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iTMS for Windows One Week Away?

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Its seems Apple is planning some sort of announcement one week from today that promises that “The year’s biggest music story is about to get even bigger.”

Can there be any doubt what the subject will be? Granted, it is all still a rumor, but I happen to believe at least the media event part, and we should be hearing more official confirmation of the event soon, as Big Media receive theirs in the mail.

And then we wait. I don’t even know why I’m so excited – I’ve got a Mac and already use the iTMS. But I am excited, for all of my non-Mac-using friends. I’m a little worried that iTMS for Windows might be shoddy software, as experience tells me that most Windows software is, but I have hopes.

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  • I guess it’s official! Apparently, CNet got their invitation already.

  • I guess emusic with their announcement today, tried to … wait, what the hell were they thinking?

    Since iTunes Music Store isn’t available in Canada (it says you can look, but don’t touch) I can’t really compare. eMusic takes my money, but doesn’t allow me to download a couple of thousand titles which are born in the USA.

    I really like the itunes inteface, it is so impulse buy, which if emusic wants to go to per track payage, they need, but don’t have.

    Oh, well, I guess I can just go back to my record collection of 3K LPs, 5K CDs, and 60gb of MP3s.

  • I just sent an email to try and RSVP. If they let me, I’ll go and report back.

  • Sweet, Steve! That would be very nice.

  • Eric Olsen

    Jim, you would think with NAFTA and everything they would be able to resolve these kinds of things for Canada and Mexico, our “partners” in North America. It really sucks that there are all these different regulations, stipulations and restrictions.

  • As Shannon points out over here, perhaps the arrival of the indie labels in iTMS is another part of the big announcement. That would be nice.

  • Argh! I just rembered that 10am Pacific is noon, my time. And Steve’s report will undoubtedly come some time after that.

    I debated going to my local Apple store, which is apparently showing the event in their theater, but I already have a lunch appointment. 🙁