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It’s almost clobberin’ time!

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I’ve never been a huge Fantastic Four fan. Whether or not the “World’s Greatest Comic Magazine” lived up to its name, really depended on who was writing it (unlike Spider-Man, who seems to survive a hokey script much better). But I am kinda looking forward to the new Fantastic Four movie.

USA Today has an article on the actors lined up to portray Sue Storm Richards (Invisible Woman), Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic), Ben Grimm (The Thing) and Johnny Storm (The Human Torch). And Fantastic Four Hype has the latest pictures of the characters.

I do like what they’ve done with the Thing. The costume doesn’t look too silly, considering. I am concerned with this line from the USA Today story, though: “Alas, the Thing’s trademark stogie might be stubbed out, thanks to PC concerns.” What the hell? They let Wolverine smoke in the X-Men movies. Whatever. It’s not critical, just annoying.

The look of Johnny Storm isn’t quite right for some reason. He’ll probably be ok, but he looks too old or something. I can’t quite put my finger on it. Maybe he’s not blonde enough.

Meanwhile, I’m sure Jessica Alba isn’t going to be invisible for much of the movie. At least, I hope not, or Ric the Schmuck is going to demand a refund!

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  • Vic

    Grimm needs a much more pronounced brow. Outside of that I agree that he looks cool and relatively believable.

    Johnny Storm is supposed to be blonde, and considering how similar the actor looks to the one playing Reed, I’m stunned they didn’t dye his hair.

    As far as Alba, I know people will argue, but she’s way too “hot” to play Sue Storm. She’s always been portrayed as a bit older and motherly character.


  • The version of The Thing they have will probably work better in a movie, since Kirby’s portrayals and proportions weren’t exactly realistic.

    And after seeing the photo of Jessica Alba as Sue Storm … there’re other people in this movie you say?