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Israel Will Not Tolerate Iranian Provocation

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Hosni Mubarak, now in exile, was making some effort to resolve differences between factions in Israel/Palestine that were seething with unresolved conflict. Similar efforts were progressing through efforts by the United States, and the American Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. Suddenly these efforts appear to have fallen into passivity, as new developments overtake them, threatening the peace of Israel and by extension, the free world. Indeed, one of the more important interests of the United States as we watch the ongoing changes in Egypt, is the U.S. concern that the Suez Canal may go unprotected,and act as a conduit for weapons into the troubled areas on the eastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

Our American view of Iran and volatile Ahmadinejad has deteriorated on a daily basis. Iran is in upheaval, and there is no powerful force that can come forward to protect and defend those who, in the words of our President, are “yearning for peace and freedom.” The Iranian government, always threatening, always seeking to be a nuclear threat, has responded with violence against the demonstrators. When outspoken members of the American congress, such as Senator John McCain, speak repeatedly of bombing Iran, we have to wonder, is McCain sending a message, or does he mean it? It is clear that McCain has heavy-handed political ambitions for the future. The efforts the gentleman from Arizona have made to appear among the newly centrist can hardly have gone unnoticed. McCain has consistently been opposed to Iran and the rulers of that nation that is a dominant force in the Arab world. Obama too, is making a continuing effort to appear centrist; in that regard, he has taken a stronger tone against Iran.

Today, Reuters is warning the world that Israel is not taking lightly the traversing of the Suez, nor the coming war maneuvers in the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz by Iran. Iran seems cocky as they announce plans to deploy warships near Israel, and to dock at a Syrian port. Israel’s Foreign Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, on February 16, said, “Tonight, two Iranian warships are meant to pass through the Suez Canal to the Mediterranean Sea and reach Syria, something that has not happened in many years.” Israel has indicated it is monitoring ship movement, cannot ignore provocations, and has every intention of taking action if action is warranted. “Israel cannot ignore these provocations.”

The upheaval continues, for the good, or the bad. The world is still a dangerous and unpredictable place to live.

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  • Me

    Who cares of the Israeli warmongers lunatic propaganda and allegations, their US poodles on payroll? Nobody sane/objective or having a single clue of the facts, mostly absent from the US so-called “free” press…

    “The Suez Canal Authority said it had not been informed of any request from the Iranians to send ships through the canal but added that it would have no objections if they asked.”

    What do the extreme-right Israeli gov want again, some excuse for another “preemptive” strike paved with lies?

    Give us a break.

    Now “yearning for peace and freedom” is what are doing the Palestinians for decades, being denied of their rights by the land-grabbing and apartheid-leaning Israeli State, the US enabler vetoing any UN resolutions trying to enforce international law, etc. The US, which planted or supported most of the dictatorships in the middle-east, can really speak of hypocrisy…

  • Ruvy

    Oh, how amusing. John, you brought the Israel-haters out.

    Oh, if only we had a government of “extreme right wingers” in Israel instead of American poodles and lackies (the only accurate statement in comment #1). I don’t move in circles that would reveal our strategy against our enemies, and wouldn’t reveeal it if I did, but a pre-emptive strike of one kind or another is exactly what the doctor ordered.

  • John Lake

    I don’t have to tell you that repercussions of any serious preemptive strike could potentially expand to a global firestorm.

  • I don’t have to tell you that repercussions of any serious preemptive strike could potentially expand to a global firestorm.

    You’re a sharp boy, John. You catch on quick! It’s called “wars of the messiah”, and they are a global firestorm.

  • John Lake

    The United States is now dedicated to unity with Muslims, Christians, and all people (endowed by the Creator with in-alienable rights). If different groups take control of the American Government, that situation could change. The vast majority of Americans are now hoping for unity with Muslims.
    As we also know, there is new feeling in the world for non-violence. As this feeling continues, the world can be a better place.
    We must hope that groups that only recognize Muslim populations, such as Hezbollah, and Hamas, will seize on the opportunities now present to work for a future united with all people.
    If all humans were more moral, as they were in the past, these problems might decrease.
    Also, the Jews too will have to accept the things they cannot change, change the things they can.
    Please excuse my emotional outpouring.

  • It’s wasted on Ruvy, no disrespect to either of you, unless hate is taken out of the equation. And no, the US is far from dedicated to the kind of unity you’re talking about, John Lake. At this point, it’s just a posture, necessitated if I may add by the recent developments in the Middle East, in light of which our government had no choice but to start paying lip service to the rhetoric of democracy and freedom.

    You’re more of an idealist than I am, John Lake. Grow up!

  • John Lake

    I was already an idealist when I was your age, Roger.

  • Roger, you still haven’t figured it out? Saul of Taurus – AKA Paul full of bull?

    Maybe Big Johnny can explain your mistake to you….

  • Well, you ought to have outgrown in it by now, John, or at least redirect it to other purposes than being naive. It’s not the same thing, your know.

    As to Ruvy’s idée fixe, I had better let you two settle it among yourselves.

  • Yes, Ruvy, very clever. Taurus = bull.
    Is this the size of your contribution, not that I don’t appreciate the pun on words?

    As always,

  • …. shalom.

  • think before you act

    The mullahs have made a masterful move. They set a trap for Israel and Liebermann promptly went for the cheese, as they had hoped. Israel’s bellicosity helps the mullahs in the fight to maintain support at home. And any attack on the warships by the pinheads who run Israel today will give Iran a place at the table in every revolution going on in the region. Before Israel is done they will make these revolutions about Israel and US influence across the region. They will again do what their enemies couldn’t, defeat the IDF with the goonish government that controls it. Likud-Israel will eventually not only lose battles, it will end up wrapped in its’ cocoon of self-rightious victomhood, losing the whole war, as will its’ ally the USA. Doesn’t Tel Aviv have a clue or care about any repercussions except those in Washington. They will learn that Congresssional blowhards in Washington, who wont let the White House conduct a foriegn policy separate from Israel’s, and may even be egging Liebermann on, cannot control the world, and Likud and its’ pathetic attempts at international relations certainly can’t.

  • I think that those who tell us to “think before we act” ought to think before they speak. What is being danced around is the sinking of these Persian pork-bellies. They should be sunk.

    But that really is not the issue. The issue is that the Israeli government is not a sovereign entity, and Lieberman is the closest we Israelis have to an independent mind in the government – and he is pretty far from independent, being a cat’s paw for the Russian-Israeli nomenklatura here.

    An independent policy here would deal with the many threats off our coast, as well as the trash in Persia, and their poodles in Lebanon. But a régime of American -made politicians are not going to do what is good for Israel. So, we can forget about that, and rely, once again, on our enemies to pull our bacon out of the fire for us.

    A pity.

  • This time, the price of our enemies pulling our bacon out of the fire for us is going to be very, very high.