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Israeli Government Sinks into the Sewer – Welcomes “Nazi” Pope

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In a couple of days, traffic will be jammed in Jerusalem and the life of the average Jerusalemite will be totally miserable. Why? The sitting Bishop of Rome will make his presence known in our land. Like other bishops of Rome, he will do all he can NOT do to recognize Jewish sovereignty over this nation, particularly Jerusalem. Like other Bishops of Rome, he will be catered to by the idiots who form the secular government of this country.


Because just like the wheedling ghetto Jews of the previous centuries, these idiots will consider it an utter honor that the Big Goy himself is coming to visit.

Boy oh boy! The Pope himself! Wow!

Of course, like the wheedling Jews of previous centuries, they will ask and beg and bow — well, all right, they won’t bow, they have a bit more dignity than B. Hussein Obama, though not much. The attitude shown by Israeli government officials and rabbis alike is shameful! But this is the attitude they take. President Shim’on Peres will escort this man to Yad Vashem, our memorial to those who were murdered by the Nazis. And this man, Joseph Ratzinger, a former Nazi himself, will desecrate that memorial with his mere presence.

Like all foreigners who come here wagging their hypocritical fingers about “peace”, this man has an agenda for controlling this nation. Ratzinger’s is to see that Jerusalem is removed from Jewish control, internationalized (this was the Vatican proposal in 1948 and has remained its “solution” ever since) and to get control for the Vatican of the buildings immediately adjacent to the Dormition Abbey, built early in the last Christian century as the place where the crown prince of the German Empire was to be crowned, as though he were to be the new Holy Roman Emperor.

The Dormition Abbey was built to resemble almost exactly a similar chapel in Aix-la-Chapelle where Charlemagne was crowned 1209 years ago.

Unfortunately, Crown Prince Louis never got the chance to do this because his daddy, Wilhelm II of Germany, took his country into a general European war – and facing defeat, fled to Holland tossing his crown to the Kingdom of Prussia and the Empire of Germany into the trash. But the Vatican did not forget the chapel at all. There is a Catholic prophecy of sorts that the next bishop of Rome will be the last. Why would the Vatican be applying so much of its muscle to get control of the Diaspora Yeshiva and the Sephardi Synagogue of Mount Zion which are both adjacent to the Dormition Abbey on Mount Zion?

Rumor has it that the Vatican wants to present this last Bishop of Rome, who is supposed to go under the name “Peter the Roman,” from the Dormition Abbey on Mount Zion.

Get it? The law shall go forth from Zion! Mount Zion!

Catholics view themselves as the “real” Israel, the Chosen of G-d, and that we Jews, ever since Judas betrayed Jesus to the Romans for 30 pieces of silver, lost that place of primacy of being the Chosen People. So all this scheming and back-room haggling to get control of prime pieces of Jerusalem real estate, all the resentment over Jewish control of Jerusalem, all the efforts to kick us out of OUR capital, are all about the Vatican’s designs to push their theology down everyone’s throat and reverse the “damage” done by Jewish sovereignty over Jerusalem.

In that sense, the Catholic Vatican is no different from the Persian’s Shi’a Moslem little Hiter — Ahmadinejad — who wants to use the Temple Mount to present the Mahdi, the Moslem version of the messiah, to the world as its ruler.

The Israeli government has the sense to treat Ahmadinejad as the enemy he is. But they do not have the sense to treat the bishop of Rome as the enemy that he is. If the bishop of Rome was as open and honest and straightforward with his plans as is Ahmadinejad, maybe the idiots on Government Hill in Jerusalem would understand. But these idiots are so used to seeing the bishop of Rome as the Big Goy, that they cannot see the evil designs of the Vatican that Ratzinger heads. And the Vatican is always in the habit of being secretive, of saying nothing as though all must bend their knees to the bishop of Rome. And the Israeli leaders (and loads of rabbis as well) act as if they must bend the knee also, even though they would not be caught dead actually bowing – like Obama was.

Only one group of people have the sense to welcome Ratzinger as what he is – a criminal.

According to Arutz Sheva “Pro-Land of Israel activists Baruch Marzel and Itamar Ben-Gvir will roll out the red carpet for Pope Benedict XVI’s arrival – by pressing criminal charges against him.” According to Arutz Sheva, the criminal complaint details a record of treasures and possessions that belong to the Jewish People that are allegedly being held in the Vatican in Rome. Among the treasures claimed are vessels plundered from the Temple by the Romans under the command of then-general Titus, including the seven-branched golden Menorah.

