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It’s “obvious” why George W. Bush got an honorable discharge

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In a Washington Post article on George “AWOL” Bush:

White House communications director Dan Bartlett said yesterday that although no official record can be found, “obviously, you don’t get an honorable discharge unless you receive the required points for annual service.”

Some other things that may be “obvious” in the bizarro world in which Dan Bartlett apparently lives:

Obviously, you don’t get into the Texas Air National Guard, which had a waiting list hundreds long in 1968, without waiting your turn.

(Actually, George W. Bush somehow rocketed right past the other would-be draft avoiders on that list without waiting his turn.)

Obviously, given the many potential applicants, you don’t become a pilot trainee in the Texas Air National Guard without an impressive score on the pilot aptitude test.

(Actually, George W. Bush scored the lowest possible passing grade on that test and still got into the program that kept him safely away from the Vietnam War.)

Obviously, when you fail to show up for a medical exam and drug test in the Texas Air National Guard, you are arrested as soon as possible and made accountable for your actions.

(Actually, despite being suspended from flying duty for missing his 1972 drug test/medical exam, George W. Bush was never arrested, a fact that no doubt sits well with soldiers who actually did time in the brig for similar offenses.)

Obviously, you don’t get a new drivers license issued by the State of Texas without having a solid legal reason.

(Actually, Bush somehow was issued a new drivers license by the State of Texas for mysterious reasons. What records are connected with the old one? He won’t say.)

The list goes on. While it is obvious that the average person would not have received these special official favors, Dan Bartlett perhaps needs to be reminded of one thing: His boss had a powerful father, who stepped in time and again to get his son out of trouble and to make life easy for him. Securing an honorable discharge for a son who had just gone AWOL to work for a Republican political candidate would have been one in a long string of special favors Poppy secured for his son.


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  • Voxxy

    One problem with your theory. George H.W. Bush was an unknown at the time, not a political power. He had lost a race for Congress, and that was it.

    The Air National Guard was not a way out of Vietnam, but quite possibly a way to get there. Many Guardsmen served in Vietnam, and you do them a disservice by suggesting that serving in the National Guard was not military service.

    Bush was not AWOL, he served all of his time in the guard, unlike, oh, say John Kerry, who got out of the Navy early to run for Congress, only to come back and stab his former comrades in the back with his support of the Viet Cong…and his blocking investigations of POWs/MIAs once he got to the Senate.

  • Oh, please. How dare you compare someone who spent the time he was supposed to be learning to fly chasing tail and getting drunk to someone who risked his life in Vietnam? The above is a shameful remark. Have you not an iota of decency?

    There have been wealthy, influential people for generations on both sides of Shrub’s tree, but, apparently you are too ill-informed to know that. It is easy for such people to wangle favors from the government.

    Maybe I shouldn’t expect any better. ‘Voxxy’ types attacked Max Cleland, too.

  • Voxxy,

    You wrote:

    One problem with your theory. George H.W. Bush was an unknown at the time, not a political power. He had lost a race for Congress, and that was it.

    Uh…what’s your source on this?

    The Boston Globe seems to disagree:

    The ease of Bush’s entry into the Air Guard was widely reported last year. At a time when such billets were coveted and his father was a Houston congressman, Bush vaulted to the top of a waiting list of 500. Bush and his father have denied that he received any preferential treatment. But last year, Ben Barnes, who was speaker of the Texas House in 1968, said in a sworn deposition in a civil lawsuit that he called Guard officials seeking a Guard slot for Bush after a friend of Bush’s father asked him to do so.

    You also wrote:

    The Air National Guard was not a way out of Vietnam, but quite possibly a way to get there.

    Actually, if you’d read one or two of the links I provided in this post, you’d know that Bush trained on an airplane not used in Vietnam. He also checked “DO NOT VOLUNTEER” for overseas duty on his Air Guard application.

    He was part of the “Champagne Unit” at the Air Guard–a unit made up almost entirely of the sons of the rich. None of them ever were in the shit. That was the whole idea.

    You also wrote…

    Bush was not AWOL, he served all of his time in the guard, unlike, oh, say John Kerry, who got out of the Navy early to run for Congress, only to come back and stab his former comrades in the back with his support of the Viet Cong…and his blocking investigations of POWs/MIAs once he got to the Senate.

