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Israel First Country In The World To Broadcast Live Kabbalah Lessons on TV

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News item from Yediot – one of Israel’s leading newspapers:

A new kabbalah studies trend is going on air: The cable company HOT is starting to broadcast live kabbalah lessons. The lessons will be taken at 3:00am from Rav Laitman’s Bnei Baruch center in Petach Tikva, and featured on the Karma Channel (the body & soul channel). It appears that this will make Israel the first country in the world to broadcast live kabbalah lessons on TV. The channel will begin test shoots in the coming days and the direct broadcasts are expected to begin in a month. Rav Laitman, who holds a doctorate in philosophy, is a regular guest on Shmuel Viloznia’s new television program, “Mekubal Alay” (Hebrew for “It’s OK with me”; mekubal also means a kabbalist). Each show focuses on a different aspect of the wisdom of kabbalah.

To see the article in Hebrew:

Two more days to go till our big Passover get together up north with people from all over the world!

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  • Eric Olsen

    (Yiddish accent) you were expecting maybe Saudi Arabia? (smile)

  • 3 AM – is that like prime time on Karma TV?

  • All the lessons of the core group are at 3:00am Israel time (broadcast on http://www.kabbalah.info) – Kabbalists go in to study when it’s dark, and come out in the light – get it?

    It will quickly become prime time 🙂 – you should see the traffic around the center at 2:40am …

  • I don’t want to shock you or anything but a lot of major US cable channels are also taking a big interest in this content these days …

  • Don’t expect to see red strings or “holy” mineral water during commercials – kabbalah is called the hidden wisdom because it’s all about internal processes – not things we wear or drink!

  • Don’t drink holy water in Bad company

  • >>-kabbalah is called the hidden wisdom because its all about internal process-not things we wear or drink!<< Ah, revival of gymnosophists.


    Won’t be hidden for long, you go broadcasting it on TV.

  • chris

    For anybody interested to know the difference between a serious student of Kabbalah and one of new age stuff – here an explanantion of the : Gymnosophists is the name (meaning “naked philosophers”) given by the Greeks to certain ancient Hindu philosophers who pursued asceticism to the point of regarding food and clothing as detrimental to purity of thought. From the fact that they often lived as hermits in forests, the Greeks also called them Hylobioi. Diogenes Laertius (ix. 61 and 63) refers to them, and asserts that Pyrrho of Elis, the founder of pure scepticism, came under their influence, and on his return to Elis imitated their habits of life; however, the extent of their influence is not described. Strabo (xv. 711, 714) divides them into Brahmans and Sarmans (or Shamans).—–which has NOTHING to do with the real study of Kabbalah. Just to set the record straight together with a heartfelt invitation to look at http://www.kabbalah.info which tells us that spirituality is bestowal. heard about it? Enjoy the site and the FREE lessons… with much love Chris