While I’m not sure of all the legalities, it would appear that the Vatican is the closest one can get to a “successor in interest” to the Roman Empire. And claims have been made over the centuries that the Vatican sits on the Temple treasure. Whether those claims are true are for a court — armed with sub-poena power and the right to force the Vatican to open its doors, at gunpoint if necessary — to decide.

Otherwise, we do not know.

But even if it isn’t true, the Bishop of Rome will at least be met as a criminal, which is what faces Israeli leaders in Europe for truly fictional crimes. Their only crime, where they may have actually done it, was to defend the Jewish nation against genocidal Arab savages bent on massacring it. It’s important that Europeans get a taste of what they are dishing out, and Karl Ratzinger is a European. The Europeans have hated us for centuries because of their “religion of love,” Christianity. They have actualized that hatred into rapes, massacres, murders, discrimination, and finally a holocaust of a third of our people. In the last two decades, these scum have done all they can to de-legitimize our country, and to ban our religious customs from being practiced in their own countries. Turning Europe into a Jewish graveyard was not enough for them, apparently.

So, let the warrants be served – and let the European scum understand how lowly we truly hold them. Now, let the bastards have a real reason to hate us.

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Hi!! Thanks for coming to my article! I was raised in Brooklyn, was graduated from the City University of New York in 1978 with a BA in political science and public administration there. I lived in Minnesota for a number of years. There I managed restaurants and wrote stories. We moved with our children family to Israel where we now reside. My work can be found at Ruvy's Roost, Jewish Indy,, and on Facebook under my full name, Reuven Kossover
  • david

    dear ruvy,

    i had hoped that you would, and i’m disappointed. however, i certainly did not intend my letter as a challenge, and it is not your responsibility to allay my fears. can you suggest where i might properly direct those questions?


    david von loewenfeldt

  • Ruvy

    AT a press conference on 4 may, preparatory to the visit of the bishop of Rome, there was a press conference for the FPA in Jerusalem. This question was asked of the papal representative:

    Dr. Kronish began his remarks with reference to two recent dates in church history. My question concerns two other dates in church history: Today, May 4, 2009; and March 23, 1993, seventy six years ago.

    Please, would you tell us why, on March 23, 1933, was the German Catholic Center Party, under the leadership of Monsignor Kass, ordered by the Vatican to cast the swing vote giving the Nazis the two thirds majority they needed in the Reichstag to pass Hitler’s ‘Enabling Act’, destroying German parliamentary democracy and inaugurating the new Nazi dictatorship?

    And would you please tell us why; until today, May 4, 2009, has the Vatican never excommunicated a single Nazi war criminal born Catholic, including Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler; church leaders who collaborated with the Nazis, such as Monsignor Tiso, ruler of the Nazi puppet state of Slovakia; and church leaders, such as Tirolean Bishop Aloys Hudel and Croatian priest Father Krunoslav Draganovic, who participated with many others in running the Berlin-Rome-Buenos Aires Ratlines, which smuggled hundred if not thousands of Nazi war criminals, and money and property they stole, out of Europe to Argentina and other havens of refuge at the end of World War Two?”

    Silence descended over the room as the import of the questions sunk in on the other reporters. Mr. Kronish asked if he could talk with his interlocutor later. He never did.

    The silence of the Vatican over the evil it has done, and continues to do today speaks volumes about them – very loudly.

  • In addition to making life miserable for everyone in Jerusalem today (my wife had to return home because buses were not running to where she works – that was NIS 23 on wasted busfare), the bishop of Rome demonstrated the determination of the Vatican to deny Jewish sovereignty over the Land of Israel. From the article:

    The papal visit was implicitly political from the moment the pope landed at Ben Gurion Airport from Jordan Monday. At the Vatican’s request, Israel removed its national flag from the welcoming ceremony while Pope Benedict implicitly called for the establishment of a new Palestinian Authority state.

    The bishop of Rome bullied the Israeli government into denying its own sovereignty or right to rule – if a guest tells you to take your name off the mailbox when he shows up, what the hell is he telling you? – that he owns your house! But the Israeli government was stupid enough to comply. Only Shimon Peres, who agreed to hand over control over the Old City to the Vatican as part of the Olso Accords, understood the real meaning of what was going on. The rest of these fools are idiots and cowards who have no concept of Jewish pride. The proper title for them is ” kapo judenrat”.

    So, again we see why the Israeli government has sunk into the sewer. The bastards – all of them – should be kicked out of office – they shame us at every opportunity.

