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It’s a free gig stupid!

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CMU reports on a trio of wannabe divas acting as if they already are:

According to the People, the Sugababes have made a load of extra rider demands from the organisers of GWR FM’s Free Music Concert which takes place in Bristol on Thursday. The paper says the three singers have asked for a three-course meal for themselves and 17 members of their entourage, bottles of vodka, Jack Daniels, white and red wine, Guinness, Coke, Diet Coke and Red Bull and an air-conditioned dressing room.

A GWR FM insider told the tabloid: “Because it’s a free event on a tight budget in a field, we won’t be able to fulfil requests such as the three-course meal. We might be able to let them have their own dressing room for half an hour but I doubt it will be air-conditioned. We’re also a bit concerned about the vodka, Jack Daniels, Guinness and selection of wine.”

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