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It’s a Big Deal that It’s a Small World

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Over the past decades, the world has become a lot of things but bigger. The song we loved in kindergarten is no longer just a Disney song, but a statement: it is a small, small world. All this is thanks to the growing curiosity in the minds of the now-smarter-than-ever humans who want to see all, hear all, feel all. To top it off, there are now more options to travel and the advances in technology have made jumping from one place to another even easier. Now what has this done to mankind?

Well, for starters, everyone’s opinions are no longer limited to whatever influences his little town has about certain matters. When you need to make an important decision in your life, you no longer just have your family and friendly neighbors to ask—you have, literally, the whole world at your disposal. Just go online, post a question about the tough decision you have to make on one of the many networking sites, and within minutes you can have people from all over the world of all ages and nationalities arguing which is the best road for you to take.

The Internet has played a huge role in all this. It definitely made people more curious about so many things. The more you know, the more questions you have. The hunger for knowledge, regardless of how trivial the questions may be, keeps growing stronger because all of a sudden you have access to any place and event, and you can find out what everyone else has done and is doing with their lives, no matter where you are in the world. You can now hang out with an old friend who lives oceans away—instead of choosing a restaurant or a bar like you used to, you just now have to say which chat program or networking site you will meet in.

The world has definitely become smaller. While it has been fun and exciting for everyone, it is also not just about that. The whole world is now your hometown and you cannot just care about the things that affect those that share citizenship with you. You need to be more conscious about what is going on around you. You now have more responsibility for the things you say and do because the whole world is watching. It is now a small, small world—and that is a big deal because now more than ever, the little things you do can make a big difference in so many lives.

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