some benefit might be had.

    This forum restricts the number of URLs one can provide to support any post. But if any one of you really smart folks would just set aside your own bias and ojectively seek to find 3 (just three) official places where the numbers of U.S. deployed troops are in agreement, that would be far more credible in boosting your positions than merely yelling insults and obscenities.

    In a debate, if you believe you have credible evidence that supports your position, it is far better to produce such than to summarily dismiss any supportive data presented to you simply because you hold the belief that no entity outside of the U.S. is more credible than the U.S.

    Under that religious faith, Castro and Chavez were liars when they claimed the CIA was conspiring to oust or kill them. Iran was merely paranoid when it charged the CIA with overthrowing its government. Those who claimed the CIA was playing fast and loose outside the boundaries of both American and international laws in Iraq, Laos, El Salvador, Cambodia, Panama, Grenada, Guatemala, Mexico (and the list goes on) were obviously delusional since it is apparent to the religious faithful who worship the dogma of government, that such heresy against the CIA and any other secret compenent of our government is without credit.

    So of course many in this forum would discount the numbers of deployed troops. Not only do the government parishioners not know how many troops are out there in diverse places for your sake and benefit, serving the very government you worship, you don’t really even care … do you?

    Discount the ones in Europe, will you? Why? Aren’t they serving abroad away from their home country, available for immediate orders to various places of conflict in nearby regions?

    Discounting the 35K+ serving along the border of the DMZ in South Korea?

    How about the thousands serving in Japan?

    Care to tell me how many are serving in Bosnia or Yugoslavia (otherwise referred to as Kosovo since it seems to be a foregone conclusion that the NATO raid on Yugoslavia has weakened the nation enough to press for a independent state for Kosovo, which initiated that civil war)?

    We don’t have to remain in the Middle East to find hundreds of personnel stationed in a nation, or even thousands.

    But if it doesn’t add up to a nice little round number that can be used in a debate from the comfort of an anonymous computer screen, then it doesn’t count and need not count.

    I am very glad the men and women I proudly served with for 12 years are not privy to this convo. They tend to hope daily that we, the American people, care about each of their lives, wherever they are stationed and for whatever reason they were sent.

    Instead, this forum has demonstrated a snooty disregard for the lives of those who volunteer to be subjected to the whims of political leaders. They do so believing they are doing something honorable and good.

    Meanwhile, their lives are wasted and abused by callous liars in power, who find stringent support among the religious faithful who believe these cowards can do no wrong.

    I do not subscribe to Communism, nor socialism. But I know they are no more forms of evil governance than capitalism. I do not, therefore, claim that a capitalist liar in my own government is to believed over a communist or socialist liar solely on the basis of the fact that my faith is placed in the capitalist liar.

    Yet that is the very argument presented on this forum time and again.

    It stuns me.

    Yet, no effort is put forth to prove the statements made by those trusted liars in our government, while every effort is made to discount the statements made by liars in other governments.

    Even when leaders in other nations are shown to have been telling the truth, as we look back through the prism of historical data, the faith is never shaken in the domestic leaders whose lies are then dismissed as “mistakes” or “good intentions.”

    This is the reason why our government can abuse our military ad nauseam. The religious faithful, who adore the power inherent in our government, accept without question the rationale, motives and pretext presented by the government … even in the face of discovering it was all a lie!

    Such folly can not be met with reasoned with. Therefore, I can ask only that those of you who do not believe or accept that our nation’s military is deployed in 130 nations of the world, then pary tell me and each other exactly how many nations are they deployed in?

    By the way, there are those of you whose intellect moves at the speed of light. And you know who you are. You are the ones who do not purport to know or care how many nations to which our military is deployed. You only care to whittle down the number to fit the small amount of nations you accept to be counted based upon substantial military operations.

    I talked to one of your heroes this very evening. i had the privilege of interviewing former Secretary of Defense William J. Perry (SecDef 94-97). When I asked him how long has the U.S. military been in Iraq, he asked me to define military!