    Oh. Sorry. I didn’t realize you were insane. Forget I said anything.

  • Is military service really this big an issue? If it is, then how is it that Bill Clinton became president? He not only dodged the draft, he actually left the country and then, later, wrote a letter saying how much he “loathed” the military.

    My complaint about Bill Clinton and the way he discharged his duties as Commander-in-Chief? Only that he could have done more to combat the growing terror network that was taking shape during his administration. With that said, however, I don’t blame him for 9/11 as some conservatives like to do. We got 9/11 because of intelligence failures, as all the evidence to date has shown.

    I would not even for a second disparage Kerry’s service to the country, though, Wesley Clark seems to feel that its okay for him to do so. But when did military service become an issue for liberals? Howard Dean didn’t serve, he received a medical deferment and went skiing and yet I don’t see any critiques of him because of that.

    Also, lets remember that getting into flight school, as well as any of the military academies, is always more difficult than just enlisting. For a time, I considered applying to the US Naval Academy. My father, a middle-class guy who, to this day, is a staunch Democrat, and who worked in Washington for over 30 years for the federal government immediately began calling out to friends in Washington to find a sponsor for me. Without sponsorship at that level, my chances of getting into the academy, even with good grades, was slim to none.

    One of my best friends, who just retired after 22 years in the military, enlisted, then was accepted into Ranger School, but was injured because of the mistake of someone else during the program and was almost bounced out because of the injury. His father, recently retired from the military, called a couple of friends to ask for consideration for his son based on the circumstances and, lo and behold, he was allowed to remain in the program. He passed, became a Ranger, then served a total of 22 years under four different presidents. He even served under Wesley Clark in Kosovo.

    My point here is that parents have always gone to bat for their kids. Whats the problem with that?

    If you ask many of those who served with Bush during his time in the Air National Guard, you’ll find that his fellows have good things to say about him. As for his being “AWOL,” that is silly.

    I read the DNC article and in the article even they admit that their accusations are based on circumstantial evidence.

    As for his drinking, Bush has admitted that he had a drinking problem in the past, he admitted that it was wrong, and he no longer drinks alcohol, and has not since 1975. If this is the best you can do on the guy, then you really are desperate.

    Now before you blast me for my comments here, please tell me the reason why it was okay for Bill Clinton, the man who fled his own country to avoid Viet Nam, and who openly expressed his loathing of the military, to be President, but not okay for President Bush?

    Inquiring minds want to know.


    David Flanagan

  • shaun

    David, the big difference is that clinton did not drag us into two wars, and never claimed to be a military man. And as for bush not being AWOL, his commanding general was quoted as say he did not recall seeing bush jr. at post for an entire year! he was released from the guard to help with a political campain in (i think) it was florida. Him ditching out on his duty is not the real issue. Him lying to the people, and causing financial ruin is the big issue. Causing the continuing death of american soldiers because he had no plan to rebuild iraq, just plans of how to destroy it, that is the big issue. I could really care less who is elected for president, as long as it is not bush

  • clinton did not drag us into two wars

    Actually, Clinton dragged us unilaterally into the invasion of Haiti, as well as full-scale military assaults on both Bosnia and Iraq. On top of that, he committed US troops to serve in policing roles in various nations.

    his commanding general was quoted as say he did not recall seeing bush jr. at post for an entire year!

    This is just as I said, its hearsay. I grew up in a military town, but not in the military, so I don’t call myself an expert, but how can a general remember every person who serves under his command at any given time over the decades. This was over 25 years ago, right? The whole campaign to smear Bush’s military record when President Clinton, who is still the head of the DNC and had absolutely no military record in the first place, is just silly.

    It annoys me to have to even argue this point. Its just hypocritical, grasping at straws, election-year politics.

    I do expect this kind of politicking, but I guess its just the fact that you totally ignore Bill Clinton’s record before becoming President, which no one can deny is worse than President Bush’s, to critisize a man for things he MIGHT have done over 25 years ago.

