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It all comes together…

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I normally write these updates on Monday, and I have gotten a few complaints about my tardiness. I have to plead being uber-busy, as this weekend I helped a f.of.G.o.D. with getting his website up as well as writing a tale for Storyblogging carnival. This tale will actually show up in the next one as I found an older one that was never published that is prequel to the current one. Another thing I was doing yesterday was chatting to Michele about the possiblity of her husband doing our band’s cover. Considering how many bloggers are involved in the band project already, I thought it would be silly not to use a talented blogger’s husband to do the cover. We shall see how that pans out. Another thing that took some time this week was the fact that I seem to be going to 3 gigs, 3 nights in a row, including the 100th anniversary of Norwegian Independence (headlined by Satyricon) and its pre-show party. Of course, last week I saw the awesome Suffrajets one night and then the interesting Moth the next night.

I took Friday off from going out, so I was rested for Saturday. In an effort to get us all in the same place at the same time, I travelled to pick John up in West Wimbledon and then we headed off to Orpington. On the way we got a bit of sleet and snow, and had a wee bit of sing-along as well as a good chat about some album logistics. As is the norm Rob and John widdled and jammed for about an hour or so before we got it in gear as a band. They were taking advantage of the fact that John brought his lap-top for drum backing-tracks. I popped, (I was on the top floor chatting to my other project about things,) and they were playing something that sounded vaguely formed. It was harder and proggier than our normal fare, but never fear I had lyrics for it! Not only that but John brought along the mic, so I grabbed it and growled out the tune. In the end we managed to get the song pretty much sorted, our first power-metal one! (Not going to end up on the album.)

Then we moved onto our own stuff and ran through ‘Soft Side’ several times and according to John I was actually able to hit the high-notes in the chorus that I was unable to hit before. I am guessing that all the rehearsing I am doing at home, singing several tunes including ‘Swing Low Sweet Chariot’, ‘Lonely & Gone’ and a couple of ours. I guess the ‘Secrets to Heavy Rock Singing’ was spot on at keeping up my voice. After that we ripped through ‘Whiskey & Westminster,” a minute of which I recorded on the phone.

After the most successful session we have had ever, Rob and I headed to London to seperate parties. I went to a party in St James for Matthew & Florence’s engagement. While the venue was a bit pricey and filled with terribly pretentious people, it was a good evening with a diverse bunch of people. Amusingly enough the place closed at 11 allowing me to head off to Decadence to meet Norwegian nutter Gnorhat and a few other Norwegians. I had to stand in the snow for about 50 minutes before getting in, but the nice Norwegians took good care of me. I got home at e:30 or so and was a in abed at 4 after a very useful and productive day.

We plan to have another session next weekend as well as getting our site.

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