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It Has Begun

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The reign of Senor C that is. Greetings from Washington, DC. As the newest member of the Blogcritics cabal, I hope to bring a refreshing take on, well, just about everything I have time for. My main blogging interest lies in politics, but I definitely take the time to either slobber all over or completely destroy movies, CDs and the occasional recipe. Don’t jump to conclusions just yet. I no longer espouse the metrosexual lifestyle, as it was once so hip to do. I’m just a regular guy with a flare for USEFUL couture…uh, I mean culture. Check out my team blog Restless Mania in your random web travels. I promise we won’t disappoint. Hold on to your knickers chaps, and get ready for some old-fashioned Filipino fascism. Huzzah!

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About Senor C

  • Welcome – I sense bravado, narcissism, and unsolicited defensiveness. I think you’ll do ok around here. One thing, do learn how to link products to your pieces. Though it sounds a bit crass or commercial, it is the only way we can stay afloat. Eric will explain the simple way to add Amazon stuff (which make the pieces look a bit more interesting as well).

  • Eric Olsen

    thanks Lono, you speak with the evangelistic enthusiasm of the recently converted.

    Welcome Senor C!