    I could really care less who is elected for president, as long as it is not bush

    I could take the time to answer the other points, but I think this last one spells it all out. You don’t care what is true or what is not true about President Bush, rather you just want him out.

    That I’m fine with, but lets just be honest and admit that up front rather than throwing up this whole smoke screen of “Bush lied,” “Bush is a deserter,” “Bush is a murderer.” I wanted Clinton out of office in 1996, but I didn’t feel the need to go around making up stories about him to try and make it happen, I just showed up to vote.


    David Flanagan

  • shaun

    I agree that the answer is just to go out and vote. Clinton was pressured into committing toops to haiti he voiced his resistance to sending troops there. And there is a difference between sending some troops to haiti, and other skirmishes, and a full out war. And when i said i did not care who won as long as it was not Bush, i was simply expressing the point that anyone is better than Bush

  • i was simply expressing the point that anyone is better than Bush

    Point heard and understood. Thanks for taking the time to respond to my comments.


    David Flanagan

  • This commercial was brought to you by Free Republic.

    (Thought I would help Flanagan be a little bit honest.)

  • gani Kayode- balogun, jnr

    I agree that throughout history fathers have always curry favors for their kids. but the case of GWB is different, that man-child was born an idiot, he still talks and behaves like a late blooming child. and in this frame of mind he is definately the most dangerous C-in-C that ever was. Young Americans are dying in Iraq because an underachieving, supreme court selected president is trying to finish what is father started,destroy the economy and divided the country. my prayer is to be alive in november to vote out this moron, before he causes further damage to the country.

  • Bruce H, Scroggins

    Bush is in denial, and we know it’s not a river, a dry drunk if you will, and if and when you ask him a question that requires Bush to think and fathom detailed information, he’ll freeze up and say nothing, or answer in a pattern answers, and many Drug therapist, and counselors… people in the know, have observed Bush’s behavior, and come to these conclusions and more.

    If you will look closely at the last 35 years of Bush and kerry life’s, and compare them year by year, side by side, as to what each has done with there life’s, you’ll see a stark difference in just what they’ve accomplished over this space of time, and then tell me who has the make up to lead the Nation.

    Bush is part of a plan that includes Big Business, the Military, International American Oil, among other Neo-Conservative/Republican agendas, including bringing America to the point of bankruptcy, why? You ask, the Republican Party is tired of Fighting the Dems over domestic spending, the new strategy is to, divide the Country with a couple of Religious Principles, and then just cut, cut, cut the programs, and when there’s no money left, or not enough, except for defense, and what ever the Party has always believed Government should be, then they can take the Dems social engineering out and drown it, and the Country will have to live they way the Republican Party has always said America should be, schools for those who can afford it, and schools for those who can’t, with no complaints, less Taxes, small Government, including Social Security, Why? Social Security, well both parties and the independents have taken Trillions out over the years, and both want to eliminate, but the Republicans believe that if they can cut out The Domestic programs, and cut down, in some cases, this will serves there agenda, and before the bill comes due, and there is a Bill, that say that at a certain point all the money taken out of the Trust Fund must be put back, and were talking about 26 trillion plus, neither party wants this Bill to come due.

    Look once they get rid of the Social Programs of the Left, the Rich will be richer, and the poor will be dying out slowly, not completely dead, but cut to a controlling nimber, and at the complete control of the wealthy, we will be two America’s, no more middle class, no more people with there Unions to worry Business, or hear crying about the cost of living in America. There will be two America’s the “Rich” and the “Poor’, a first world third world Country… and this is a Republic, that uses democratic principles… I don’t think so.

    Just take look at and READ “The Project for a New American Century,” recognize any names there, Oh yeah this real, I did not make it up. Now this will answer a lot of question about what is going on in America and around the world. Please remember these men tried to float this to Clinton and he turned them down flat.

  • Clinton must be getting really tired, getting blamed by the righties all the time for things that Bush did and did not do.

    While Clinton did respond to terrorist attacks effectively and with a growing concentration and focus, until the right-wing started laying it’s “wag the dog” scenario on him for doing so, this is a different election and the character of the person running – not some previous president – is the issue.