    “Ground troops?”

    “No sir. The U.S. military. All of it.”

    “Well, the ground troops were pulled out pretty quickly.”

    “Um, sir. Didn’t we control Iraq’s air space?”

    “Well, yes, the Air Force was there, but just to patrol the No Fly Zone.”

    “Sir, did the military engage in any military operations or engage Iraq’s forces since the ground forces left?”

    “Well, there was some bombing during the patrol of the No Fly Zone, and there were some ground troops left in the Kurdish region, but on a humanitarian mission.”

    “Sir, the British have committed to 2012 in Iraq and Afghanistan. Do you think the U.S. will follow suit?”

    “Well, that is for the next president to decide.”

    This is the stuff I get from the former Secretary of Defense. I might add that this guy was also the Deputy Director of the CIA at one time as well, not to mention that he was also the Director of Naval Inteeligence.

    Today, he is involved with other members of the Iraq Study Group, as well as former leaders like Kissinger and Schultz and other, including former member of congress, Sam Nunn. Nunn’s National Threat Initiative (check the board of directors for familiar names) conspires with Perry’s movement to shore up the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, which he admits the U.S. and Russia together have reneged on and continue to do so to this day.

    You guys can call me names and have your fun. But while you’re faithfully following the liars, they use your support to do irreparable harm here and around the globe.

  • bliffle

    MR may have faults but she is at least correct in her assessment of Nalle: truly, he is not to be believed. And all the pubescent comments of his Blog Claque only reinforce that conclusion.

  • troll

    faults – ?

    …what faults – ?

  • Lumpy

    Bliffle. What I find hard to believe is your ability to live in a bubble of denial. Why does reality scare u so much?

  • troll

    I’m not even sure what ‘Dave is not to be believed’ means…sometimes he’s right and sometimes wrong

    and don’t look for consistency from a sophist honing his craft and nally-isms

    so…just who is it who should be believed here – ?

  • moonraven

    NO ONE is to be believed here.

    This is what we call in Spanish a “diálogo de sordos”–a dialog between deaf people.

    And no, I have no faults–at least not ones that are applicable to a virtual jerkoff site in Internet.

  • troll

    I hear ya

  • Baronius

    Mike, I don’t think anyone here has denied that the CIA went after Castro. We’re not blindly following those in power. We (I should say “I”) are just ok with most of what the CIA does. Nations deal with each other on more than one level. It’d be great if we could all be above-board, but just like police need to speed to catch speeders, so I imagine the CIA has to spy to deal with spies.

    And Moonraven, again, you really should drop the abuse. A free exchange of ideas can be interesting.

  • moonraven

    I have yet to see anything that could qualify as an idea on this site.

  • Hell, Baronius – I wish the CIA were STILL going after Castro and a few other folks I don’t need to name here…


  • Just in case anyone wants to hear what the former Director of Naval Intelligence, Deputy Director of the CIA and Secretary of Defense, william Perry had to say last night …

    Here’s a link to my column that provides access to the video I shot myself of the former Secretary. I also had a brief interview with him afterward. The video also contains a Q&A session that was unscripted.

    At nearly 80 years old, this guy still has a lot of pep in him. He tells a few interesting stories, including his behind-the-scenes role in the Cuban Missle Crisis and the Soviet disarmament treaty. Good stuff.

    Daily Tidings

  • moonraven

    I see that Dave Nalle is now worshipping at the altar of Pat Robertson, copycatting his calls for assassination of the world leaders Nalle doesn’t like.

    Let’s here it for the bald Texas bonehead’s freedom of speech!

  • moonraven

    Hear it….

  • moonraven

    Back to the TOPIC:

    The UN indicated yesterday that Afghanistan’s poppy crop is up 60%, so the CIA is rolling in dough and couldn’t care less about any criticism….

