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It Isn’t Paranoia If They Really Are Out to Get You

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I have been on Facebook for several years. I go back to the time when it was only open to those who had a .edu email address in fact. Now that the site has expanded to the masses it has brought the typical gamut of problems along with it, but there is one problem that would be much improved if people would just exercise a little common sense.

I know, I know; common sense isn’t really all that common. You don’t need to tell me that water is wet either. But here is the thing, I want to dispense a little common sense for those who are sorely in need of it, so here are some things to look out for and be wary of on Facebook.

One of the things that I see ad nauseum on Facebook these days are the apps that promise to show you who is viewing your profile or something similar. You probably have seen them already. Maybe it is the link that promises to tell you who has deleted you from their friends list, the picture that says one of your friends was tagged when the photo looks nothing like them or the video that sounds too scandalous to believe.

There is also my personal non-favorite and the inspiration for this advice: any apps that promise you can see who has been looking at your profile. Most of them are viruses that are just looking for you to give them access to your account. Some of them are undoubtedly less overt than others but many of them start posting all kinds of obnoxious things on your behalf. Here is the really simple, common sense answer to all those who are worried about who is looking at your profile or obsessing over who is checking you out.

If you don’t want someone to see it, don’t put it on your profile in the first place. Alternately, if you don’t want certain people looking at your profile or checking you out, then set your privacy settings to the extreme and don’t include those people in your friend list. This isn’t difficult and it will save you some potential grief from viruses and malware apps that want to steal the data you think they are protecting.

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