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It Ain’t Easy Being Emo When Your Moon Is Trine Jupiter: Astrology In Real Life

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It’s my daughter. She’s ridiculous. She’s 11-years-old but in 7th grade with older kids. Today I dyed her hair jet black (it’s usually dark brown) to go with her new Emo haircut. She’s also got her fingernails painted black and she is writing dark poetry – lots of death and knives and suicide in it, however she can’t seem to read it without grinning.

I told her to go ahead with her black eyeliner when she reminded me, “You had fads when you were a kid.” Here she is all decked out, a stack of suicide poems in her hand, and looking as morose as Pluto in Scorpio rising can look, which is pretty morose, but it only lasts a few seconds.

My daughter has a 9th house (happy) Moon trine Jupiter (happy) in Sagittarius (happy). I’m sorry, but I don’t care how deep your soul is, with a configuration like that, you are only going to be able to dip down so far and for so long.

This morning, she’s got her look together (her costume, because her Moon is in Leo) and I find her in her room with her brother watching Tickle Me Emo which mocks the whole Emo movement. They’re both laughing their heads off at Elmo, who has gone Emo. I watched this with them – it’s funny and clever. He lives on Depress-esame Street.

emo kid“Yep, that’s what happened to your sister,” I said to my son. “Tell everyone your sister has gone Emo along with Elmo, and you’re sure to follow because black hair is just so nice.”

They both roared.

“Okay,” I said as I stood up to leave. “I’ll help you two out of your depression and your suicidal tendencies (my son has the Moon Jupiter opposition; he ain’t going down either) just as soon as you quit laughing. Call me if you need me, I’ll be around. I’ll be here and catch you two right before you hit the grave so if you get close, you just let me know.”

Two snorts.

Isn’t astrology a trip?

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  • hey there im not emo but a fiary all happy but i have a emo girl that really cool to hang with but shes really emo and she cuts her self what should i do ? she only dresses in black and her mom or dad dont care but i do i dont kn what to do . can u help me ?

  • ryley

    i am emo… or just a cheap imitation of goth but my school is filled with rich preps and i dont really care about my appearance to them, but i need a shoulder to cry on…every night. wat can i do?

  • ryley

    dear kenton, get this “girl” a friend that understands her. someone that can comprehend and feel her pain.i emerged myself even deeper into the emo lifestyle just recently when my only emo friend moved. huh, life sucks…for the most part