  • Moonraven, funny how you overlook the Taliban’s cut.

  • Clavos

    Not to mention the billions being made by all the scumbag drug pushers on the streets of every city in the world.

    Until we legalize and regulate the sale of recreational drugs we will never solve the problem.

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem


    Marthe Raymond notes the Afghani poppy crop and the money the CIA is making on the deal: Alessandro Nicolo notes the Taliban’s cut. What should be obvious is

    1: The poppy crop is a traditional way of making money in Afghanistan;
    2: Therefore, it is a way of life for the Pakhtun who grow it;
    3. The Taliban consist largely of Pakhtun who have picked up this poisonous version of Islam from Deoband;
    4. If the CIA is making money off the poppy crop, this is because it has muscled in on the profits, much like a mafia in Manhattan or Sicily;
    5. And finally, the CIA is financing its own operations not from the budget that Congress allocates it, but from its “business” enterprises overseas.


    So, tell me something I didn’t know…

  • STM

    Clav wrote: “Problem is, they’re all bruised from being stepped on when she walks.”

    LOL! How the f.ck did I miss that pearler? What a classic.

    You’re on fire Clav

  • Clavos

    Why, thank you kindly, mate, thank you kindly.

  • Dr Dreadful

    Dave laments: I wish the CIA were STILL going after Castro.

    Perhaps they are, Dave. Unfortunately, the surgeon/agent they sent to perform his intestinal operation(s) proved to a better doctor than assassin…

    Yes, the Cuban Incompetence Agency just can’t seem to get it right, can they? 😉

    As ever, I don’t understand why Uncle Sam can’t just stop sulking about the Bay of Pigs and open the door to getting rid of Castro and the Communists the tried and tested way: by introducing the downtrodden populace to the wonders of Shiny American Goodies.

  • STM

    DD: “Introducing the downtrodden populace to the wonders of Shiny American Goodies”.

    Yes, proven fact: you catch more pesky flies in a jar of honey than you do in a jar of vinegar. Works every time …

  • Clavos

    The Good Doctor says:

    “I don’t understand why Uncle Sam can’t just stop sulking about the Bay of Pigs and open the door to getting rid of Castro and the Communists the tried and tested way: by introducing the downtrodden populace to the wonders of Shiny American Goodies.”

    Uncle Sam is actually not driving that. The embargo is the product of the fevered minds of the Cuban exile community here in Miami, and their representatives in Congress, Ileana Ros Lehtinen and Lincoln Diaz Balart, backed by the Cuban American National Foundation.

    I’m not joking. Practically no one in the US, civilian or government official, cares about the embargo; it is, and always has been, the pet Cold War tool of the above mentioned folks, who have reliably delivered bloc votes to the Republican party for almost fifty years.

    There are farmers in the Midwest, and companies all over the US which would like nothing better than to see the embargo struck down tomorrow.

    It really has nothing to do with Playa Giron (“Bay of Pigs”), which, once JFK pulled the air support (assuring its failure), wound up being an entirely Cuban operation.

    During the 1990s I operated direct Boeing 727 charter flights (with OFAC permits) between Miami and various Cuban cities. The flights were open only to bona fide Cubans with family on the island. The demand far outstripped the supply of seats.

    Travelers on these flights invariably carried huge amounts of goods to their captive relatives. Even back then, I saw the truth of what you say about “Shiny American Goodies,” and liked to think that by operating those flights and enabling the inter cultural contact, I was helping in some small way to bring down Fidel.

    Fat lot of good it did in that regard; but we did make a lot of money on those flights.

  • We actually have a whole government agency whose job is to spread Shiny American Goodies around. It’s called the USIA. My father worked there for about 40 years. They arrange cultural and student exchanges, touring art exhibits, trade shows, business expos and all sorts of programs to bring American culture and American products to the rest of the world. They’ve probably done more good for the US overseas than anything else we’ve ever tried, but they get very little attention.