  • David, I’ll answer you off-line

  • david

    dear ruvy,

    can you help me? i would have written to you privately if i had known how to do so. public debate often seems for the sake of the audience, and i seek only knowledge and understanding for myself. my heart is troubled by you and by the point of view that you seem to share. your passion and your eloquence lead me to hope that you will take the time to answer me, and with the same spirit that i write. i truly do not understand you and i would like to.

    i cannot feel what you feel, for i have no tribe. i do not know what it is to will the identity of this thing. nor do i believe that anything whatsoever has any right to exist. on a long enough time line, all things from persons to nations will return to the dust. i do, however, respect that all things from governments to men feel that they have a right to preserve the existence they have, and i respect any action taken for this end. you say that the identity of your nation requires a non democratic jewish majority. you imply that it requires or justifies the actions of israel within the occupied territories. if i saw with your eyes i might feel with your heart. i had a good friend in high school who deeply wanted to return to israel for military service out of love for his tribe and of hatred for his enemy. i had tremendous respect for this man and had i either of these things, i might feel the same. however, if i behaved as a man towards other men the way i believe the nation of israel to behave towards the nation of palestine, then i would answer for these things as crimes if i came before your Great Name in judgement. the rabbi hillel once said “what is hateful to you do not do to your neighbor. that is the whole of the law and the rest only commentary.” you say that we are hypocrites who condemn these actions and you are correct to do so. our nations are build upon the bones of those we have slain to take them and our fields are watered with their blood. our “humanitarians”, from their priviliged positions of distance from the murders that granted their own inheritances say that the end of european colonialism was the end of it being acceptable for one people to rape another. with all my heart, i would that this were so, but the world i see is built and sustained by violence. all life as i know it is fed from other life. you are a jew from a tribe of jews. you hate those who are the enemy of jews and those who share your hatred and die for it are heroes. but this is the first question i ask you: how could all other tribes not feel exactly the same? if you were born an arab, whould you feel differently? would you not still feel a will to survive that the treads of tanks cannot crush? would you not still feel rage that your mother should wake in the night to the screams of bombs or see the blood of her children shed before her? in that the violence of your nation is done for the love of its people, i have empathy for it- even for those actions that to me are oppression and racism and bigotry- but i tell you plainly, were i an arab born in occupied palestine, then others would be heroes to me. can you truly not say this?

    i do not think that anything has a right to exist, but i do respect that which can cause itself to do so. i think that any system is worthy of being if it can sustain itself under its own power, and i feel this to be a deep truth of all systems, from ecology to politics. as an american, it is my understanding that large amounts of my tax dollars go towards funding the weapons that guarantee the survival of israel. i do not believe that nuclear weapons should exist at all. they have no power to grant victory, but only an even more horrible kind of defeat. my nation has given yours this thing, and there are circumstances under which i believe you would use it. this is deeply frightening to me. does israel stand, then, under her own power? was she built from your blood and my money? i do not seek to compare these two commodities. the life of even one is worth more than i will ever earn and you have sacrificed many of your own. but i would give you nothing at all, and if you existed, i would call that the only definition of your right and i would welcome you as a brother. why am i paying for your existence? and if it requires that i do so, why do you feel entitled to it?

    what is a tribe? a web of connections? of blood? some of my blood is aztec. are they my tribe? you carry the memory of thousands of years and the grief of the ancestors that came before you. should i? is spain my enemy? the cuture of these ancestors of mine was extinguished utterly from the earth. the genocide they experienced was total. i am not, however, a member of any tribe. no crime may be done to me but to my person, my family or to all of humanity. i do not seek to compare wounds with you for i have none. i sit now in safety, half a world away from bombs and bloodshed, and i have never seen these things with my eyes. i have no grandfather, no aunt with a blue number tattooed at the wrist. i have no reference for how you feel about that atrocity that out respect for my total lack of understanding, i will not even name. but yours is not the only people to have been dispossessed, to have been brutalized. the gypsies, kurds and basques have no homeland. the armenians, cambodians and nearly every indigenous people to be the victims of colonialism have experienced genocide. this is not the history of the jews, it is the history of tribalism itself. does this not exist within the very definition of a tribe? to say that these are your people and these are not, do you not make enemies of all you do not make allies? you call me a goy, a gentile, you say that i am scum. do you hate me for the blood that i do not share with you? am i your enemy? should you be mine? i prefer that you be my brother. i have no tribe, and all men to me are sacred reflections of the Great Name. throughout human history there has never been any permanant peace between any two tribes of men. do you truly seek a nation that will ever not be at war?

    it is not my intent to offend you with these questions. i do not understand you, and i seek to. i invite you to respond to me [Personal contact info deleted] as i do not write seeking attention, but only knowledge. i did not know who else to ask these things.

    with the utmost sincerity,

    david von loewenfeldt

  • Let’s try this again.

