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It’s a Hard Brain Gonna Fall

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As I write this, the STARK Chamber of the US Supreme Court has spent three days tuning up their medieval torture devices for the evisceration of Barack Obama’s only significant achievement, his health care reform bill. The president of the high school chess club is about to discover why one doesn’t challenge the WWE of legal illogic to a match. They aren’t going to play by the rules established by the Fédération Internationale des Échecs.

Obama’s administration has been reminiscent of the Children’s Crusade. It begins with a child-like vision. It is inflated into an adult quest with fine sounding words by a powerful orator. It gathers lambs to be sent forth to peaceably convert the wolves to the vision, only to see the wolves grow fat from feasting.

Three years have gone by since Obama took office, and he still doesn’t get that he has a pack of wolves eating his sheep. His champions, both on the court and arguing before it, are outclassed by the troglodyte barbarians they confront. Elena Kagan demonstrates that her Gidget-like perkiness doesn’t make for an effective SCOTUS justice, and Solicitor General Donald Verrilli brought a rubber knife to a rhetorical gun fight. Only Sonia Sotomayor seemed to have a clue what she was about, and she’d been a judge prior to being named to the court. She must feel like Custer on the Greasy Grass.

I don’t need to make the case that Americans are in need of changes. Too many remain un- and underemployed despite all of the happy talk about an improving economy. Too many still can’t get the health care they need. College graduates are facing dire employment prospects, especially when there is an active push to advance military veterans, without student loans to repay, to the head of the job line. Military veterans themselves have it worse than civilians; I don’t think McDonald’s has much use for IED detection specialists or tank mechanics.

Only the Wall Street bankers have any reason to feel like they have been well-served by Obama. Their 2008 investment in him paid off handsomely. It took a lot of tap dancing and song singing, but the total collapse of the global economic scam was avoided. The price was the American prosperity once enjoyed by the little people.

The only thing saving Barack Obama’s reelection prospects is that the Republicans could only come up with a bunch of losers willing to run. But even the poor quality of the Republican offerings isn’t a sure thing for electoral success.

I’m very bothered by the heavy attempt by the Bush family to overtly redirect the GOP to line up behind Mitt Romney, who is both a Wall Street favorite and even more clueless than is Obama. It’s as if the Bushes watched the March 7th episode of The Rachel Maddow Show, the one in which Maddow outlines in some detail how Mitt Romney can best Obama in November. When such information comes from a learned member of one’s opposition, one who is a staunch and vocal supporter of the incumbent you seek to displace, one definitely pays attention and examines the details very carefully; especially if one is maneuvering to enhance the prospects of other members of the family to establish a dynasty. Political debts collected now will prove dear when it’s time to repay. One can hardly refuse. Naturally, the Republican Party falls into formation as ordered and snaps to attention.

Add in a massive clout from the corporate inquisition to his only significant achievement, and all of a sudden Obama has nothing major to run on. He has earned the loyalty of the gay community, but everything he ended can be easily restored by a subsequent Republican president. He’s the better choice by far with women, but he’s stepped on his supporters before. And we thought isolated “Free Speech Zones” were a thing of the Bush past!

I don’t like that Obama didn’t live up to his candidate image. I feel that the candidate had the clear vision of what needed to be done. The candidate just didn’t have it in him to be the official to bring that vision to reality. That shortcoming has already cost him the House, and keeping the Senate majority isn’t looking very good either. The devil is about to collect Obama’s political soul (assuming he wins) and the Red Shoes are about to be put on his feet so he can dance to the neocon tunes he seems to like so much.

And the band plays on. FOXtrots, mostly.

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  • Glenn Contrarian

    Realist –

    The only thing saving Barack Obama’s reelection prospects is that the Republicans could only come up with a bunch of losers willing to run.

    But that’s no accident. As long as the Republicans demand stupid policies, they will have stupid candidates.

    Add in a massive clout from the corporate inquisition to his only significant achievement, and all of a sudden Obama has nothing major to run on.

    Really? check out this site – it’s pretty humorous.

  • Snicker! Chortle! Guffaw! O, it is to titter over Twitter!