    Bush is Bush not Clinton, and Bush is the one who took the wussie path into the National Guard by leaping to the head of the waiting list, Bush is the one who did not take the drug/medical test, Bush is the one who had one driver’s license and its records deleted and replaced by another.

    That was George W. Bush and only George W. Bush

    Is that clear now?

  • Bruce H, Scroggins

    Bush is the figure head for this new Republican party’s Ideology, and those from the upper middle class up, are the only one who won’t see what this direction is doing to the rest of America, Bush dose not have a clue as to how his, bait and switch Administration policy’s have had a devastating affect on family’s, and workers, the environment, energy, and the States, as well as Education, and I believe he dose not care.

    Look some Americans think let’s stay with Bush, even though he not too bright, but he’ll be better if we just let him finish what he started… “NO” let not and say we did. Bush can look America in the eye and tell a bold face LIE, and do it convincingly, Bush in the eyes of the World is a figure of distain, and hatred, He’s wasted our good will, he’s destroyed our allies confidence in seeing America as the Nation who could do the very best at the very worst of time, and situations, it’s painful to World who use to look up to America.

    Bush’s slow recovery policy, with tax cuts for the Very well off, leaves the middle, and lower classes in a lurch, and he has the nerve to say we all have to contribute to this maniacal policy’s, look, he says give the tax money back, and the very rich will start employing people, well America has waited, and waited to be employed, and this is what happened, jobs were headed south, when Bush made these tax give back real, outsourcing continued, energy went through the roof, the cost of Insurance went up 10% plus for three straight years, small business, and big business have had pass the raised in cost of Insurance to worker…OH yeah!, on average the wages of worker in America has gone down for three straight years, and so has SAVINGS of Americans.

    More Bush policy’s, Please No MORE… 2/3’s of America cannot afford this direction, with no relief in site.

    America suffers from necked human greed, it’s money stupid, the business principles of American business’s has raped the American worker, and the world has said, bring me your work, and we will do it cheaper, and American business, has said yes, profits first. But what about American workers, well it’s to costly to my bottom line, what with Unions, and benefits, the worlds workers don’t ask for benefits, and they don’t have Unions, once America has been brought into line with the EU, and the emerging China, and India, Americas workers will be back in the late 18th century, and early 19th Century, when there were company towns, everything was owned by the business community.

    Bush’s ownership society will look good for a few years, and when the workers who bought homes lose their jobs, and then their homes, they will say, wow! Bush’s plan really was no good.

    I do care who’s wins this election, and I want some one in power who FIRST looks out for America’s security, then LOOKS out for American workers, and Looks out for fair free trade, and looks out for the LIFE, LIBERTY, the PURSUITE of Americans Happiness, that may sound Nationalistic, but our Constitutions is a NATIONALISTIC document.

  • Bruce H, Scroggins

    Kerry Hit’s a Home RUN

    I’ am listening to the debates, and Kerry look’s and sound good, Kerry is strong in his statements, and His education shows, and I believe he can get the job done, and minimize mistakes. Bush turned hard from Iraq, and Osoma, to Iraq, and did not let the Inspections continue to uncover every possible weapon, and shine a light on Iraq’s inability to hurt anyone but it’s self. But Bush saw OIL, and avenue to enrich his supporters, and he knew he couldn’t continue to rely on the Saudi’s for a steady flow of OIL or a permanent Military Base, and Bush also seen a more secure chance for Permanent base’s, in Project for the New American Century Hegemony in Iraq.

    Listen France, Germany, Russia, and Italy, and America, all were selling weapons, enriched uranium, security photo’s at one time, and nuclear technology, and they ALL were righting Contracts for future service’s with Sadom, France signed a Contract back in 1927 to fully develop their OIL fields, and was owed big money, Germany was owed big money, for weapons, and wanted to buy OIL, 40 Billion worth of OIL, and America and other countries sold CHEMICALS to make WMD’s, yes and Cheney, and Halliburton were instrumental in theses WMD’s.