    Much of this article has been condemnatory of the bishop of Rome. But the title is “Israeli Government Sinks into the Sewer” and this is its main point. From this opinion article in Arutz Sheva, we see why: our Ministry of Tourism has produced a video that is a manifesto promoting Christian doctrine as indisputable truth, Israel as the land of Christianity and Jesus as G-d and the Messiah…..

    Some examples of the rhetoric employed in the film:

    The story of Jesus is referred to as “in fulfillment of Biblical prophecy” (not “in fulfillment of Christian belief” or even “in fulfillment of New Testament prophecy”).

    The narrative declares: “The Heavenly Host appeared and said, ‘Here is born to you this day, in the city of David, a savior, who is Christ, the Lord.'”

    After Jesus is baptized, we hear: “…and a voice came from Heaven, saying, ‘This is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased.’ Afterwards, Jesus began the ministry that would transform the world.”

    Then it states that Israel, too, “is being transformed. Israel’s hi-tech and biotech industries help make the world a better place to live.” Not our contribution through the Bible, through our prophets, through our continuing spiritual wealth. As a matter of fact, at no point do we hear the word “Jew”, “Jewish” or “Judaism” in the video.

    The idiots in the government do not seem to realize that by doing this they shame every Jew who sacrificed his life for his faith, let alone his country. As I’ve pointed out before, the secular elite doesn’t give a damn about G-d, religion or our heritage. So, they are content to paint us all as money-grubbing Jews with no idea of what faith means. Is it any wonder that the bishop of Rome, the Arabs and the Europeans look at us as dogs?

  • Much of this article has been condemnatory of the bishop of Rome. But the point mainly is that the Israeli government has sunk into a sewer. From this

  • Dan,

    I’m a little more awake now, and given that it is 09:45 in the morning here, I should be up.

    What you refer to in your comment about the J-curve is the view of Israeli society of an outsider who is measuring by particular vectors – but does not appear to know much about Israel. In my article on Israel’s 2009 election some months back, I gave a detailed analysis of this country’s social makeup from the inside.

    First of all, the issue this nation faces is not “democracy” but identity.

    The secular elite that rules Israel keeps pushing for a “state of all its citizens”, which seems more democratic to an American’s ears, but includes the Arab minority into the mix in such a way as to cripple the Jewish nature of the country. Including the Arab minority ignores the fact that the Arabs are opposed to the existence of the country to begin with. Given that the secular elite doesn’t give a damn about religion, and only seeks freedom from it, what we get is a skewed series of rulings from the judicature which reflect the social prejudices of the small club that gets to pick judges in Israel; a suicidal foreign policy based on flattering our enemies instead of crushing them; and a declining set of morals that matches the declining morals in the States, the society the secular elite apes slavishly.

    That vision can be called the “Israeli” vision – or more accurately the “Canaanite” vision, as it was first fully elucidated by that name by Uri Avneri, in his book, “Israel Without Zionism”, around 1970.

    As you may have deduced by now, I do not subscribe to this “Israeli” or “Canaanite” vision of this nation’s identity. I do not seek a theocracy, or more precisely, a rabbi-ocracy. God forbid that this country be ruled by rabbis! They can barely run synagogues without cooking the books – they certainly can’t run a country! But I do seek a country run by believers like myself, people who seek to fulfill the Jewish destiny of this nation, and more importantly, much more importantly, recognize that the Jewish destiny must give way to a re-constituted Children of Israel composed of us Jews, the Pathans (who are now largely Taliban extremists calling for our blood), and an unidentified group of people who make up the remaining tribes. Such a reconstituted nation would recognize the essential freedoms of man, but insist that this Land be run publicly as a nation that obeys the fundamental precepts of the Torah. This vision is not that far from what is actually practiced now.

    In such a Land, a man like the Bishop of Rome, who presides over what is in essence idol-worship combined with pseudo-cannibalism (that’s how I view Christianity), would not be welcome at all.

  • I shouldn’t be up this late, Dan (it’s after 04:00 here). I read this through, sleepy as I am, and cannot answer intelligently. I’m too tired. But I do appreciate that you take this seriously. It is meant seriously.

  • I think I see where Ruvy is going with this and other articles, and even as an Agnostic/Atheist, I think that I may understand his position; to that extent I agree with it. To the extent that I err in understanding his position, I hope that Ruvy will correct me.