  • #74 Dr. Dreadful – American shiny goods may not be open policy but Canadian and European second-rate shiny goods are. And it still hasn’t done squat. Mind you, these countries are merely profiting off communism and the backs of Cubans.

    Clavos, man that sounded like a good venture.

    Ruvy, I wasn’t trying to make an intellectual point about the poppies. Just rubbing MR – which is fun. It was intriguing to note that she overlooked them. That’s all.

  • moonraven

    Moonraven overlooks nothing.

    The taliban STOPPED the production of opium poppies. That’s why the US invaded Afghanistan.

    God, could you people possibly be any more ignorant?

    Of course the CIA is a mafia–and has partnered many capers with the mafia in the US–such as the one that led to the assassination of JFK.

  • MCH

    What MLB team did you cover?

  • moonraven

    Various–Cubs, Mariners, Texas Rangers, Red Sox–primarily commentary about individual figures which I started doing as a project with Ferguson Jenkins.

  • Excerpts from a piece from The Independent. I think you did overlook – as you normally do. Not to mention being selective. It’s easy to say they “stopped” it without maintaining things in proper context. This is just one tiny, example of this.

    As for you writing and hooking up with Jenkins – proof that life is cruelly unfair. You’re juvenile stance on America is so well documented yet there you are covering MLB.

    At least, I admit I know nothing.

    “When the Taliban swept to power in Afghanistan in 1996, the drugs industry was already well established. The movement imposed taxes on poppy cultivation, just like the ones that existed for other crops, and charged fees for narcotics production, which brought in $15m to $27m annually, according to a United Nations report. Just over a year ago it finally fulfilled its promises to stamp out poppy growing, reducing production from 3,100 tons in 2000 to virtually nothing in the first half of this year, again according to the United Nations.

    But the criminal gangs in charge of refining and distribution remain powerful, and the Taliban did nothing to stop the production and export of heroin from existing stockpiles. The threat to allow poppies to grow again could be a sign of the movement’s weakness rather than its strength, observers say. It may be seeking to regain lost support from farmers angered by the ban. One source said confiscated weapons had been returned to farmers in an effort to enlist them in a struggle against any US-led attack.

    Before the present intelligence offensive, attempts to link Mr bin Laden directly to drugs had been vague. Congressional staff in Washington who had seen the files said he did not actually traffic in drugs, but made money from the trade by hiring out his fighters to guard refineries and escort convoys on their way out through Iran. The Taliban rake off money from drugs in similar ways. A report to the House of Commons accuses them of protecting stockpiles – but the narcotics official scoffed at the idea of “mullahs selling heroin”.

    There is also the uncomfortable fact that almost half the heroin flowing out of Afghanistan is thought to come from areas controlled by the Northern Alliance, the West’s putative partner in the campaign to oust the Taliban. Any expansion of the alliance’s territory could see an increase in the drugs supply.

    In his meeting last night with Mr Blair, Pakistan’s military President, General Pervez Musharraf, would have been entitled to point out to his visitor that the drugs trade had its origins in the war against the Soviet occupiers of Afghanistan in the 1980s. The Afghan mujahedin, with the full knowledge of the intelligence agencies of America, Britain and other allies, refined and exported heroin – previously unknown in this part of the world – to finance their struggle. Evidence even exists that the CIA encouraged the spread of hard drugs to demoralise Russian troops.”

  • MCH

    And it was TV, eh. Local or national? Ever do anything on Yaz or Jim Rice?

  • And, like the stopped clock which is right twice a day, MR actually says something that makes sense:

    The taliban STOPPED the production of opium poppies. That’s why the US invaded Afghanistan.

    Of course, she doesn’t know WHY it makes sense, but occasionally shots in the dark work.