    We now return to our regularly scheduled commentary.

  • Igor

    Obama seems to be a clever politician. He knows how to walk the line so that he captures new voters from among the uncommitted while holding his old supporters. I predict he’ll win again, maybe big.

    The republicans are a forlorn lot, by comparison. Romney, apparently, is their candidate, and he’s shot himself in the foot so many times, and still not established anything you want to struggle for.

  • And yet, Igor, Rachel Maddow has outlined how Romney can still win the election. Look up the transcript for her show of 3/7/12.

  • Joseph Hamilton

    Romney is a very good politician. He was elected governor in Massachusetts the most democrat state in the US. MA’s state legislature has almost a 10:1 democrat/republican composition. It is the epitome of a yellow dog democrat state. Unlike McCain, Romney really wants to president. People are underestimating him. The king of brainless statements will always be Obama. The media are his bodyguards and will not report , his treasonous statement to new “President” of Russia that was heard due to the genius wrongly believing he was standing behind a dead mike but it was still on. He promised to continue to sell out US allies after he is reelected. I guess he has so much confidence in his stormtroopers to intimidate and use any means necessary that makes him believe his reelection is a formality.

  • Igor


    I can’t find an URL for that transcript. Maybe I listened to the podcast a couple weeks ago, but I don’t remember it.

  • Igor

    5-joseph: stormtroopers?

  • Glenn Contrarian

    Yeah, don’t you see the Obama brownshirts marching down the streets breaking the windows of every conservative business? Don’tcha see them expelling conservative business leaders and preachers from the cities and towns? Don’tcha see them confiscating all the guns?

    Look out! They’re trying to break down the doors of the local gas station! Run away! Run away!

  • “The king of brainless statements will always be Obama.”

    Not if you keep making comments like that, Joe

  • Igor

    Apparently Joseph Hamilton was asleep when the soviet union broke up and the commies went out of business. Maybe he’s Rip Van Hamilton.

    Hey Rip, the commies faded and our new enemy is Persia (of all things). Russia (that fraction of the old USSR)is our ally now.

  • Glenn Contrarian

    Santorum’s latest quote: GOP leaders are making a mistake by “trying to convince the Republicans across this country that they need Mitt Romney shoved down their throat.”

    I have to admit that as bad as that sounds, it’s a lot more [ahem] palatable than having Santorum shoved down one’s throat….

  • We need to do a lot of things in this country like rebuilding the infrastructure, replacing junk food with real food, right-sizing the military so we don’t go broke and aligning education with the jobs of the future.

    Maybe, there should be a 5 year high school program and a 3 year college program to make education more available and more affordable. We have to erase childhood diabetes to get better academic outcomes in the schools.

    We must return required gymnastics to the schools at every level to help to erase childhood diabetes and get better outcomes on all tests whether standardized or not.

    When we’ve done these things, then people will be happier with their lives. We need to do these things soon because the population is growing geometrically.

    In 2000, there were 300MM Americans. Now,there are 315 or more Americans. By mid-century, we will approach a half billion Americans and the current problems could multiply considerably.

  • Igor

    #12-Joseph: We don’t know what ‘jobs of the future’ will be, so IMO this is a tragic misstep:

    “…so we don’t go broke and aligning education with the jobs of the future.”

    We don’t know the future.

    IMO education should be wide and flexible rather than intense and specialized.

    That’s why “teach to the test” fails, (and becomes ‘cheeat to the test’) and all these kids who go home with huge homework will just become neurotic. They’ll end up hating education, which is counter-productive.

  • @Igor, Apr 01, 2012 at 8:25 am

    Google is your friedn (for now), Igor. It’s real good at finding things when you phrase the request correctly. “Rachel Maddow transcripts” presents you with a list, one of which is the MSNBC page which contains the available program transcripts. You will now have to go to the March page to find the 3/7/12 show transcript seeing as it’s now April. I think you can take it from here. You’re welcome.

  • Igor

    Sorry Realist. I have a personal policy against trying to prove someone else’s point by chasing through Google. I figure if they want to make their point they’ll give me the URL directly, especially since they probably have it at hand.