    Israel was created as a Jewish state even though many of her leaders appear to be secular, to have forgot Israel’s roots and to be less than fully mindful of or concerned about what is likely to become of Israel in the long term should she follow their lead.

    Ian Bremmer’s The J Curve attempts to analyze in some depth twelve quite different countries and to apply his thesis that countries can experience great stability regardless of the quantum of openness to freedoms and foreign ideas which may exist within their borders. The curve has stability on the vertical axis and openness on the horizontal axis, openness increasing along the horizontal axis from left to right. Some countries where freedoms are highly repressed can become less repressive, but as they do so risk falling into the pit of gross instability. If they do not fall irreparably into that pit, they can once again become stable but simultaneously more free. They are depicted on Bremmer’s J Curve as sliding down the curve from the left, through the bottom, and then moving up the curve to the right. Countries can also slide down the curve from the right, pass through the bottom at the risk of falling into the pit of gross instability, and if they don’t fall off the curve, then ascend the curve on the left to great stability but little freedom. The analysis makes a lot of sense to me.

    When Bremmer wrote his book in 2006, he considered Israel “the only true democracy in the Middle East,” although he noted that others were making at least modest strides in that direction. Israel was well along the J Curve into the realms of both stability and freedom. According to Bremmer,

    In creating the state of Israel, the nation’s founders hoped to accomplish three things: they wanted to found a Jewish state, they wanted the new state to be a democracy, and they wanted to build this new homeland on the entirety of the biblical land of Israel. . .

    However, Bremmer notes that today,

    the greatest threat to Israeli security — and to its place on the right side of the J curve — comes not from without but from within. The multiparty system has worked reasonably well for Israelis — as long as Jews held a strong majority. But as Jewish immigration into Israel slows and Arab demographic growth continues, the balance is shifting.

    Bremmer observes that according to various studies, Israel may have a minority Jewish population relatively soon; 47 percent by 2020 and 37 percent by 2050.

    That demographic political shift would be unacceptable to large numbers of Israeli voters. Because Arabs would then hold a veto over Jewish policy on the governance of the Jewish state, the Israeli government might well seek undemocratic means of excluding them from Israeli politics. Were Arabs to revolt against this more authoritarian system, Israeli Jews would be forced to protect their most basic interests. The result would likely be a vicious circle that goes beyond civil unrest, terrorism, and reprisals of the intifadas; the conflict would undermine the very democratic character of the Israeli state.

    Consequently, Israel could slip down the J curve from the right, and either fall off or pass through the bottom; should she not fall off the curve, she could ascend to the left, with great stability but few freedoms.

    There have, in the past, been Christian states which were little more welcoming to Jews than some Islamic states now are to Jews, to Christians or to others. If the Christians had control of states in the past, I can see no greater harm in Israel being a Jewish state.

    Some of Israel’s neighbors are Islamic states and rigidly enforce what they perceive to be Islamic law. They do not welcome Jews, Christians or others of different religious beliefs. In some, the religious texts and rituals favored by Jews, Christians and others are forbidden, and can be dealt with as serious crimes. Iran, in many respects an Islamic theocracy, has expressed a fervent desire that Israel cease to exist — as a Jewish or even as a secular state. An Islamic state appears to be Iran’s objective.

    I can certainly understand why many religious Jews, and also some secular Jews, would not like to see this sort of Islamic domination in Israel, which appears to be a very real possibility. I also understand why it would be undesirable were Israel to ascend the left side of the J curve under severe repression of others by Jews or of Jews by others. I can see no greater harm in Israel being a democratic Jewish state than in becoming a theocratic Islamic state; the latter case seems likely to be far worse to the extent that freedom and some form of democracy are desirable and viable objectives.

    To the extent that “Ratzinger . . . hopes to see . . . Jerusalem . . . removed from Jewish control, internationalized (this was the Vatican proposal in 1948 and has remained its “solution” ever since) . . . “ and to get Papal or other foreign control over any part of Israel, I agree with Ruvy.


  • By definition are all gentiles bad?

  • My apologies, Baronius, you are right. I will endeavor to have my error corrected forthwith.

  • Baronius

    Ruvy – Joseph Ratzinger, not Karl.

  • MAOZ

    Hey, Ruvy, Shavua tov! I left a comment on Motzaei Shabbat on your “Any day you die…” article — I don’t know whether you saw it. Just pointed out that this German Pope, former Hitler Youth member, is scheduled to arrive in Jerusalem on Hitler’s yahrtzeit by the Jewish calendar (Yud-zayin Iyyar).
    Interesting, no?