    Bush ran a end run on Iraq to get control of the Land, and the OIL, and then kick Sadom out of control, but BUSH thought it would be easy, but he figured wrong, and America got burnt bad, and is now fighting a enemy were not fully prepared to finish off, and is getting stronger, every day in Iraq, and if Bush had done this to any American… listen put your self’s in these Allies shoe’s, for one moment, stop hating them for not going with us to do something they knew was wrong. And here’s another reason American OIL Companies wanted to go into Iraq. Sadom had started to refuse to accept US Currency for his OIL, and wanted the EURO DOLLAR, instead, and he had been telling a lot of the other countries to stop taking US money, and this would have been disastrous to America, and American OIL Companies, the EU, and INDIA, and CHINA, these emerging economy’s would of leaped to the forefront of world Monetary POWER, and America overnight would of fallen to a First, Third World Country in the twinkling of and eye.

    Bush knew we had to fight Terror, he also wanted to get the MAN, at first who tried to kill his Father, and all these reasons and more came together in Bush, and Cheney’s mind, but they forgot that Al-Qeda is all over the world, and America has to fight Terror ALL over the world, and you need the WORLDS support to fight terror, all over the world. Bush alienated our allies, who ON 911 were ALL Americans, and with us, but here’s what Bush did, refused to listen to his Allies, America’s long time Allies, who would of gone with America to clean up Iraq, and as this was happening, here at home he slammed, 2/3 of America, in the tax cut they received, and it was very little Tax cut, and we started down hill into debt, from a surplus. Bush lead America to massed on Iraq’s border, and cohered as many Nations as Bush, and Cheney could before going in, they stopped the Inspections before they finished, but Sadom did tell the world come, I have no weapons, and we did not find any, even up to today, NONE, NADA. Now what does American have for all Bush’s work, Our Ports, and our Borders? First, listen 95% of the Containers, NEVER searched, and 90% of the drugs that come into this Country, are NEVER caught, NEVER caught.

    Bush has left America open to attach, in the worst way, Bush has MISS LEAD AMERICA, and the SENATE, and Congress as a whole, and he refuses to correct his FINAL decisions, even in the face of withering TRUTH, even by his own supporters, let along half the country, who VOTED against him, he flatly refused to listen, Bush calls his stance RESOLUTE, but it’s arrogance, and Bush calls anyone who adjust his thinking and reasoning, or later comes to a Better decision, a FLIP-FLOPPER, listen when the lives of America Soldiers is put in Harms way, for all the wrong reason, America has to wake up and change course NOW, What do you mean?, were fighting in Iraq, and terrorist are pouring over the Borders, to kill Americans, and any Iraqis that get in the way.

    Bush keeps saying Sadom wouldn’t disarmed, Sadom had no weapons Bush, get it, NONE worth fighting about, we should of gone to the Mountains of Afghanistan, and got the people who KILLED American, here in America, and Bush should NEVER have stopped until every man was captured, or killed. NEVER STOP, NEVER GIVE UP, UNTIL THE FIGHT IS DONE UNTIL THE MURDERING MEN ARE BROUGHT UNDER ARE AMERICAN SWORD, NEVER TO DARKEN OUR SKYS, OR OUR LAND AGAIN, NEVER AGAIN.

  • Does an honorable discharge prove Bush fulfilled his service obligations?

    The administration’s spokespeople are big on claiming that an honorable discharge means that you must have met all of your service obligations. I would say that George Bush’s honorable discharge is more equivalent to his admittance to Yale.

    Did the fact that George Bush was admitted to Yale prove that he in fact met the academic standards generally needed to gain entrance to an Ivy League college? No, of course it didn’t. George Bush’s admittance to Yale only proved that he came from a rich and politically powerful family. George Bush’s honorable discharge from the National Guard is ALSO only proof that he came from a rich and politically powerful family.

  • Bruce H, Scroggins

    Military Cover up:

    If you want to stir up a hornets nest, start pressing the press to ask the military, on what records did the Military give a Honorable dicharge to Bush, and ask for the records of the investigation from Bush’s not taking the requiered Physical, by Military LAW, there has to be a investigation of why? Bush did not take a requiered Test, and if you don’t recieved the records, or they can not produce them, then you can say there is, and was a cover up of Bush’s service record, and it all started with the Military, and watch the Military cover there ass. When the press start reporting the Military has covered up Bush’s record, see how fast you get some sound proof of what actually happened with Bush, in the service.