    If this suggestion is true – which I’d like to believe – the purpose behind it is to increase the flow of opium into Iran and other radical countries. Iran has a massive drug problem, and the more drugs that flow into Iran, the more it weakens the country. I’d like to believe that our government could think with that kind of deep strategy, but I tend to doubt it.

    More likely they just wanted to empower the warlords because they can impose regional stability and fitht the Taliban.


  • STM

    Dave: “And, like the stopped clock which is right twice a day, MR actually says something that makes sense:”

    Geez Dave, fair dinkum. Pretty deep stuff for blogcritics. Love it. How’d you go in the floods, BTW. I saw some pretty hairy pictures in here yesterday from areas around Austin. All good?

  • I’m not going to be home until tomorrow, but by all accounts most of the heavy rains passed just north of our neighborhood, so we were spared the worst.


  • Paula Angelique Hafner

    My name is Paula and I write and I am fron Austria and I am just four years old.

  • moonraven

    It’s easy to see why you decided to post here.

    Lots of folks spend their time pissing in the sandbox.

  • reb

    There appears to be a lot of conspiracy theories involving the CIA on the web and in various books by ex-CIA agents. One list is compiled.

    There are too many URL’s to be accepted in this post.

  • Erik Larson

    Yes, the 70+ evil CIA foreign interventions of the last century were already widely publicized thru independent media, and sometimes covered in some sense by the corporate media. Many have been protesting the CIA’s illegal and immoral operations to no avail as Republocrats control almost the entire Congress. Also, given a trusting public (like many posting here) who are helpfully uninformed because they believe the corporate media tell the whole news (i used to, until the NYTimes and Judy Miller WMD lies were exposed), for them to get away with not saying anything about it. Perhaps enough people are making noise now, that may be why the CIA thinks it may as well get some of the old big stuff off its chest like it’s a new CIA and has nothing to hide when it comes to crimes committed by long gone predecessors, outside of statutes of limitations.

    Patriots, those who support the Constitution’s checks and balances on the powers of the branches, put there by the founding fathers to guard against tyranny, be sure to watch for the Executive Summary of the CIA IGs report on 9/11 that the 9/11 bill mandates being released within 30 days of passage.

    If sources and methods are protected, then there should be no harm in public oversight of corporate, intelligence and military activities- what do they have to hide? If this Republic is to be one in more than name only, the public needs to to see the info Rice was given when Tenet and his deputy called an emergency meeting with her 7/10/01 to tell her bluntly that there will be a spectacular terror attack on US soil in the coming weeks and months? Sign the Jersey Girls Petition.

    And testimony under oath from Bush and Tenet about their meeting in Crawford in August, 3 weeks after the PDB- Tenet admits the meeting in his book- says it was to keep the president updated – 2 weeks before 9/11.

    Who is ready to justify overthrowing popular, democratically elected governments and supporting puppet governments that enable US corporate exploitation of those nation’s human and natural resources? How is democratic, open government and fair trade not better- and more like Christ?

  • information.wanted


    An international investigative journalist assisted by a former CIA official is writing a book about English-language newspapers in Europe secretly funded by the CIA and used as cover for their operatives.

    We seek information and experiences from former editors, reporters and photographers from the following newspapers:

    Rome Daily American (Rome, Italy)

    Guidepost (Madrid, Spain)

    The Prague Post (Prague, Czech Republic)

    The Budapest Post (Budapest, Hungary)

    The Kosova Post (Pristina, Kosova)

    The Montenegro Times (Podgorica, Montenegro)

    We suspect there are many other newspapers, especially in eastern Europe, also being funded by the CIA and would like to hear about your suspicions.

    All information will be kept in the strictest confidence.

  • La Verita

    There are many things that people on this blog still dont know, and I am here to bring the truth. Although i cannot specify my whole background, I can say that i have worked with the US government on mind blowing projects, few of which have even been thought of by conspiracy theorists. Project Gotham is only one of many that I will periodically reveal to the people reading this post. Project Gotham was a project initiated by the CIA. This project outlined the planned assassinations of top government officials around the world, these officials and in one case a President were rebellious towards the US governments efforts to gain personal wealth and power in order to manipulate the people of the world. These operations were put in place after the 9/11 attacks when the people were in a state of frenzy and panic, all of which was caused by the American Government who in the first place orchestrated the 9/11 attacks. I have all the documents to prove most of the events that i will intrust to you are in-fact real and were in operation. I am tired of the lies, i will no longer be controlled like a mindless being. The truth, the truth will be exposed.

    Yours Truly

    La Verita

  • Robert Beckford

    This is as bizarre as it gets.

    “Eliminate the need for a vaccine. Develop the ultimate immune system to protect the population of your country. Then divert all funds currently being utilized for medical research and health care, and use them for the purpose of defense against the spread of Communism. ”

    This was the dream of the CIA during the Cold-war days of the early 1960s. The following is the story of an astounding revelation made recently (in Dec 2008) by two retired CIA officials on condition of anonymity.

    The full story of the KALPA VIGRAHA is available elsewhere on the net, easily found if you Google-search.

    It revolves around a tiny 47.10 gm Hindu idol made out of a unique alloy that was discovered in the Himalayas by CIA agents during a campaign with the Chinese. A manuscript that came along with the idol prompted the CIA to engage in a bizarre experiment which required human recipients to drink three glasses of specially “charged” water. Apparently a harmless experiment, considering that the only way the water was “treated” was by immersing the idol in it for nine days.

    That was 1960. Nobody died as a direct result of the experiment, and the matter was quite forgotten. But as the story broke recently in Dec 2008, 45-48 years after the consumption of the “charged” water, it suddenly dawned on the CIA officials that everyone listed in their files whom they had fed the water to had lived to an age of 110 years or more. The two officials themselves were 98 and 100 years old. They had consumed the water too!

    The reason why the story broke and reached the media was because the CIA had “misplaced” or lost the idol.

    Question is how many more people in the US have been fed this water?

    Three glasses of water.

    Also, if the story is true, what would one pay to obtain three glasses of that charmed water today?

    Truly X-file stuff, as the original authors Kate Houghton and Robert Menard have exclaimed.

    We hope to hear more on the “Kalpa Vigraha” story as more information leaks out.


  • boo

    La Verita. aka the truth, you stole that off the Veritas Project

  • Brunelleschi

    You can bet they are busy as hell in Venezuela right now.

  • Clavos

    You can bet they are busy as hell in Venezuela right now.

    I certainly hope so. From the news reports, ol’ Hugo’s getting pretty ripe for the plucking.

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  • rory b carrillo sr

    the conspiracy in not a foreign question but of reality that the cia is conducting mind control on the citizens of this nation. using a subconscious method of auditory transmission of a microwave frequency.
    the truth is out there,just believe.

  • Krystal

    Okay, let me just say that if it weren’t for the CIA, we wouldn’t be in the place we are today. The CIA is constantly keeping track of terrorist activites and creating new devices and such. They are secret, intelligent, and highly advanced agents that are only looking out for our best interest and all the other people in the United States. Who cares if they have done some things and have covered it up (if they have), it was only for our best interest. Sometimes people, and things need to be eliminated in order to maintain order and balance. And, if they supposidly tried to eliminate people, maybe they did not really try to eliminate them…maybe it was a scare tactic…..

  • Krystal

    And another thing…La Verita is a liar. If they truly worked for the government before, then they would be in prison right now for treason against the government.

  • bobscooking

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  • Edossa

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  • Edossa

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  • Edossa

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  • It is a truth, universally acknowledged, that comments 109-113 make more sense than some of the articles that are published in the Politics section.

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    Would u like to know the truth?i served uss stark 84 85 iran contra.

  • Edossa

    Edamin Dada is the true son of Uganda and Africa. I am not for prime minster Meles Zenawi name, but for his gole.

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